Lena’s Role in La Vida Lena and how it evolves with the plot

Lena’s Role in La Vida Lena and how it evolves with the plot

Meaning Of La Vida Lena

La Vida Lena simply means the Life Of Lena. This is a movie that centred on the Life of Magdalena Mendoza who started off with the name Magda and ends up with Lena, a new feisty personality thirsty for revenge.

Magdalena Mendoza, a character played by Erich Gonzales sets the plots of La Vida Lena to narrate her life experience as Lena to the world. Magdalena played the role of an innocent maiden who is Beautiful, Intelligent, Excellent and an Avenger.

Though, her life as Magda is portrayed as unattractive due to her face deformity which she was born with. After bitter experience in school with her scholarship and valedictorian taken from her, she was denied another chance of life to excel with her beauty soap formula.

The Narcisos used Brian Rubio and Miguel as scapegoats to cruelly steal the soap formula written in the Mendoza family note, leading to the deàth of her beloved grandfather, Dado.

As if the Narcisos have not hurt her enough, they delivered a final blow to get her behind bars to spend about two years in prison and also poisoned her for her to have a miscarriage of the baby she was expecting with Miguel, the nephew of Vanessa.

In Prison, Magda gets a new friend Ramona Joaquin, another victim of the Narcisos and they form alliance to avenge the deàth of the people dear to their hearts who were slain by the Narcisos. Upon release, Ramona gave a new face to Magda to usher her to her new life as Lena.

The beautiful lady who would take revenge on the Narcisos with her new surgical look. Lena after establishing her new soap business with Ramona and Martina initiates her revenge by trapping Adrian into a romantic relationship.

This helped her to make Adrian inefficient and ineffective to carry on with his task as the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Royal Wellness. After destroying Adrian’s life for his parents to lose hope in him to get him demoted, Lena did not hesitate to target Miguel Villarica who now occupied the new position as VP of Sales and Marketing.

Lena as her business was booming also managed to ruin the marriage of Miguel and Rachel, her childhood classmate who bullied her way back in school and stole her valedictorian position.

Able to boot Royal Wellness’ Queen Vanessa soap with her Satin Dream Soap, Lena later discovered that her father was Lukas after her earlier belief of Conrad and James Hidalgo being her father turned out to be wrong. Lena moved to the Narcisos mansion to live with the family when she learnt from Jordan Cabrera that her biological father’s life was in danger.

Lena, though revenging but shielded the life of Lukas from his wicked spouse. Armed with a secret weapon against Vanessa, Lena made life unbearable for Vanessa in her matrimonial home. Smartly, Lena was able to pit Conrad and the Narcisos against eachother with the secret that she is holding.

She finally let the cat out of the bag and Lukas in fury went with Lena to find out the truth, unknown to them, Conrad and Vanessa have arranged the deàth of Lukas. Lena took advantage of Lukas’ stay at the hospital to drive Vanessa out of the Narcisos mansion.

With her ultimate aim of gaining the Narcisos legacy, Royal Wellness, Lena in a new twist of event inherited the company and with her excellency she paid off the 749million debt of Royal Wellness which almost got it bankrupt.

Lena who grew up poor, living with a peasant farmer who is also an herbalist with her hard work became the owner of three prestigious companies, Harmony, M&R and Royal Wellness.

As a character, Lena Mendoza is shown as a contradictory character- weak yet strong, ugly yet beautiful, feisty yet fearful, patient yet loud, meek yet wild, elegant yet not glamorous but above all that she is consistently portrayed as skillful, respectful with high level of intelligence that proves her as excellent in her delivery of every task.

Her beauty which is portrayed and made her become favourite of the three men, Adrian, Miguel and Jordan who were in her life is her good character, hard work, intelligence and smart delivery.

She is a character who watchers cannot wrap their hands around the actual role she is playing aside her revenge role. In making her role simpler with the theme of beauty, in every negative plot that might cause harm to her targets, Jordan is used as a tool to bring her to who she is as a loving, considerable and compassionate person who will never harm anyone just to amuse herself.

Her beauty and real self is reminded in the scene where Lena wants to leak the intimate pictures of Rachel and her ex. Jordan also comes in between her plans of using her body to entice Miguel, he equally stops her from exploding the Royal Wellness building

The beauty which she never let go of even when she wanted to do so in order to hit her enemies hard. Lena’s beauty is shown as endless.In the scene where Lena had to allow Lukas to d!e, she frequently saved him from Vanessa and Conrad to make him live.

Lena achieved her goal of revenging since through her revenge, Conrad, Brian and Vanessa are jailed for their evil works that destroyed Lena’s life. Also Rachel and Miguel payed for how they toy with Lena and bullied her due to her deformity.

Lena gained justice for her grandfather, her still baby and her mother, Helen. She also laughed at last as she married the lõve of her life Jordan Cabrera. She defeated Lukas and gained Royal Wellness which has been the centre of her revenge- since day one of having dreams of taking over that famous Company from the cruel Narcisos.

Royal Wellness which is a symbol of authority in Salvacion, the authority which Vanessa would k!ll to maintain. That authority gave Lena upper hand over her enemies and ended the cruel rule of the Narcisos and the Suarez to make Salvacion a peaceful place for the indigenes.


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