Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 37-41

Love Thy Woman Highlights Episode 37-41 Adam’s will burns into ashes sending Attorney Marquez into coma, Kai and Jia are left homeless as Lucy throws them out of the mansion Adam left them

Manny, Dana and Lucy suspicions heighten after they unearth the skeletons in Del Mundo’s closet. Being a reliable friend to Lucy, Manny gives in to her favour, unaware that it will put him in dangerous waters.

Despite Gab’s reluctance, Amanda stayed confident that everything will work out to their advantage. Later, an unfortunate incident befalls Adam’s lawyer, Juanito Marquez. The Estrellas and the Del Mundos inheritance hangs on the ropes after a devastating blaze destroyed Adam’s last will and sent his lawyer into coma.

On the other hand, Lucy and Dana take pleasure as tables turn in their favour. The authorities, meanwhile, gain a push forward in their investigation on Adam’s murder case. Later, Jia asks Manny for a favour regarding her father’s will.

Through the help of David and Patrick, Jia manages to get access to Adam’s missing phone and attempts to get hold of some important evidence. Unbeknownst to her, the phone is already in the hands of Lucy who is desperately trying to sweep her husband’s last will and testament under the rug.

Meanwhile, Manny discovers a piece of information in Adam’s e-mail that could send the Wong matriarch to spiral further into rage. Seeking justice for her father’s death, Jia does her own investigation and starts to find clues in Adam’s office. Soon, Jia obtains an ace that can set Kai free.

Amanda, on the other hand, begins to spread a rumour that could bring Lucy and Dana down. Meanwhile, the Wong matriarch discovers Manny’s betrayal as Dana has finally gained access to Adam’s e-mail. Jia receives aid from an unlikely person to get out of the office without a hitch just as Lucy discovers that she had secured the CCTV footage that supports Kai’s statement.

Soon, Kai walks free as she finally clears her name of murder. Upon learning that Lucy put Dragon Empire on sale, Manny comes up with a way to divulge Adam’s last wish regarding Jia. However, Dana catches up and stops him in his tracks, blocking all his plans.

Seeing the Wongs’ true colours, Manny reveals the truth to Jia before meeting his cruel fate. Shortly after prevailing in the case against her, Kai receives more bad news. While investigating Manny’s death, Simon and Yulang uncover that Lucy disposed the proof of Jia’s appointment as Dragon Empire’s CEO and president.

Amanda seizes a golden opportunity to instill doubt into the authorities’ minds against Lucy. Meanwhile, Jia and Kai get another taste of Lucy’s wrath when the Wong matriarch takes the last thing that Adam left for them.

Despite Kai and Jia’s protest, David offers his home to the two women in light of Lucy throwing them out of their house. Securing a search warrant for the Estrellas home, Simon and Yalung find a suspicious item in the premises. While Amanda urges Gab to continue gaining Jia’s trust.

As alcohol in her system, Dana asks David to give their relationship a second chance. Upon waking up, Dana sees red when she discovers that Jia has taken shelter in her ex-husband’s house.

Lucy finds her back against the wall as Simon and Yalung discovered evidence in Adam’s case. Believing that the odds are in their favour, Lucy and Dana try to push through with the selling of Dragon Empire. Elsewhere, Kai appeals to the public for help as she resumes the search for Harry.

Adam continues to hound his family in their dreams as they fight over his inheritance. After dreaming about her father, Jia resolves to up her efforts to give justice to Adam’s death. Meanwhile, Dana’s mind gets clouded by her qualms on Lucy’s hand in her father’s passing. This leads to the Wong matriarch giving her daughter a cold shoulder.

Lucy opens up to Dana about her version of the events that happened on the night of Adam’s death. As Dana finally seals the deal with the Chuas, the company is suddenly sent into a frenzy when copies of Adam’s last will emerged. Wanting to find out the truth of the matter, the Wongs, Estrellas, and Del Mundos have a heated face off at Dragon Empire.

Desperate to prove that her family only wants justice for Adam’s murder, Jia makes a shocking choice.


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