Until We Meet Again Episode 36

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Episode 36

Until We Meet Again Episode 36 Odessa shoots Glenda 

At San Teresa, Calvin and Angela were still on their mission searching for the missing Glenda. Calvin was getting frustrated since no one had information about his missing mother.

Angela bought him something to eat and asked him to calm down so that they could continue looking for Glenda.

Odessa arrived at the safe house to find Glenda missing. She was upset to witness her hostage escape. Her heart was throbbing as she was scared that her secret would be finally out. She quickly ran after her before the unfortunate happened.

Larry went to Evelyn’s house to apologise for what Margaret did and Evelyn said she did not understand why Margaret always attacked her. Helen told Larry to be careful of his fiancé since he did not seem to know her well.

Glenda saw Calvin and Angela while on the ran. She tried calling out their name but she couldn’t since Margaret was out looking for her.

Calvin noticed that a house they had passed had lights on and went to ask if anyone was there. It was the house Aunt Conching was in but Odessa had bound her mouth so she could not talk. She tried to mumble but Calvin and Angela did not hear her so they left.

Calvin tried hanging around the area to search, when he almost saw Odessa’s car at where it was packed, Angela went to pull him and told him that was not the place Glenda was kept so they should leave.

They came across some police petrol team and showed them the picture of Glenda as a person they were searching for. They then board a jeepney and went to a place where they saw a church.

Calvin went inside together with Angela to pray in order for God to protect and bring his mother back home safely. Meanwhile, Evelyn had a nightmare about Glenda and shouted. Claire and Helen rushed to her room to check what was wrong with her. Claire gave her water to drink.

Odessa finally caught Glenda and tried to drag her back to the house but Glenda fought back. The two women fought so hard. Glenda got hold of a piece of wood and hit Odessa with it multiple times. She again managed to escape from the hands of Odessa. She ran off and Odessa caught her the second time, she decided to end the life of Glenda since she was proving hard to be dealt with. She shot Glenda.

After her evil deeds, Margaret got back to the safe house and her aunt asked what she did to Glenda. Conching was desperate to know whether Odessa saw Glenda. Odessa then recalled how she shot Glenda for her to roll into the bank of a river.

She asked Conching whether she knew of the evidence that Glenda had against her and she said she never knew.

As Calvin and Angela were searching for Glenda, some policemen spotted Angela and Calvin and asked them to go home since it was already late and they had officers looking for Glenda. They offered to drive them home but Calvin said he had his car with him.

As they were walking to the car, it started raining and they had to take shelter. As Calvin shielded Angela, he almost k!ssed her but she pulled away. Angela suggested that they run toward the car instead of waiting for the rain to stop so Calvin caught her arm and they dashed to the car.

Evelyn and Helen went to Francis’ apartment and was told he was not there. Evelyn suspected that Francis had a hand in the sudden disappearance of Glenda and decided to report him to the police.

Calvin and Angela ran into the car, as he recalled the time that Claire broke his heart and was standing in the rain, Angela brought him a blanket. He got carried away once more by Angela’s presence and got his face closer to Angela.

When he got his tongue and lips ready to k!ss her, Elmo ruined the moment with a phone call to ask Angela their whereabouts.

Odessa had a bath and came to sweep the room to get rid of traces that suggested Glenda was kept there. After getting rid of the evidence and changing into a new outfit, she then clean her gun and Conching provoked her that no matter what she does Larry would soon get to know the truth that Angela was Ana and she was Odessa.

Elmo arrived to find Angela and Calvin waiting for him and he handed Angela a shirt to change into. When Angela went to the car to change, Elmo confessed to Calvin that he was interested in Angela and wished there was no problem since he was already dating Claire.

Calvin agreed, saying it was fine and Elmo invited him for dinner with him together with Angela.

Larry got home and could not find Margaret so he called her immediately, she saw Larry’s call Margaret covered the mouth of her aunt and stepped out to talk to Larry.

Larry wanted to talk to her and demanded to know her whereabouts but she lied about where she was. Margaret told him that she went to see her aunt to deliver food to her and would return later.

Conching managed to get the cover from her mouth and shouted by calling Larry’s name that Margaret was not the person she was posing to be. Suddenly, Margaret hangup the line before her aunt would expose her, leaving Larry to talk to himself.

She then rushed to the room to discipline Conching for her attempt to expose her. She threatened Conching.

Larry later talked to his friend, Dominic about the doubts he was having with Margaret. He said Margaret knew everything about him but he had never met any of her family member especially her aunt. Dominic asked if he had met Margaret’s aunt and Larry said that Margaret never let him enter the house whenever he went there to drop her off or pick her up.

They decided to go to the house to see Margaret but there was no one there. Larry called Margaret again to ask where she was and she said she had moved to a different place for a while since they were having something fixed at the other house.

During the scheduled dinner, Calvin said he would continue looking for Glenda and Angela wanted to go with him. Elmo interjected that he had to take her home since Sir Larry had been asking where she was and might not allow them to go out again if they stayed out late.

He therefore insisted on taking Angela home and Calvin could not help but glare at him.
When Evelyn and Helen went to the station, Francis arrived and said he could not sit around waiting for Glenda to return so he went to ask if the police had news about her. Evelyn and Helen were surprised to see him there.

Some fishermen were at the sea unloading their things when one of them said that she saw a woman out on the beach and they all went to see what was happening.

They found Glenda and recognised her as the woman who was missing. She was still alive and they made calls to the ambulance service to transport Glenda to the hospital.


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