The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 15

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 15 Nognog turns into a vampire, Lemuel becomes a member of the new LLU

At the Moonchasers headquarters, Nognog told Ningning that he could feel some changes in him. He pleaded with her to k!ll him as he did not want to hurt her. He said she would find him in her heart once he was gone but Ningning could not do that, she held on to the knife while Nognog broke the chains.

He gnashed his teeth and watched her for a while before he broke the back door to flee. The Moonchasers rushed in to find that Nognog has escaped and they went after him while asking Lauren and Joey to take care of Ningning. Prof T who came to see the incident also went after them.

The Moonchasers wanted to grab Nognog before he put many lives at risk with his thirst for blood. Gael, Catleya and Baristo arrived in Manila and Gael showed them a refuse dump where the two werewolves would stay to keep them away from the evil vampires.

Baristo saw a phone and he made a call to China to inform the werewolves there that they needed help. The she wolf in China told the rest that Lord Sentinel was dead and Baristo needed a perfume that could mask their scent since their lives were at risk. One male werewolf told the she wolf to call other werewolves in Canada and other countries to ask for help.

Erin heard someone approaching and made his gun ready. Gael got in and he tried attacking him, while Gael revealed to him that he was the one. Erin asked him whether he was careful and was not followed since he had reserved the place for new Luna Soldiers he would recruit. Gael said that was another reason he came there and assured that he was careful.

Malia came and was sent to meet Baristo. Catleya told Malia how Baristo had missed her and been mentioning her name even in his sleep. Malia explained why she had to be in disguise and Baristo said she could even grow mustache if that could keep her safe. They hugged and bonded.

Elsewhere, the Moonchasers came across a certain guy, thinking he was Nognog but realised he was a mad man. Nognog attacked a certain woman but the woman was saved by some passerby and she said a monster was attacking her so the passerby ran after the so called monster. Prof T told the woman to relax and smeared his scientific potion to change the woman’s view about what she saw.

The men who ran after the monster returned to say they did not see any monster. The woman said there was no monster but a snatcher who tried to steal her bag. Nognog got to a certain place and was very thirsty for blood. Chino and his colleagues came to grab and sent him away. Prof T explained to his students about his formula that erased memories of the people.

He said the sense of smelling and hearing are linked to one vital area of human mind and with his scientific formula he is able to erase some information to take away fear for people to subscribe to what he says in panic state. The Moonchasers were impressed, Ningning rushed down to ask about what had become of her boyfriend.

Malia told Baristo about keeping her real identity from the helpers who have provided her with shelter and said she sometimes felt guilty. Catleya believed the people would understand her once they discovered the truth. Baristo told her that he had informed the werewolves in China and other part of the world and they were ready to help them.

Gael also said he was recruiting some vampires for their course. Malia came across Lemuel, who had finished devouring someone. He pounced on Malia, they fought and Malia defeated him. She told him that she knew him and saw how he was bitten. Lemuel cried that they turned him into a monster and Malia said she knew he was now a vampire but it was not too late, she could still help him so that he would not be part of the evil vampires.

Prof T smeared his potion on Ningning’s face and her mind was fine tune to a new information, that, Nognog travelled without her even before the Armageddon championship. At Supremo’s lair he gave Nognog two options either to be with him or d!e. Nognog has been asking for Ningning and wanted to be with her. The minions told him that he would hurt her if he was to unite with her.

Since they agreed on one thing, Chino the one who bit him, bit his hand and gave it to Nognog to suck the blood which was flowing. This merged their evil blood with his. Malia set Lemuel to Erin’s camp and Erin was scared that Supremo would manipulate Lemuel against them and if that happened, he promised to get rid of him.

Lemuel told them his story about his concert and how he got bitten. Later, he woke up and found himself in beloved Supremo’s camp. He refused to be part of them and Supremo said he would d!e. Gael decided to train Lemuel and he thought him how to live with the blood of animals. He gave him an oil in order for him to be able to go out during sunny hours.

He gave him a lens and made them form a unity bond to work together in installing the peace which the wolves, vampires and humanity once enjoyed when they coexisted. Soon, Lemuel went to the mechanic shop to look for Malia. Tristan has given money for his grandfather to go for his surgery. Betty wondered where Tristan got the money from and he said it was an old debt which somebody paid.

When he was leaving with his jeepney, he spotted Lemuel and came out of the car. He quickly dragged his family inside and told them that a bad guy was out there and advised his grandfather not to go for the surgery on that day. He went out and called his group members to inform them about Lemuel and his fear that the vampire could hurt his family.

Meanwhile, Malia who left the mechanic shop in a hurry to talk to Lemuel asked him why he was exposing himself, knowing everyone thought he was dead. Lemuel said he was on his first assignment, Gael made him accompany someone there to scout the area if there were no vampires.

Malia wondered who that person could be and was glad to meet Jake. As they hugged, Jake said sorry for his scent since he wanted to mask his scent from the vampires. Jake told her that he still couldn’t locate Veruska. Malia informed him about their plans and where Catleya and Baristo were staying to mask their scent from the vampires.

The Moonchasers came and searched for Lemuel but they could not find him. Later, Summer and her other sister came home and Tristan revealed plans of leaving the place to a new neighbourhood which didn’t go down well with Summer so she exclaimed.


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