The Better Half---- Episode 21 Marco promises to annul his marriage with Camille

The Better Half—- Episode 21

The Better Half—- Episode 21 Marco promises to annul his marriage with Camille

Marco took his things and  packed them,  Bianca tried to stop him but he would not stop. He felt so betrayed and agitated that he had been fooled all those while.

Julia saw her mother and dad argue she  asked if they were fighting.

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Julia Bianca cried from the tension in the house and asked Bianca if Marco would leave them.

Bianca told her that such a thing would not happen. Marco hugged Julia and said he loved her and that whatever was happening had nothing to do with her.

Julia begged Marco not to leave them, upon further thoughts and how Julia was crying he could not carry out with his plan. He stayed in the house.

Marco spent the night in his workshop and Bianca went there to try and talk to him.

Marco asked her if his marriage to Camille was the reason she did not want them to stay in the Philippines and Bianca said that she too found out once they got back and Camille told her that she was Marco’s wife.

Marco asked why they had kept him in the dark and Bianca said that they did not want to complicate matters.

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Marco got mad because Bianca had not intended on telling him the truth so he asked her to go to bed.

Camille was worried about Bianca and Marco and wanted to call them but Rafael asked her to give them some space to handle the issue.

Camille thanked Rafael for always being with her since she did not know what to do without him.

In the morning, Marco told Julia that she would not go to school. Julia was puzzled because she really wanted to go so Alfredo and Clarita offered to take her to the mall.

Bianca tried talking to Marco at the breakfast table but he ignored her and went to his workshop.

Camille told Sheryl that Marco already knew the truth.

Bianca tried to call Sheryl to warn her against saying anything but Sheryl refused to answer the call.

Bianca then called Romina to tell her that Marco already knew the truth.

Romina told Bianca to stick to her story because Marco did not remember anything and she was the only one who really knew what happened to Marco.

Bianca was however worried because Sheryl and Adis knew the truth.

She went to look for Adis at Marco’s workshop and heard him say to Marco that he did not know anything about him before he married Bianca.

Sheryl was a little panicky at school, she was worried that Bianca might look for her.

When she went home, she told her husband that she wanted them to move back to the province.

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Her husband asked if she was sure about it and Sheryl said that they could help his family at the farm and he agreed to move.

Marco looked over Camille’s photos on social media and when Bianca found him, he told her that he wanted to see the psychiatrist that had treated him when they were in America.

Bianca said that she would look for her but instead, she texted Romina and asked her to leave before Marco found her.

Bianca was frustrated due to how Marco was determined to know the truth about his past life but Alfredo told her not to give up after she had fought for so long.

Alfredo went to see Marco and told him that Bianca was not to be blamed for the situation.

Marco was the one who had dated two women at the same time. He added that he gave Marco his blessing to marry Bianca but he went ahead to marry Camille then staged a trip abroad so that he could go back to Bianca.

Julia was already questioning why Marco did not sleep with them and Bianca said that he was busy working on his pieces.

Julia cried and said Bianca was telling her lies. Marco then walked into the room and assured Julia that he and Bianca would not separate. He and Bianca also made up.

In the morning, Marco said that he wanted to see Camille and Bianca went with him.

Marco dropped down on Camille’s feet and begged her to forgive him for deceiving her.

Camille asked him to get up and said that there was another way that he could make it up to her.

Marco said he would do anything and Camille asked him that he file for a declaration of reappearance then annul their marriage so that she and Rafael could legalise their marriage.

Marco agreed to do it and then said that he still did not believe that he had done such a thing to both of them.

He asked for an address to his parents in Visayas and Camille said that she would give it to him.

Bianca screamed and said NO but Camille told her that she had to let Marco do what he wanted.

Bianca argued that Marco was still sick and he needed their help but Marco told her that he could handle things by himself.

He further stated that he wanted to tell Julia too but Bianca absolutely refused to involve her.

Marco said he did not want any lies and Rafael told them to handle their child’s issue because all he and Camille wanted was for Marco to annul his marriage to Camille.

Rafael was convinced that Marco would annul the marriage and he set his parents mind at ease.

After gaining the assurance Helen started to prepare for another wedding.

Bianca was desperate to prove her story with Marco so she forged love letters that he supposedly wrote to her by copying his handwriting and created photos of them together.

Marco read the letters and saw the pictures of him and Bianca together.

Bianca convinced him into believing her story, the love story she made and went on to tell him how sweet he had been with her.


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