Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 369

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 369  Barracuda and Happy d!e in an encounter with Marco and his private army, Oscar confronts the head of the Task Force for the Police defeat in the mission against Vendetta

Cardo asked Jerome who shot him and he believed the person might be Homer Adlawan’s men. Cardo realised Rigor was shõt too and helped them to make their way out of there.

Since they were surrounded and had no place to go, Becky thought of a means for Ramil together with the girls to be secured. She had a friend, Melba and Efren around and she knocked on their door to seek for shelter. Ramil and the girls had a place to hide.

Teddy spoke with Grandma Flora over the phone to apologise for bothering her. He said he was simply worried about her after what Marco did. Teddy explained Marco could not be found and feared he would extend his màdnëss to them.

Marco and his private army arrive at Ligata and he  charged his group for the task.

“K!ll all the members of Vendetta but leave Dalisay to me understood?”

“Yes sir,” his private army responded.

“Let me take care of him!”

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Cardo as he was going with his former colleagues bumped into Romulo and his group. Anton was about to shõōt them but Cardo did not allow, he said they were his friends even though they were cops. Happy was losing his strength but Earthworm held him as the group rushed out of the place.

Homer regained consciousness and cried for help. Soon, some of his venom members found and rescues him. At home, Makmak made the children to imagine Cardo and the kids each has a different story to say. Ligaya imagined that Cardo and Alyana have welcomed a new child. Dang imagined Cardo was throwing a united party while Paquito imagined that they were having a trip in town with Cardo.

The De Leons wondered why Marco was so evil and what worse was his father was the Vice President. Flora advised her family that they had to obey the police orders to stay home and refrain the children from going to school at the moment. Makmak overheard the conversation and came to ask Flora if there was a problem.

Meanwhile, JP was okay that Flora was okay. Teddy said as long as Marco was on the loose, no one would be saved so they had to also watch out for Grandma Flora for all of them to be safe.

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Becky and the girls were terrified due to the endless shõõting. She said her fears had finally come to pass as their neighbours were dragged into it. General Olegario apologised but Blossom said there was no need for her to apologise since they were all victims. Besides, they have not regretted of helping them since they were cleaning their society.

Marco received a call from his mother, Catherine who pleaded with him to stop all of his plans and return home. He accepted to return and home and leave Cardo in the hands of the cops. After the call, he geared up with his private army to attack.

Lucas who overheard Catherine’s conversation with Marco advised his wife not to get worried then but Catherine said she did not believe in the word of Marco. Roldan seeing Homer in a bad shape with the other venom guys told them they should leave the place, stressing that they should leave the rest of the venom  members to d!e as they were already surrounded.

Cardo and Romulo finally found Ramil and the girls since Happy was bleeding too much, the group decided to leave the hideout to get Happy, Jerome and Girona to the hospital. Ramil did not like it that two officers were with Cardo but Cardo said that was because they were injured.

Becky told Cardo to leave with Bubbles since her life was at risk should Homer and his group find her. She believed Cardo would give Bubbles the needed protection. As the president was worried about the update he was not getting from the two generals, Lucas called Marco to ask if he was really telling his mother the truth.

He did not want him to add to their problems, but Marco said he was rather going to solve their problem. Lucas tried to calm him, saying Cardo might be arrested by the police or k!lled. Marco said if that was the case then he should not worry.

Lucas warned him not to be at the location for him to be seen as that … before he would complete his sentence, Marco grew furious that his father was looking down on his abilities.

Oscar confronted General Perez in a meeting when the latter told the president that Cardo and his group got away. President Hidalgo was upset that the group with only 10 members were able to escape. Perez then stated the time the officers arrived the group was small in number but their companions arrived, Homer Adlawan and his men arrived to help the Vendetta.

The president looked surprise. Roldan was able to escape with Homer and spider in order to get Homer’s wounds treated. Hipolito called him and he said Cardo and his men got away. Meanwhile, at the main entrance when the Vendetta thought they had gotten away, they bumped into Marco and his private army so they had to engage them in a shõotout to pace their way.

“Cardo there still too many of them and the sun is up,more cops will get here soon so we need to get out of here.”

Menchu called Catherine and Catherine said she was able to talk to Marco. Marco has assured to get home but she was certain that he just said that but would not come home since he was hellbent on k!lling Cardo. Menchu believed that would not be the case. Cardo and his comrades decided to leave but Ramil raised concern about the two cops with them. He believed Jerome and Rigor would slow them down.

Cardo insisted on they leave with them since Homer and his group might k!ll the two cops. Tadpole was upset that they were first outnumbered and now they had to deal with the vice president’s son.

The group tried to pave their way through by shooting the private army but Marco ended up shõõting Barracuda to deàth. At home, the family convinced the kids to stay home. Paquito was ready to fight Marco to protect his idle Cardo. Yolly told the kids that while at home, Flora would be their temporary teacher.

Cardo got away with the Vendetta and Marco was forced to race after them. Lucas and his wife had a misunderstanding again. Catherine was insisting on him to do something to save his son. Marco and his private army equally k!lled the policemen who came their way in their hunt to k!ll Cardo.

Elsewhere, Oscar admitted that Perez might have his short coming but believed he was right that Homer was the companion of the Vendetta. Herald seconded that the Vendetta had strengthened their forces. Oscar discredited General Borja for always claiming the groups were separate and he was convinced that Borja said that to protect his grandnephew.

Captain Dindi visited Grandma Flora to ask if she had a problem, she heard from the neighbours that the police were in her house and she was there to know if Flora was facing any problem. Flora and her family narrated the whole situation to Dindi. The Captain promised to get her house secured to shield the De Leons from Marco and his terror.

JP was worried about the manner which the police interrogated Teddy over the situation. He feared that the police might discover the truth that Alyana and Cardo visited but Teddy said that would lead to nowhere since they were unaware of their hideout and advised his son they keep their mouth shut. The shõotout was still ongoing as Marco and his men found the Vendetta.

Elsewhere, Guzman called General Borja to inform him that Marco Cabrera was at the scene. However, he could not say for certain so he decided to investigate further.

Cardo had to come up with a strategy to get the group from there. He told Manager and George to get their car ready. He protected them by firing the private army. Greco who was deeply injured realised they lost Happy.

There was a moment of silence as the Vendetta was sad for their lost comrades. Since the injured members and the two cops were losing lots of blood, Cardo by the count of three charged the group to break away from the clutches of Marco and his private army.


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