The Better Half---Episode 6 Camille calls off her wedding while Bianca elopes with Marco

The Better Half—Episode 6

The Better Half—Episode 6 Camille calls off her wedding while Bianca elopes with Marco

After locking the house because of typhoon, Marco found Bianca hiding in the closet when he went to the bedroom to see her.

Hallucinating about her dead uncle who she killed, Bianca attacked Marco while he tried convincing her that it was him not a stranger.

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Bianca calmed down after she realised it was Marco, for Marco he thought she  was only afraid of the storm so he continued to calm her down.

On the other hand, Helen was mad that Luicito had interrupted her just as she wanted to talk about the prenup, Luicito told her that they had already agreed not to bring it up.

Helen toured Camille and their family around the house. Susan asked Julio not to touch anything. Julio however didn’t listen and got curious about a certain sculpture. He touched it when everyone else was preoccupied and he dropped it.

It broke into pieces and Helen went ballistic! Camille rushed over to Julio and told Helen that they would pay for the sculpture. Helen shouted as she asked Camille where they would get 1.5 Million, adding whether she would get it from Rafael after they got married.

She went on to accuse Camille and her family of using Rafael to get out of poverty and Camille called her off.

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She told Helen that she was used to working hard and would help her family without Rafael’s help. Rafael asked Helen whether she had married for the money too and she slapped him.

As things were heating up, Edgar who had left for a while walked in and asked Helen to stop. Camille apologised and said they would pay for the sculpture in instalments and left with her family.

Rafael followed them outside and apologised for what his mother had done. He asked to take Camille and her family home but Camille refused his gesture with an intention that his mother might charge them for the gas money.

Luicito argued with Helen for offending Camille. To him Camille is a nice person and Helen asked him to stop being blind to what Camille really wanted from Rafael.

Rafael went back inside to get his car keys and completely ignored Helen. She asked to talk to him and asked why he and his sister were so stupid in love and asked who they had taken after. Luicito said that they took after him and left. Rafael took his keys and left without a word.

Camille and her family stood on the street looking for a ride home while Julio could not help but apologise for what he did.

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Susan said that it was better that the incident happened because they now knew how Rafael’s family was like. Rafael caught up with them and insisted on driving them home. Camille asked her parents to go and look for a ride as she stayed behind to talk to Rafael.

Rafael tried to apologise, saying the situation was something they could overlook but Camille who was already offended by Helen’s act said they cannot ignore his mother.

Rafael asked Camille whether her love for him was so weak and she could not overlook something like that. Camille took offence that Rafael could question her love for him. Hi continued asking if there was something else holding her back. Camille told Rafael that she did love him but she would lose her family if she chose to be with him and that would hurt her more.

She took off the engagement ring and handed it to Rafael, then walked away.
Camille decided to get her things from Rafael’s foundation and let her parents stay at a hotel.

Rafael told his friends that he would court Camille again because he was not willing to give up on her.

Camille stayed at Sheryl’s house with Sheryl advising her to get back together with Rafael as she would not marry his mother but Rafael.

A few days later, Helen went to see Camille at school and said that the only way she could be comfortable with Camille’s marriage to Rafael was if she signed the prenup agreement.

Camille told Helen that she was not a gold digger and did not need any man’s money to get by. She told Helen not to worry because the wedding was called off and walked away.

On the other hand, Bianca’s father secured a tickets and passports for her trip to America. He told his wife that he would be going to a conference until later but she followed him there.

Bianca was grateful that the documents were ready for them to leave and asked her father never to tell her step mother about Marco because she would definitely tell Camille about it.

Unfortunately, Bianca’s step mother arrived so Marco and Bianca hid. Bianca told Marco that her mother did not want them to have a relationship because they had eloped. Bianca’s mother thought that her husband was hiding a mistress so she scoured the entire house.

Marco finally showed himself to put an end to the theatrics and Bianca’s mother fainted.

When she woke up, she threatened to tell Camille about Marco because Bianca had taken away her husband and Bianca threatened to tell everyone that her mother covered up for her uncle when he abused her.

Bianca’s mother wanted to slap her but Marco rushed in and said that he would protect Bianca and their son no matter what.


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