Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Tadpole and Earthworm discover Fernan’s real identity

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano: The Escape of the SAF Troopers- Tadpole and Earthworm discover Fernan’s real identity  

In Mt Karagao, Cardo finds a place and makes a shelter out of coconut branches to temporarily hide his two colleagues, Geraldo Dela Paz and Katrina Velasco who he flees from a cage for Gerry to recover from the bullet wound he sustained.

After Katrina makes a barbecue from a snake , Cardo figures a way to steal fruits and medicines to the hideout to cure his friend and to feed them before he finds means to take them out of the place. Staying in the woods for days, the plight of the two escapees heightens when a search party is led to find the two troopers by hook or crook before they escape and reveal the hideout of the Bloody Sun.

One night, Homer and his allies get close to the shelter and Dela Paz who heard voices quickly rises from his sleep to check in order to divert their attention. However, Katrina wakes up and starts shouting Gerry’s name, which Pilo heard and alerts Homer for them to walk towards the direction of the voice. Dela Paz is quick to pull and cover the mouth of Velasco to hide at the back of a tree.

The search party are close, they search the area thoroughly but did not see them. Homer then blames Pilo for his poor listening as none of them heard that voices he claimed to have heard and left.

Later, Gerry cautions Velasco against such act, knowing they are putting Cardo at risk as well. He is now certain that Homer and his friends are not familiar with the place they are staying and believe they are safe in there. In securing means to get to his friends, Cardo asks Romulo permission to join the search for the escapees. He uses such opportunity to keep stealing stored foods and medicine for his friends.

Hearing all the threatening words of Anton and Homer, Tadpole and Earthworm become worried and ask Fernan to send them along whenever he embarks on his search. They are scared that his enemies might pounce on him but Cardo fails to do that. He keeps going without informing them.

Cardo reveals to Dela Paz and Velasco about the secret he has discovered. He makes his intentions clear that he will stay in the camp to fish out the actual k!ller of his son now that he has seen Homer establishing his own camp and also hearing that there is a government official backing the group. He tells Dela Paz that he will not leave without finding answers to his questions.

Soon, he leaves the camp, Tadpole and Earthworm are told by Lena to help Fernan so they followed him to discover that he is the one who has helped the troopers to escape the camp.

They cursed the day they trusted Fernan as they felt betrayed by Fernan. Their grievances are that they risk their lives in defending him, not knowing Fernan has other motive for the group. Fernan is lost of words, he thought he is careful but he has lying to himself.

Tadpole and Earthworm point guns at Fernan and the troopers, compelling Fernan to reveal his real identity as Dalisay, the owner of the uniform which the r£bels are searching for. What will happen next? will Tadpole and Earthworm rat out Fernan or they will sh000t him or Cardo will k!ll them to hide his secret. Subscribe for more of this.


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