The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 30-34

The Blood Moon Highlights Episode 30-34 Paglinauan kills one of Malia’s dual identity, Omar betrays the LLU

During his search for Toni, Tristan encounters Samantha and he fights him to prove to him that he doesn’t have the power to take down the evil vampires and will equally needs a powerful good vampires like her to defeat the  evil ones.

Knowing his reputation will be stained Paglinauan sends his men to temper with the cylinder of Dory. Miyo who sets off from the house with Kuto spots the men and chase after them. The noise attract the neighbours including Tristan. Following the advice of his wife, Berto goes out to find Miyo and Tristan after some unknown men.

When Miyo joins the pieces together to fish out that the unknown men are workers of senator Paglinauan, he rushes home together with Berto, Tristan and Kuto to meet the house on fire. Dory has lighted the stove and due to the leaking of the gas the house is set ablaze.

Senator Paglinauan sets Miyo up for the death of Manuel, the senior security who is also his friend in crime. Paglinauan then enlists the help of Supremo who hypnotised some police officers on patrol while on his way to the airport.

At the prison of the lair, Nognog promises to help Veruska escape since her days in the prison are numbered. The doctor reveals to the family that K!sses is fine, however, Greta suffers second degree burnt while Dory suffers third degree burnt.

Berto and Miyo visit the ward of Dory as Berto asks her to fight for her life, Miyo asks for forgiveness. A sign of Dory suggests to Miyo that his foster mother doesn’t want him to worry. A moment later, Dory dies. In the midst of their mourning, the police men who are hypnotised by Supremo arrive to take away Miyo.

Miyo gives his phone to Tristan and orders him to call Baristo to inform him about what has happened to him. Tristan did as he is ordered and follows to the police station only to discover that the officers did not send Miyo to the precinct.

Baristo also arrives and the police explores all the chance only to reveal that the death of the case is not even filed and no warrant of arrest has been issued, leaving Tristan and Baristo perplexed. Tristan recalls the names of the officers and the inspector opens their profile and tells them that the officers are good and can’t act unprofessional.

Elsewhere, Miyo is sent to a certain were house where he is maltreated, tortured and is forced to sign confirmation of murder but he refused. This makes the officers add more to his plight while Tristan and Baristo are lost on what to do.

At the hospital, Baristo advises Berto to relax so that he and Tristan search for Miyo. They suspect Paglinauan is behind the whole mess since Miyo’s arrest came shortly after he discovers the senator’s dirty secret. Elsewhere, Senator Paglinauan arrives to query Miyo on the video he took of him.

Miyo threatens to make him pay for his deeds but that did not deter the Senator from inflicting more pain to him when Miyo fails to reveal the person upon whose order he acted to destroy the senator.

Elsewhere, Omar tricks the vampires in order to pave way for Nognog to release the prisoners. Together with the vampires, Omar launch an attack on the LLU just to deliver a message to them. He informs Gael that the prophecy has changed and Malia won’t be able to k!ll Supremo.

Preparation is on going to lay Dory to rest. Since Miyo can’t be found, Tristan enlists the help of Prof T to find his friend but Prof turns him down. Elsewhere, Miyo fails to cooperate so the police electrocuted and sends him far away to a mountainous place where Miyo discovers the police officers are under the hypnotic control of Supremo to k!ll him.

Although Miyo strives to break loose from the clutches of Supremo, one of the officers who got to his senses to help Miyo is shot by his co officers, leaving Miyo to deal with the rest. Baristo walks all day and night to find his foster daughter. He breaks down into tears as he glares the full moon to pray for Malia.

One of the officers confesses their mission which is to k!ll Miyo so he begins to flee for his life but receives multiple shot which makes him fall off to the bottom of the gorge.
As Miyo struggles to make his last wish, Supremo arrives at Jakarta Indonesia to meet Jacintha Magsaysay. Stunned to see her, he believes she is Lia. On the other hand, he sees that her heart is beating which makes her a human.

Before Miyo closes his eyes he prays to his parent that it is not the time for him to die since his mission is not accomplished. He also prays to the moon of the horizon not the stars to grant him his wish as he basks into its presence. In Jakarta, Supremo after fighting himself to figure out whether the lady is Lia or not, he approaches Jacintha and she schedules to meet him later at a hotel.

Gilbert Imperial vents his anger on Luningning when he calls her to find all information on Jacintha Magsaysay. Later, Nognog appears at Youtopia to warn Ningning to quit working with Gilbert Imperial. Nognog is shocked how Ningning still doesn’t remember why he has to go away. The slaps Ningning give him did not deter him from confessing his actual feelings for her. He bids emotional goodbye to her and leaves.

