The Legal Wife Highlights Episode 6-10

The Legal Wife Highlights Episode 6-10 Adrian suffers ruthless attacks from Miguel over his relationship with Monica, Javier discovers Dante didn’t d!e after he shot him years back

After Adrian is hired in the company that Monica works, Javy gives an advertising deal on Vita Sardines to the company. Adrian and Monica presented same advertising concept.

Soon, Monica accepts Adrian’s friendship and their and concept is approved by Javy after a tough time and disgracing his sister. As the friendship of Monica and Adrian is moving smoothly, Miguel appears in the life of Monica to give Adrian competition for the heart of Monica.

Elsewhere, Max sees Nicole as a second option when Audrey dump him. Nicole later receives an event deal from an unknown person whose name, Dante Ramos reminds her of her biological father.

Nicole fails to meet up with Dante and reunites with Max without listening to the advice of Monica. Fast forward, Andrew is a caused of stealing a motorcycle and is arrested. Through Bradley, Monica learns about Adrian’s problems and offers a helping hand to him but Adrian becomes rude.

Later, Monica and the JJ &P workers visits Daet for an advert shooting. Adrian starts with his mission to win over Monica’s affection and even paves the way for the young lady to be reunited with Dante. Meanwhile, Nicole ends up at the hospital after letting her misery gets into her. She discovers Max has played her for f00l one time again.

Miguel and Adrian become eachother’s threat in their pursuit for Monica. Just like his father, Javy begins to feel distant for his family as he starts facing the problems of their company, leaving Gwen stuck between her l0ve for Thirdy and respect for Javy.

Meanwhile, Javier learns that Monica met Dante during her stay at Daet. After settling her conflict with her best friend, Monica encourages Nicole to face Dante and to give her biological father a chance in her life.

Adrian and Monica become unafraid to show their workmates the special relationship they are sharing. Aware of the reality of the situation, Adrian prepares for the moment he will meet Monica’s family.

As Miguel continues his incessant pursuit for her affection, Monica decides to be frank with her feelings for the former by telling him that she does not like him. This, however, enrages Javier. Adrian finds himself recalling the unpleasant childhood days as he comes across his estranged father after getting accused of selling stolen cars.

Adrian soon faces another problem when he earns the contempt of Miguel, who keeps on refusing his concept proposal. With everything that is going on in Adrian’s life, Monica stays by the young man’s side.

The time has come for Javier to discover Monica and Adrian’s special relationship after an eventful day at the grand launch of the Vita’s Sardines ad campaign. Later, Javier comes face to face with Dante and is shocked to see his rival since he thinks his bullet from his gun has already k!lled him.

As Miguel makes his gang beats Adrian for getting on his way with Monica, Javier has a shocking discovery of Dante and his business which has crippled the sale of his Vita Sardines.


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