The Better Half--- Episode 5 The Meeting of Villalobos and Cabreras & Bianca's hallucinations

The Better Half— Episode 5

The Better Half— Episode 5

The Meeting of Villalobos and Cabreras & Bianca’s hallucinations.

Rafael picks up Camille from the school and informs her about his parents’ decision to go and see her family at the province.

Camille is nervous about Rafael’s mother and Rafael tries to calm her down.

Meanwhile, a doctor attends to Bianca at the hospital. He asks Marco not to allow his wife to do anything stressful that could put their baby in danger.

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Fast forward, Bianca wakes up and asks Marco to take her back to the coast land.

Bianca arrives at the private beach with Marco and she apologises for putting herself and their baby in danger.

Marco says there’s no need because he’s the one who had made her agitated by going to Manila against her wishes. A moment later, Bianca stares at Marco as he sleeps. She vows never to let him go.

Luisito warns his wife not to come along with them to see Camille’s family if she’s just going to cause problems there.

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However, Helen insists on going with them since she has the feeling that something is off with Camille.

She feels that Rafael is making the same mistake his sister Veronica had made by marrying the wrong person. Her husband points out to her that Camille is a nice person.

Camille and her family put things in place for the arrival of Rafael and his parents.

They make the food and everything else ready. Susan, Camille’s mother is worried since Rafael’s parents have no knowledge of Julio’s condition (Julio is autistic).

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A moment later, the Cabreras arrive at the province and introduce themselves to the Villalobos.

The table is set outside and it seems like both families are getting along as they discuss the wedding arrangements.

Helen insists that the Villalobos shouldn’t make any contributions to the wedding since they didn’t really have much money.

Edgar offers to be the cook but Helen is against it, saying that they already have a caterer for the event.

Meanwhile, Bianca is daydreaming about Juancho, her uncle who had s3xually molested her (Bianca had killed Juancho and buried him in the forest). Bianca hallucinates and starts seeing Marco as Juancho her dead uncle.


Back at the Villalobos, Julio tries to convince Helen that his father is a great cook by offering her some soup but accidentally, he ends up spilling the soup all over her dress. Helen is very very upset and she rants on and on about how her dress is ruined.

She excuses herself to go and get changed but she takes a nap in the van instead. After a while, Luisito goes to check up on his wife and she tells him that she had decided to relax for a while because she was having a terrible headache.

Rafael became upset with his mother’s behaviour and he refused to talk to her on the drive back home.

Marco suggests to Bianca that they should leave for United States (US) for the good of their family. Bianca is excited because she believes that Marco wouldn’t be able to recover his memories in the states.

She has a flashback of the promises they had made to each other of going abroad when they were kids.

Later on, Bianca calls Alfredo her father and informs him of their decision to relocate to America. She asks him to deposit some money into her account. Clarita, Bianca’s mother tells Alfredo that he’s spoiling their daughter.

Helen goes to her bedroom and she recalls the memories of her departed daughter. She cries, saying that she misses Veronica.

Camille asks Sheryl to be her maid of honour for the wedding since she’s the only close friend she has in Manila. Feeling guilty, Sheryl breaks down in tears and Camille mistakes it for tears of joy.

At the private beach, Marco asks Bianca for a cellphone so he can be able to reach her in times of emergencies. Sheryl calls Bianca later and tells her that she can’t keep on lying and betraying Camille because she’s her friend.

Bianca offers her more money but Sheryl rejects it. Bianca then agrees to terminate their deal on the condition that she keep Camille from finding out about Marco being alive. Bianca threatens to kill Sheryl if Camille ever finds out about Marco.

The Villalobos are invited over to the Cabrera house for dinner. Luisito gives them a warm welcome but Helen mocks them as usual, asking why they had not boarded a plane for the journey.

Both families sit at the table trying to have a good time but the moment gets ruined as Julio embarrasses his family by returning the spaghetti he’s served with since he didn’t like it.

Rafael jumps in to save the day by serving Julio with his favourite fried chicken. Helen then starts mocking the Villalobos again with Julio’s health condition and their lack of money.

Luisito interrupts his wife’s ranting and proposes a toast to Rafael and Camille’s wedding. Camille smiles at Rafael.


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