Love Of My Life Story summary and plot

Love Of My Life Story summary and plot

Love of My Life tells a story of the Gonzales matriarch, Isabella whose son Stefano travels to the province to start a life there due to a bitter experience in the city.

There, he meets a surviving lady, who is rushing out from a temple following a painful memory someone’s wedding reminded her of. Adelle is stood at the altar as her six years son’s father died on their wedding day. With time, she and Stefano become løvers.

Stefano fails to listen to his mother’s words of caution to marry Adelle. Without her blessings, Stefano goes ahead to marry Adelle. Soon, Isabella discovers her son’s underlying health. He is diagnosed of pancreatic cancer.

When his days are numbered, he reveals to his wife that he has an illegitimate son and his wife together with his kid brother who is considered as the black sheep of the family go in search for Kelly to talk to her to grant a dying man’s wish to be part of his son’s life.

Upon careful thought, Kelly arrives at the Gonzales mansion to allow her son, Gideon to be part of Stefano’s life. Stefano as part of his last wish to keep himself happy, travels with his family to the province. During their stay, Isabella receives a call on an urgent matter at work. She then takes an emergency flight to Manila.

Stefano’s sickness gets worsened and his mother is called back to the province. His last words are that his family should stay united to take care of his mother. He succumbs to the ailment and dies. The family fights over the corpse as the wife wants to cremates her husband in fulfillment of her husband’s last wish.

Isabella is forced to seek legal guidance for peace to prevail. However, the law gives the legal wife the right to decide on what to do with her husband’s remains. Upon consultation with her mother Siony, Adelle decides to allow her mother-in-law to hold funeral for her husband.

The body is then transported to Manila where Stefano is laid in state and buried. Adelle packs her husband’s stuff for donation but Isabella protests as she wants to keep her favourite son’s things with sentimental value.

Living under one roof, Kelly and Nikolai begin a dirty affair. Their relationship hits the rocks when Nickolai begins to fall for Adelle over the manner she charms him with food and notes at the time he starts to rebuild his life and working in the warehouse at the Gonzales Group of Companies (GGC).

In the midst of her troubles, Kelly’s father Edong who discovers where his daughter lives demands money to give to his young girlfriend. Kelly is compelled to find a new job to add to her online business. She is employed at GGC as a marketing head.

Edong lies to her that he is suffering from cancer and Kelly begins to search for money to help in his treatment. Fortunately, Isabella gives her the needed amount, 30,000pessos. Wasting no time, Kelly hands over the whooping amount to her father, only for Edong to go shopping with his lover in Hong Kong.

As fate will have it, Kelly discovers her father’s lies and stops herself from being his money making machine. Edong left with no other choice, releases an ace up from his sleeves and con Isabella. Fortunately or unfortunately, Kelly discovers his lies and exposes him which almost lands him in jail.

That, the real life story of Isabella which is intertwined with Kelly’s life story unfolds. Soon, Adelle discovers Kelly’s affair with Niks and she begins to withhold herself from Nikolai.

Nikolai proposes to her but she keeps given him excuses due to the affair he had with Kelly. Realising Adelle is the reason Niks ended his affair with her, she tries to connect him to Adelle. She explains to Adelle about the true nature of her relationship with Niks: no strings attached.

Adelle runs away from home afraid that Isabella will discover that her son is pursuing her after witnessing how Isabella confronted Nikolai and Kelly for their dirty affair. Unfortunately, Isabella realises that Adelle lied to her and confronts Nikolai and disapprove his request to date Adelle.

Being blamed for Adelle’s decision, Kelly tries talking to Adelle to return but she refuses. Nikolai packs out to a new place and Adelle returns to the mansion after a dream. She tries to patch things up with Nikolai. After the celebration of Stefano’s birthday, Isabella wakes up to a reality that Kelly is pregnant for her son.

Knowing the father of her child is in lōve with Adelle who is equally pregnant for over five months, Kelly talks to Adelle concerning Nikolai and Adelle claims she will forever be in løve with Stefano so she will never agree to Nikolai’s proposal and even gives Kelly the go ahead to be with Nikolai but cautioned her about what Isabella might say.

Isabella after confirming Kelly’s pregnancy calls a family meeting and advises Nikolai to return home and marry Kelly. The news takes Adelle by surprise and she starts to act up. She then also claim to be in løve with Nikolai since he has to marry, she will keep her feelings to ensure the marriage pushes through.

After Nikolai and Kelly travel to where Edong is located to receive his blessings, he officially proposes to Kelly and put the family ring on her finger. However, their happiest moment turns sour when Adelle runs away from home with Siony to another apartment owned by Isabella.

Nikolai in the fulfillment of Stefano’s last wish search and finds Adelle. Adelle confesses her true feelings for him and Nikolai calls off his wedding as he waits for everything to subside. Discovering the truth behind Nikolai’s action, Kelly storms the safe house of Adelle to confront her, leading to her early delivery.

Her premature daughter is named after her mother and her mother-in-law, Asunción Bella. Kelly and Adelle had another argument and Isabella’s pressure goes high. She gets stricken by stroke. Arsing in a phone conversation informs Nikolai, the runaway groom and he returns.

On her sick bed, Isabella’s soul meets Stefano and she wish to stay with him but Stefano reminds her that he has always been with her as she has kept him in her heart. He encourages her to return to the loves of her life, Nikolai, Kelly, Adelle, Gideon and Andrei.

Nikolai apologises to Kelly but she left the Gonzales mansion. Adelle also left to the province. A year later, Adelle arrives to celebrate the birthday of Isabella. Much to their surprise, Kelly also arrives to celebrate with Isabella and she announced the gender and name of her son, Nikolai Jr.

Soon, Nikolai embraces his love for Kelly, they marry and live happily as couple. What is next for Adelle?


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