The Better Half--- Episode 4 Camille accepts Rafael's marriage proposal

The Better Half— Episode 4

The Better Half— Episode 4

Camille accepts Rafael’s marriage proposal

Bianca after watching Marco mysteriously joined him in bed and began to calm him, saying it was only a nightmare that he was having and encouraged him to go back to sleep.

The following morning, Bianca went looking for Marco and found him outside. Marco had prepared breakfast for Bianca and when she arrived at the table, he hugged her and called her ‘Pangga’.

Bianca was confused as she told Marco that he had said the same word in his dreams. Marco was waiting on her to react and Bianca remembered seeing Marco with Camille and they called each other Pangga.

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She said it had been long since he called her with that name a dding that from then on, they would start calling each other Pangga.

Marco was confused by Bianca’s reaction and she talked to one of the fishermen in the island about his dream. He said that he remembered seeing a woman in his dream and he did not think that it was Bianca. The man told him that he had always loved Bianca.

Marco relayed the bed scene to his psychiatrist and Bianca heard him. She relayed the scene to him that evening, trying to convince him that she was the girl in his dream.

Rafael took Camille to meet his parents at his house and introduce her as his girlfriend. Camille was nervous because of the incident she had with the mother the last time they met during her birthday. Rafael asked her not to worry because she had only defended herself.

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When they sat down to have dinner, Helen; Rafael’s mother said that she had a migraine and refused to join them. She went to the foundation to see Camille when she was alone but Rafael was already there. Rafael knowing the nature of his mother stopped Helen from seeing Camille since she refused to talk to her when he had brought her over.

He added that if she came in between his relationship with Camille, she would lose another child.

It was the holidays and Rafael told Camille that he would travel to Singapore on a business trip. Camille went to the province to visit her parents and her brother Julio.

She shared the lovely news that she was Rafael’s girlfriend already. She heard a knock on the door and when she went to open it, it was Rafael! He said that he wanted to surprise her and meet her family.

Camille welcomed him inside and after Rafael greeted them, he said that he wanted to meet them to show them that he was serious about Camille.

Rafael bonded with Camille’s family, planting with her dad and picking mangoes with Julio. He then told them that he wanted to marry Camille and they accepted. Rafael proposed to Camille in front of her family and she said YES!

The news was published in the papers since Rafael was the CEO of a great company. Rafael’s father was delighted to hear it but Helen was not happy. Rafael told her that they would and meet Camille’s parents but he was not going to force her to go.

She however could not stop him from marrying the woman that he loved.
Marco saw the news in the news papers and realised that Camille was the woman he was seeing in his dreams.

He wanted to go out to Manila to look for her but Bianca stopped him and said that she would not allow him to leave the Island. Marco asked if she was hiding something from him and decided to leave even with her objection.

Bianca had just found out that she was pregnant and she told Marco that if he leaves, he would never see her and their child again. She tried to smash her stomach in with a vase but Marco rushed over and stopped her.

He said that he would not leave. Bianca said that Marco had been with other women before and she wanted them to stay at the island because it was the only place where she felt he loved only her.

Weeks later, Bianca said that she was having some cravings and Marco went to the market to buy her the stuff she wanted. He decided to take advantage of the moment and go to Manila to look for Camille.

He sent the fruits home along with a note saying that he would go to Manila and return promptly. Bianca instantly took the car and went after him.

Marco got to Manila and managed to find the school where Camille worked. The guard refused to let him in without an ID but said that he would call for Camille to go and see him instead.

Camille talked to one of the teachers; Sheryl about the arrangements for the wedding. Sheryl was Bianca’s informant and had been reporting back what happened with Camille in return for money to have her father treated.

Bianca called Sheryl and told her to stop Camille from seeing Marco otherwise she would no longer pay for her father’s treatment. She also asked for the school’s address.

Bianca got stuck in traffic so she got out of the car and walked to the school instead. She found Marco waiting for Camille and said that he had to talk to her first. Sheryl had not been able to stop Camille from going to the gate and was in a state of alarm wondering what to do.

Bianca started complaining of stomach pain so Marco had no choice but to get her out of the school before seeing Camille.

Their driver arrived and took them away, this made Camille not able to see him. She asked the guard who had been asking for her and he said he had just arrived on duty so he did not know.

Rafael arrived carrying bouquet of flower, Camille thought he was the one who had been asking for her so she apologised for making him wait.

On the other side, Marco takes Bianca to the hospital.


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