Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 21

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 21 Nathan threatens Vida over viral bedroom photos 

Caloy looked at Tessa’s magazines. He recalled how they broke up and he continued his life at the sea to work hard and make himself a better man to win her back. He endured lots of problems while working at the ship but he eventually got his breakthrough and got promoted.

Unfortunately, when he returned, he found out that Tessa was already married to Jaime. He was disappointed that she did not wait for him.

Vida returned Marga’s car and was in tears when she arrived. Marga asked her what was going on but she didn’t answer. She hugged Asya instead and cried in his arms. Asya wanted Vida to spend the night with them but she insisted on going back to the boarding house. Marga offered to drive her and said they would talk another time.

At the hospital, Rafa asked Teri if she knew Marga since she was giving them a hard time with getting Ximena. Teri told him that they used to be friends but did not go into details of what happened between them.

The following day, Vida got a call from the office asking her to go for work. Vida told them that Rafa fired her and asked if she could get her pay. She was asked to go to the office to collect it. When she arrived, she asked if she could help with anything and she was sent to Teri’s office to get approval for some designs.

Vida looked down when she arrived at Teri’s office so Teri asked her if something was wrong. Vida sat down and told Teri that she was her role model. She added that she wanted to be as successful as her and Teri said she would be more successful.

Teri approved the designs and Vida got up to leave. She saw Marga arriving for her meeting. As she did not want her mother to see her there, she quicky ran back to the office and requested Teri for a photo.

As Marga passed, she was in a hurry to leave and ended up knocking a cup of water on Teri’s feet. She dropped down to wipe it off.
Lauren was taking Marga to the conference room when she heard Teri’s voice. She said she wanted to see Teri and went to her office instead.

When she arrived, she was shocked to see Vida kneeling in front of Teri. Lauren asked Vida to leave them alone and she walked out.
Marga suddenly attacked Teri and asked that she take out her anger on her. Teri could not understand why Marga was angry but was upset when Marga accused her of marrying Jaime for money.

Teri agreed to bring back the past and told Marga that she valued their friendship but Marga was the one who betrayed her. Marga asked for 15 million for Ximena and stormed out of Teri’s office.

Nathan’s friends called him to inform him that someone posted photos of him online. His father was mad after seeing them and told Nathan to take care of his mess. Nathan thought Vida had taken her revenge by uploading the photos olne so he went to see her and told her to take them down.

Vida said she didn’t upload them but Nathan did not believe her. He threatened to attack Potpot if Vida did not delete the photos.
When Vida came back to the boarding house, Marga was waiting for her. She wanted Vida to leave the boarding house but Vida refused to go.

Marga said she did not want Vida slaving for Teri and asked her to quit. Vida said it was not necessary since she was already fired. She told Marga that she wanted to achieve her dreams on her own and prove herself.

Marga insisted on Vida going with her and said she would no longer have a mother if she refused to return home. Vida still refused to go so Marga left after asking Miss Guada to take care of Vida.

Rafa’s friends visited him and he said he wanted to find the person who saved him to thank him. They also talked about Vida and Rafa told them that he fired her. When he returned to work, he hired a new secretary to replace Vida.

He tried asking her for an opinion on their upcoming launch but the secretary had nothing to say. She told him that whatever decision he made was fine.

After Nathan’s threat, Potpot had someone following him around and making prank calls.
Jaime brought Teri’s parents over, he was planning a surprise for her. He dropped over at a shop to buy a cap but he was told that someone reserved it.

He offered to pay double but the shop keeper refused to sell in. Caloy then arrived to pick up the cap since he was the one who reserved it. Jaime and Caloy then met each other.


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