Two Wives Highlights Episode 16-20

Two Wives Highlights Episode 16-20 Jaime d!es, Victor marries Janine after court annuls his marriage with Yvonne

As Marlon keeps destroying things at Janine’s Flower Farm office, Janine receives an urgent call and has to end her meeting with Mr Hoffer. She rushes to the farm to find Victor being beaten by Marlon.

Victor, later, has a meeting with Marlon and as part of means in making up with Yvonne, he still poses off like they are still a couple. However, Jaime, Yvonne’s father suspects something and questions them the reason none is wearing a ring.

Hearing Yvonne’s excuse, he gives her money to buy a new wedding ring to keep reminding them of their vows. Elsewhere, Janine has a meeting once again with Mr Hoffer and the investor shows genuine interests in Janine but she refuses to have anything to do with him.

Victor, appears in the scene to see the half ñakëd Hoffer hugging his fiancee and this results in a fight. Soon, Victor meets up with his father-in-law and the man reveals to him his observation about him and Yvonne and advises him to return to his family. Victor finally confesses that he is separated from Yvonne.

However, Jaime gets a heart attack and dies in return. A funeral is held for him and Janine goes to sympathise with Yvonne but she is thrown out alongside her flowers. Yvonne blames her for the misfortune that has happened in her family.

Yvonne’s heart becomes hardened and decides to proceed with the concubinage lawsuit against Victor. She seeks legal guidance and makes the attorney promise to do everything to get Victor behind bars. She tells the family about it. But before her lawsuit begins, she receives an annulment letter from the court which clearly states that her marriage with Victor is annulled.

Yvonne cries and tells Marcus the truth. Victor goes to the school of Marcus to see him but the boy is affected by everything that’s going and refuses to talk to his father. After Sonia talks to her, Yvonne decides to make Victor part of Marcus life. This enables Victor to bond with him. He goes to a mall to buy toys for him.

Janine confirms that she is pregnant and calls Victor. Victor who doesn’t know what Janine wants to tell her returns home with Marcus and the boy gets to meet Audrey. As Janine breaks the pregnancy news to him, Marcus hits Audrey and fights with her over his father.

At the Insurance company, Yvonne is commended for emerge as the best Insurance marketing advisor. The workers begin to intimidate her. She later gains a brand new laptop to enhance her work.

Marcus overhears the conversation between Yvonne and Sonia and he gets to know that Audrey is his father’s daughter with his other woman. He runs from home so Victor is called to help in search of Marcus. However, he stumbles on Janine who is experiencing spotting. He abandons his son’s case and rushes Janine to the hospital.

Marcus almost hits by a truck. He goes to Albert’s office to seek his help. Soon, Victor legally marries Janine but his new wife still has a guilty conscience and feels frightened that Yvonne will ruin her marriage. She has a nightmare that wakes her up. Garry’s mother blows the news of Victor’s marriage to the family but Sonia has her doubts.

Victor wastes no time to send his wife home to meet Sonia in order for them to make up. Janine begs for forgiveness and craves for their support to be accepted into the Guevarra family. Sonia almost gets a heart attack by Victor’s actions. She warns her son not to bring Janine to the house because she will never and ever accept her.

Elsewhere, the workers at the insurance company pick on Yvonne and trap her to disgrace her and even propose that she gets suspended for snatching their clients. Albert believes in Yvonne and promises to get the matter investigated.

Later, Victor goes to see an attorney to file a counter affidavit against Yvonne’s concubinage lawsuit against him. She accuses Yvonne for having an extra marital affair with Albert in an attempt to get the case against him dismissed.


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