Smoking of amnesia weed has boosted my musical career—King Ayisoba

Smoking of amnesia weed has boosted my musical career---King Ayisoba

Smoking of amnesia weed has boosted my musical career—King Ayisoba

A Northern Region based traditional musician, King Ayisoba known in real life as Albert Apozori has revealed that his stage crafts and success at events is linked to his frequent smoking of Amnesia weed.

He said Amnesia weed works perfectly in his body as against the normal “Gboka” and would never stop smoking it.

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Speaking in a media interview, the “Kaikai” traditional styled musician noted that his high spirit for best performance at shows would not have been possible if he had neglected his specific type of marijuana he smokes before, during and after events.

According to him, all his skills in performing comes to bear when he smokes his  amnesia weed, stressing that “my musical spirit ignites when I smoke Amnesia marijuana.”

King Ayisoba also revealed that he does not drink certain alcoholic beverages but takes a little ‘Lakar’ to make his amnesia weed work better in his system.

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Explaining why he loved amnesia weed, he stated that the Amnesia works perfectly in his body than other types of Marijuana.

Meanwhile, smoking of marijuana or weed is illegal in the country but musician King Ayisoba has never shied away from declaring that he smokes weed more than anybody in the country.

According to him, he has been a weed smoker since he was 11-years-of-age and had been smoking for over 27 years.

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King Ayisoba disclosed that he used weed as a medicine to boost his musical career and further indicated that he likes weed more than $ex, saying “$ex is a waste of time.”

King Ayisoba hails from Upper East Region  and learnt how to play the ‘Kologo’ (a traditional two stringed guitar) from his grandfather, a traditional healer.

He began his musical career at Pito bars and festivals,  later he became a child prodigy, and was known throughout the region.


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