Two Wives Episode 16

Two Wives Episode 16 Victor fights Hoffer over Janine, Jaime gets heart attack

Mimi called Yvonne to inform her that she had informed Marlon about her marital problem and after she confessed, he asked Janine’s Flower Farm to go there. She apologised for her action and blamed it on the alcohol she drank.

In the midst of the chaos at the farm, Carla called Victor and he rushed there. She also called Janine and Janine told Me Hoffer that she had to leave, there was an emergency at the farm. Victor arrived and Marlon confronted him for being a liar to cheat on his wife.

He hit Victor and beat him but Victor never fought back. Janine arrived at the scene and went to Victor’s rescue. Marlon was about to hit him and Victor intervened and warned him against hitting his mistress. Yvonne got there and she stopped them. She sent Marlon home to scold him for his act and assured that she was fighting back in her own way.

She warned Marlon to stay away from her issues but Marlon said he was only defending her. Victor apologised to Janine for the trouble caused. Janine indicated that she would have to employ security to protect her house and Audrey because his wife’s close relatives would never make her have peace.

Victor promised to talk to Marlon, he believed he would listen since he took care of Marlon’s education. After speaking with Marlon to settle on means not to make his parents aware, they agreed that Victor would escort them to see the Aguilluzes. Victor went home to see Marcus and they told Yvonne.

Yvonne warned Victor not to inform her parents about everything.  Victor got home to seek his mistress’ permission to follow Yvonne the next day to see her parents. Mr Hoffer came to the flower farm and saw the paper work Victor.

Once he realised that it was Victor’s handwork, he made a bad comment and Victor told him that it was the loss of those who did not like paper works, besides, he also does sculptures. Victor began to act jealous seeing that Hoffer was interested in Janine. Janine told him to stop acting jealous because she would not give him a reason to be jealous.

Victor led Yvonne, Marlon and Marcus to see the Aguilluzes. Though they tried to act up to cover their separation but Jaime saw something off. He called both to ask why they were not wearing their rings and Yvonne lied that they sold their rings. Her father gave her money to buy some. He reminded them how important the ring was when it comes to the issue of lōve.

He said it reminded them of their responsibilities and vows. Yvonne later asked for their leave and Jaime told Victor to take care of his family most especially his daughter. He told him to ensure to lōve and protect her more than his life. Hoffer sent a message to Janine that they should meet.

Janine found Hoffer as annoying but went there. After ceiling the deal, Hoffer proposed to her and wanted her to leave the married man but she refused. She got upset and wanted to reject his offer but Hoffer apologised and hugged her while being half ñakëd. Victor got there and quickly went to fight him, warning him to stay clear from her.

He and his mistress had misunderstanding so Janine is forced to tell him about the reason she needed that offer so badly. She said she was doing all that to maintain her relationship with him and to raise 800 grands for her aunt Vida who told her to choose either him or her flower farm lands.

Victor felt sorry after hearing that. Yvonne celebrated her birthday and Victor wrote a heartfelt letter to encourage her to move on in life as he wished to see her happy. He admitted that he did lõve her and was sincere whenever he said that to her. He would be at peace when she found happiness after their ten years marriage came to a sad end.

Doris and Garry sent Marcus home to enable Yvonne to prepare for her examination. Albert sent Yvonne to a certain bridge. He saw that Yvonne was sad although it was her birthday. Yvonne voiced out that it was her first time celebrating her birthday without Victor.

Albert showed her a way to let out her pains. He made her write everything she wanted to say and placed the paper in a bottle. She threw the bottle inside the sea and screamed that she would make Victor and his mistress pay. She promised not to cry again.

Jaime told his wife that he called Victor out for a drink so he was going to meet him for them to talk about since he believed Victor and Yvonne had a problem that they did not want them to know.

Carmen wanted to go with him but he advised her to stay home. He and Victor met and Victor finally revealed that he was separated from Yvonne. Jaime pleaded with him to return to his family because any man who leaves his family was irresponsible. He reminded him of how he grew up without a father but he treated him like his own father.

Victor wanted to drive him home but Jaime refused. He said he needed time for himself. Victor sat in his car sad, later saw in his mirror that Jaime has had heart attack while leaving the place. Jaime kept calling out for his wife. His wife also was at home waiting patiently for him.

Jaime fell in a bush and his envelope he was holding fell. Victor ran to hold him.


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