Mea Culpa Episode 1

Mea Culpa Episode 1 Six young lawyers accidentally k!ll a woman and burry her, Fina’s daughter get stolen at a health facility

Six friends dug a grave to burry a corpse at a remote place in Barguio. A week earlier into the incident, these six law students, Juris, Drei, Lolita, Greco, Bogs and Gaylord passed their bar exams with Juris obtaining the eleventh position from her batch. She went to inform her adopted father about her success.

Andrei Joseph “Drei” Montelibano went to his mother’s office, Matilda Montelibano, the congresswoman to inform her about the news but met a surprise. His mother was proud of him and knew her father would be equally proud of him wherever he was.

Drei told his mother about the planned trip of his friends to Barguio as their celebration for their success in their bar exams. Gaylord packed his things and his mother packaged some medicines for him in case of emergency while his father advised him to use protection since he would be in the trip with Juris.

Bogs had a chat with his twin brother, Armand while Greco dust-up with his father before Drei got there for him. Lolita however, left her family behind. Already, her husband told her he was taking an urgent business trip and she also made her way to her trip with her friends.

The six friends embarked on the journey to Barguio. Lolita then confessed to her friends that she lied to her husband that she was going to a conference. Juris made fun of her since Lolit married too early and she admitted. The friends took pictures on the various roads in Barguio. After they settled in a rented apartment, Juris called her dad to inform him about her safe trip.

Her father advised her not to sleep in the room of Drei as he knew the congresswoman’s son was courting her. The six friends had fun. Lolita, the married woman had $ex with Greco. They embarked on their trip and it got to a point that they stepped out of the car for sightseeing. Since they all passed the exam, they now looked forward to pursuing different careers related to law.

Juris has secured a position at one of the biggest law firms in the country, Drei would join his mother in politics but not as a congressman. He wanted to start from the Council before reaching the top so that he would not flop.

Lolita would head the law department at her husband’s company, Greco would become an NBI agent while Gaylord plans to become a prosecutor. They all have big goals and aspirations except Bogs, who only went to law school to fulfill the promise he made to his parents and twin brother, Armand. Bogs then gave them some of his drug for the friend to smoke.

Lolita drove the car and the car hit something. Drei got out of the car to check and realised they hit a woman. He got to the car and the friends contemplated on whether they should check the status of the woman and sent her to hospital or they should burry her. Juris wanted them to do the right thing but doing the right thing would also affect her father who she borrowed his car for the trip and that same car hit the woman.

Bogs also knew they were in very big trouble since police might detect the drugs that they smoked and blamed himself for it. Since they were young and had aspirations which the death of the woman could ruin their future and third parties, they decided to burry her.

They then got to a closer cemetery to get a shovel. Their hearts palpitate when the police followed them only to learn that something on their car was faulty. They returned to dig a grave and buried the woman. As they were going into the car, they heard a baby crying and Juris defied the orders of her friends to go for the baby.

At the hospital, Fina woke up to find her daughter not there. She asked a certain woman who was also there and she said the nurse came in for his daughter for a test. She then went to ask a different nurse and the baby was not scheduled for any test.

She woke her mother up and they began a search for the baby. A flashback showed that a poor Fina’s baby girl, Joy was sick and brought her to hospital. A doctor who said Joy had to be sent to Manila for her specialist who was her friend to detect her ailment and treat her promised Fina that it would be free treatment and she would also drive her to the clinic the next day.

So Fina, her mother and Joy slept at the hospital for the next day in order to go to Manila with the doctor. Unknown to them, a woman had been spying on them and when they fell asleep she came for the baby and ran with her.

Flashforward, Fina informed the police about her missing daughter and how in the house she discovered her daughter was pale and rushed her to the hospital together with her mother.


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