The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 4-8

The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 4-8 Marissa deepens her revenge after giving birth to a male child for Gabriel

To fulfill the next step of her devious plans, Marissa deliberately keeps Ellice from reconciling with Gabriel by luring her friend’s husband to her home and have an intimate night with him.

Much to her dismay, Marissa learns about Ellice’s alternative pregnancy plans with Gabriel. However, Ellice and Gabriel’s excitement over becoming parents immediately fades when they receive the results of their anonymous surrogate’s pregnancy. Later, Marissa convinces Ellice to take a break from work as she plans to use her one-night stand with Gabriel to wrap him round her finger.

After learning about her pregnancy, Marissa plans to break the news to Ellice and Gabriel at the relaunching of Pearls by Ceñidoza. However, she is caught off guard upon seeing Lucing at the event. To make matters worse for Marissa, Ellice makes a shocking announcement. After revealing that she is also pregnant, Marissa divulges to Ellice how her baby would be conceived without a father.

Marissa gains an opportunity to stay with her friend to be close to her child’s father. Gabriel on the other hand decides to leave his family’s business in order to help his wife run Ceñidoza Pearls during her delicate pregnancy. Gabriel then confides in a friend about his predicament as guilt slowly eats him up. To make it up to Marissa, he shows kindness to her and her unborn child.

As Marissa and Ellice hover between life and death during their respective deliveries, Gabriel resolves to give the two women equal time and support. He shuffles back and forth in the hospital, arousing everyone’s suspicions. Marissa gives birth to a baby boy while Ellice gives birth to a baby girl.

Ellice snacks back at Sonya when she sticks her nose into her sister-in-law’s marital problems with Gabriel. Caught in the crossfire, Gabriel clears the air with Ellice and reminds her that he is always on her side. In order to shape her daughter’s life, Ellice goes the extra mile to beg Dr Calleja amid the heart surgeon’s important event.

She then lashes out at Gabriel when she discovers why he failed to answer her urgent calls and messages. Marissa devises a cunning plan to make Gabriel pay attention to Jacob. She then tries to conceal her glee when a worried Gabriel rushes to her home, only to be seen together by Lucing.

Ellice convinces Gabriel to go back to work and help Marissa manage Ceñidoza Pearls. With Gabriel’s return in the office, Marissa comes up with a plan to get closer to her best friend’s husband. Later, the cunning Ceñidoza COO finds a way to gain the trust of her employees.

As Ellice tries her best to stay calm when a mishap puts her daughter in critical condition, Marissa attempt to make a good impression on Sonya when she suddenly visits her brother in the office. Elsewhere, the Ceñidoza office employees tries to compare Marissa’s and Ellice’s approaches in managing the company.

Marissa builds a friendship with Sonya. This does not go unnoticed as Ellice grows envious of the two’s bonding during Hope’s and Jacob’s baptismal celebration. To make matters worse Ramon also develops some liking for Marissa.

As Marissa brings her son to the the Villarosas, Gabriel’s father manages to see through the secret about Jacob’s parentage. Meanwhile, Ellice is taken aback upon witnessing the sudden changes in company policies done by Marissa.

The tension between the two intensifies when the Ceñidoza heiress crown jewel plunges into an unexpected financial difficulty. Ellice rummages through her husband’s stuff as she grows suspicious of Gabriel’s relationship with Marissa. She then decides to contact Agatha to inquire about her past with Gabriel.

Meanwhile, Gabriel attempts to dissuade Marissa from pushing through with her decision of buying shares from Ellice’s company. Their heated argument drives Marissa to reveal the identity of Jacob’s father.


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