Gilbert Imperial meets Jacintha at the hotel to tell her about his mission to end poverty in Philippines. Jacintha spells out the need for him to be sincere while speaking. He asks Jacintha of her heart desires, when she confesses how she is dying to obtain justice for all the poor gone souls, Gilbert wonders if she is under his hypnotic control. He then hypnotised her for her to accept to travel to the Philippines with him to make her desire come to pass.

Nognog takes the opportunity to set the captives in Supremo’s lair free but died in the course of his deeds. In Youtopia, Ningning feels a sharp pain in her heart as Nognog denigrate into ashes. Omar returns to hear the bad news of the escape prisoners and pretends to have been affected by the news.

The moon then shines at Miyo and with time all the bullets drop out of his body but he is so weak to rise. Tristan receives news on the officers who he accused of arresting Miyo. He is told their car crushed and they died in the process. Tristan embarks on a search with the police at the accident scene for Miyo but couldn’t find him. Fast forward, Supremo arrives in Philippines and holds Omar accountable for the escape of the captives. He threatens to capture a member of his family if he fails to return his captives.

As the LLU celebrates the return of Veruska and Jethro, Baristo receives a call from Tristan and together with the members, they embark on a new mission to search for Malia but Jake is told to stay behind and carry on with his mission with the Moonchasers.

For days, Miyo lays helplessly on the field, a dog which has been wiping of his blood begins to seek for help for him. The dog stumbles on Tristan and it get close to him but Tristan who has been searching for Miyo did not understand the dog. As Jacintha arrives in her new home in the Philippines, Supremo begins to dip deep into her life to know who she really is.

He later queries Paglinauan whether he linked him to Bill Mejia on purpose just to get Lia to execute her revenge on him. Although Mejia has told Gilbert that Jacintha is his former student he still believes she is Lia. However, Paglinauan doubts Supremo, he believes Lia will not lay low for years and resurfaces now to take her revenge she would have dealt with Supremo long time.

Jacintha also watches the video of the heroic deeds of Gilbert Imperial to find a good way to help in his campaign. After his search proves futile, Tristan returns to the funeral to asks Dory’s spirit to watch over Miyo wherever he is till he finds him. At Youtopia, Jacintha holds a meeting with Gilbert to interview him to know him more and how she can cover his dirty linen for him to appear bright to the people.

In her attempt, Gilbert gets puzzled and instructs one of his vampires to run her over. When Jacintha is leaving Youtopia, the lady vampire runs her over just to confirm to Supremo’s suspicion whether she is human or has a supernatural power. Jacintha is rushed to hospital. Convinced that she is human, Supremo arrives at the clinic with a flower for her.

Tristan enlists the help of Piolo to search for Miyo. He finds the dog again, the dog pulls him and he recalls seeing the dog the other time. He decides to follow the dog, however, Piolo got tired so Tristan asks him to leave while he follows the dog. Tristan stumbles on Miyo’s ID. He then makes a call to the police for the lead he has gotten.

The power of the moon gives Miyo the ability to heal all his wounds and transforms him into the lady she is. Tristan finds blood and he screams Miyo’s name till he gets to see his sack clothes when the dog leads him there. Malia who heard Tristan’s voice couldn’t reveal herself to him since she was naked but she is grateful to Tristan for not given up on her.

Tristan sheds tears as the officers arrive at the location. Miyo is now declared dead by the Police authorities. Meanwhile, Samantha visits Madam Star and she gives her the stone to contact a guardian. Jethro is contacted and he leaves to find Madam Star. Madam Star tells Samantha about a young man within her neighbourhood who she had been dreaming about turning into a vampire.

Jethro arrives and he knows Samantha. With the use of the stone Jethro sees Tristan d!ed in a battle so the Moonchasers roll out plans to protect him. Returning to the LLU at the moment when the members are grieving for losing her, Malia illustrates to them her new ability to heal herself but bemoans how she cannot save the people she is striving to protect.

She learns about Jethro’s prophecy and the task Baristo has given Tristan to expose Senator Paglinauan by releasing the video of the senator’s illegal activities. Elsewhere, Tristan and his friends go to Senator Mallari’s place to present the evidence against Paglinauan to the deceased’s wife. Malia explores means to talk to Tristan to dissuade him from going against Paglinauan but Tristan is bent on fighting for justice for Miyo.

As the video of Senator Paglinauan goes viral, Supremo is forced to issue a word of caution to the Senator since he is not ready to make the senator drag him down with him.

Toni goes to Dory’s funeral and Betty introduces her to Berto. Toni cries for losing Dory, Tristan arrives at the funeral to find Toni. Omar later discovers from the hospital where his wife, Rosita is admitted that she has gone missing. Least did he know that Supremo has her under his grasp to compel him to present to him a member of the LLU.

Soon, Catleya falls into Omar’s trap when she volunteers to go with him to find his relative only for her to be sent to the lair.


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