Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 220

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 220 Cardo rescues Ricky boy from a syndicate amid father’s day celebration

Cardo’s Jeepney dropped by to pick Amanda up and introduced his son to her. At Mt Arayat Pampanga, Homer told Snake and Spider about their new mission to make money. Roland the snake asked if Capili would not quit, besides they did not help them to obtain freedom for Alligator.

Homer stood by Capili’s side, saying Capili only promised to provide the group with tipoff and blamed Leon for the failed mission, adding that Leon was a bad leader.

Major Catindig discovered that General Olegario has secured information about Philippe Paraguas, one of the black force members who sabotaged the transfer of Mangubat.

He informed Colonel Capili and expressed urgent need to eliminate Mangubat. He said he would do everything possible to temper with Olegario’s search for the rest of the ex-military men. He went to Olegario’s office only to discover that Olegario was multiple steps ahead of him as she had obtained more evidence by four of the military convicts who escaped prison to be part of the black force.

Olegario was now interested in finding out the leader of that group and their mission. Cardo dropped off his passengers and went to the amusement park with Ricky boy in the company of Amanda and Paco to celebrate the father’s Day with his son. Amanda expressed her feelings for Cardo and Cardo told her he has his wife and was not willing to do anything to jeopardise his marriage.

He advised her to choose a good catch from the pond of many fishes. Ricky boy played around and some child trafficking syndicate spotted him. They created a scene with an aim to create distraction to flee with Ricky boy.

Cardo, Amanda and Paco searched for Ricky boy everywhere but did find him. As their search proved futile Cardo stumbled on a security man at the park who sent them to check the CCTV footage. They realised his son was kidnapped and the fight was just created to facilitate the kidnapping.

Elsewhere, After Amor had a video chat with her ex, She was all dressed up and the family began to tease her, asking whether she was meeting Paco. Her brother said his sister had a date.

The kidnapper called the buyer Jack Damon who was preparing to leave the Philippines with his wife. She went to sell the child for 150, 000 and shared it with her accomplices.Cardo rushed to the precinct with Paco to file a complaint only to discover that the culprits had been engaging in the act for sometime now. They kidnap kids and sell them off to foreigners.

Amor went to meet Jim in a restaurant and the man was so happy to see the beauty of Amor. She discovered that Jim was ill. At Mt Arayat Pampanga, Romulo charged the group and they would continue their mission of seeking equality. For a moment, Lena had thought her father was leading the members to war to help Alligator escape but realised the group has now given up on their comrade.

Don Emilio was happy to have a terror!st in the prison. He was optimistic that he would leave the cell soon. The police together with Cardo haunted for the criminals in their hideouts and arrested them. They eventually revealed the truth that Ricky boy was sold. Meanwhile, Stella, the wife of Jack Damon felt sad for the parent of the child as what they did was illegal even though she needed a child. She fed Ricky boy, her husband had Ricky’s papers ready.

The family of Cardo were also worried that Cardo and Ricky boy had not returned home. As a mother, Alyana thought her son might be hungry. The family took comfort in the fact that it was father’s Day so Cardo and his son were still bonding.

Elsewhere, Cardo and the police race to MC Gregor Hotel to rescue Ricky boy. They found out that Damon has left to the airport. They went with one of the workers of the hotel to go after the foreigners.They came across the hotel car which the foreigner was journeying with.

The police surrounded the vehicle and once the door of the car was opened,Cardo took Ricky boy who has been crying throughout the journey to be with his mother and Cardo. Damon and his wife were arrested but they claimed what they did was legal.

In the house, Alyana was about to call Delfin to report about a possible danger, Cardo, Ricky boy and Paco might be in but Cardo showed up and he told her about the ordeal Ricky boy had to pass through during their celebration.

Alyana thanked God that both were okay and Cardo promised to do everything to protect her and Ricky boy. Amor told Wali about the ailing man and her brother said she should take opportunity to become a rich widow but amor did not like. She went to see another guy which her brother found at the gym and it seemed the guy was a gay and Amor got upset.

Scorpion and Catindig spoke on their next mission. Scorpion requested for protection and Catindig assured him he would protect him.

The next day, the De Leons had a happy family breakfast and Alyana told Flora the promise Cardo made to her the previous night. At the NDA office, General Olegario told Director Hipolito that the men in blacks were ex military convicts who were fugitives and believed they were after the lives of Mangubat. Hipolito wanted evidence and not claims.

The Bilibid guard felt threatened and asked Ladronio about what Don Emilio said concerning exposing them. Ladronio saw that only as a threat and said there was no evidence to proof a criminal like Don Emilio’s words.

Soon, he received a tape of him endorsing the sale of illegal drugs in the penitentiary. He stormed Don Office to query him on the footage. Don Emilio recalled how he hid a camera to record every act of him and Ladronio.

“Don Emilio what is this?

You can’t blackmail me…” Ladronio cried in fury.

“I already did,” Don Emilio smiled :

“Come on director have a shot so your knees won’t keep trembling.”

“You can’t show this footage in court you know?” Ladronio hissed.

“But I can easily upload them on social media

You will be famous director,” Feeling the wind of fear Ladronio was buzzing in.

“I got lots of copies too, your clock is ticking tick tick tick….

I am giving you 24hours and then BOOM!”

Don Emilio laughed at Ladronio who was stunned: “You’re nervous rag.”

Ricky boy sold his father out by mentioning Amanda’s name to Alyana. Alyana was stunned as she got prompted on a possible betrayal on Cardo’s side.


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