Love Thy Woman Episode 15

Love Thy Woman Episode 15 Adam punishes Dana for beating Jia

Dana spent 10million to stop the blackmailer from posting the tape of her maltreating Jia. Lucy was not happy that she spent such huge sums to get her tape not leaked. She knew when Adam found that out, Dana would be in trouble.

Unknown to Dana, her nurse overheard the conversation and took Dana’s phone from her bag when Dana was asleep. The nurse gave the phone to someone closer to Adam to be given to him.

Adam’s worker returned the phone to Adam on their way to work and explained that Dana’s nurse gave it to him to be handed over to Adam. He pleaded with Adam not to tell anyone including Dana that the nurse took the phone.

After watching the video, Adam head back home. He went straight to Dana’s room while a search was being conducted to find the phone. Adam threw the maids out and asked Dana if she was searching for the phone. Adam slapped her and suddenly collapsed. Dana cried out for help. Suddenly, she stood from the wheelchair.

Lucy who was giving instructions to the rest of the maids to find the phone, heard Dana screaming and went in. Adam was rushed to the hospital and was being operated. Elsewhere, David had a call about a contract he had gained as architect and he spoke to his mother about it.

Knowing Dana was upset with David, she doubted Dana would allow David to go with Michael so she decided to take a leave and take care of Michael but David told her not to. Helen advised him to give Dana some time for her to digest the issue.

Manny tried to advise Lucy to burry the hatchet with Kai and Jia since the dirty affair of David with Jia was in the past. Lucy set a boundary for Manny. Soon, Kai and Jia arrived at the hospital since Manny informed them about Adam’s current condition.

The rivals picked up a fight but Manny stopped Dana. The doctor came to inform them that the operation was successful. Due to the tension, Jia and Kai left the hospital. Jia and Kai decided to cancel their trip to Singapore due to Adam’s condition. Elsewhere, Dana drunk and got to David’s house to confront him for choosing her sister among all the women in the world.

She cried and Michael who was sleeping woke up to console his mother. Dana passed the night at David’s house. The next day, she left the house with Michael, which almost led to a fight between the couple since both wanted to keep Michael. David told Dana about his trip which he wanted to take Michael along. His argument was that Dana was always busy with work and had no time to take care of their son.

Fast forward: Adam woke up from his private ward and was discharged. As he was being wheeled out of the hospital, Amanda, a certain woman who had her own plan watched the couple but used a magazine to cover her face for them not to see her.

Dana went for Michael after school and sent him to the Wong’s mansion, she said sorry to her father and explained that she was quite upset and could not hold her emotions. Adam told her to call Jia over. Later, Jia and Kai arrived at the Wong’s mansion, Lucy was on time to meet them and exchanged words with them. Dana also descended down and joined her mother in the innuendos.

Jia made it clear that they did not come there to pickup a fight but were there based on the order of Adam. David arrived there for Michael.

“Whoo….love is in there,” Dana started the innuendo. David asked her to cut off the joke and give him Michael. Jia was feeling all embarrassed by Dana’s action but kept her cool. The servant came to inform them that Adam was waiting for them.

Dana told David that the family were needed and pointed out a place for David to stand. Adam held a meeting with his two families including Manny and relieved Dana off her position. He also withhold his plans to make Dana a CEO of the company. To him, Dana’s character exhibited did not reflect a leader’s character.

Adam signed a brand alliance with RJ&E and enrolled Dana to anger management training. Dana returned to find David still waiting for her to send Michael away but Dana acted up.

Lucy stepped in and thew David out before Adam could set eyes on him. When David left Lucy said that was how they disposed trash. However, Dana did not know how they would disposed Kai and Jia. Lucy advised Dana that she should finish her therapy and once she was done they would get back at Jia from the Dragon Empire.

Kai was happy that Adam had punished Dana for the wrong thing she did. She considered that as fair. Jia was however, interested in talking to Michael so she wanted to call. Kai stopped her from doing it since Adam might be sleeping.

At the office, Manny introduced Gab Delmundo, a new researcher the company has employed. Lucy was enthused with his résumé. Manny wanted Gab to be part of their meeting. At the meeting, Summer did a presentation and the client found something missing Jia added a twist to the presentation and the client liked the idea and she even showed pictures.

The client was willing to pay any amount for that. Summer and the rest were happy that Jia accepted the brand alliance. Lucy came there to rubbish Jia and her hard work. Jia told her that she was not there as a daughter of Adam Wong but was there as the CEO of RJ&E Interior. She cautioned Lucy to be mind of her action as any wrong move would affect Dragon Empire too. Lucy realised that Jia has grown wings.

One morning, Jia and Kai went to the Wong’s mansion to visit Adam to give him a breakfast. Lucy was not home, Michael was having a mother and son event at school so Adam told Jia to represent Dana since the latter might get to the school late since she was at Tagaytay. She went to Michael’s room and helped him to choose a dress.

They went to the event and Jia made a drawing of Michael. He liked it and they engaged in all the activities. As they were eating, Jia discovered that she and Michael had similar allergies. Meanwhile, Dana was stuck in traffic and was throwing tantrums.

Dana finally arrived and she left her bag inside the car, she went for the bag. Dana got to the event and evict Jia from her seat, saying Jia was not Mrs Chao. As Jia was leaving, Michael became indifferent and lost concentration on his dance. Later Jia said bye to him and hugged him. Dana came for Michael and did not talk to Jia.

At work, Lucy vent her anger on Summer and his team for failing the company during the presentation. She saw no use of paying them and could not give better interior solutions.

Later, Lucy found out that Kai went over to the house to cook for Adam and she rushed there. She also ate some of the food. Kai was waiting for her driver outside, Lucy rushed outside to slap her for getting closer to her husband.

Kai said they were no longer young, she was only concerned about Adam. Lucy said it was the legal wife’s problem to be concerned about the health of her husband not the mistress.


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