The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 28

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 28 Samantha narrates her horrible past, Tristan mesmerised after seeing Toni

Miyo told Tristan not to bother to explain since he already said he just met the girl and believed he could not like her right away. He asked of his leave and Tristan left with him.

Elsewhere, Samantha was with Prof T and she narrated her life story about how she was bitten by Lucas Teodoro, a hybrid, Werewolf-Vampire, after she fought with him at the last big battle. Not wanting to become like Lucas, she committed suicide. She later revived from death, supposedly because of Lucas’ hybrid blood left in her body.

Samantha repeatedly tried to commit suicide to end her misery but resurrected afterwards in another location. Believing she still has unfinished business in the world, she decided to make herself significant in the battle against the evil Supremo.

Prof T then told her to help the new chosen one to fulfill her own calling since the Prophecy has changed. He also told her that they could form alliance with the two vampires from the LLU who approached them but she refused.

As the LLU were making plans to expose the hidden agenda of Supremo with his central campaign message of the national ID chip and to also ruin his reputation, Supremo threatened Nognog that he would get rid of Ningning if he comes in between his plan.

Tristan got to the new Headquarters of Moonchasers and he learnt about the vampire lady who saved the group. However, they said Prof T has not addressed the group on who the lady truly was. The members were in a dilemma since they did not know who to trust. They wondered if there were good vampires since their family members were k!lled by the vampires. Piolo believed there could be one as Nognog was not happy with the deeds of Supremo and wanted to be with them but was taken away.

Since their informant was k!lled by Supremo, Samantha told Prof T that she would need a guardian or a seer to look into the future plans of Supremo for them to be able to know their next step. She also told Prof T that it was not the time for him to introduce her to the Moonchasers.

At the office, after Paglinauan received an information about a screwed transaction which did not go well due to some unknown individuals (the men Jake encountered during his haunt for vampires) who arrived at the location and fought Manuel’s men. Paglinauan tasked Manuel to eliminate Massada. Miyo overheard Manuel making a call about a bad deal he had to fix and a person he had to also k!ll.

Miyo told Manuel that he needed side job to earn extra to help his family and Manuel promised to help him out. For the meantime he told him to win the Senator’s trust. At the lair, Supremo introduced his new recruits to Omar and told Omar that he now wanted to focus on his political campaign so Omar had to be in charge of the affairs there.

The Moonchasers saw Prof T with Samantha but he failed to send Samantha in. He gave Tristan his wrist band as he was the only person without the Moonchasers’ band. He took and queried Prof T on the identity of Samantha. Prof T tried to swerve his questions and interjected that it was not the time for the group to know Samantha, the most important thing was they were saved.

Tristan dragged the issue and lamented that they could not keep a blind eye on the fact that a vampire who have k!lled their respective family members and they were also fighting against, actually one of them was within their premises. Prof T told them not to worry but to trust him since not all the vampires were evil.

Tristan insisted on speaking with Samantha and since Prof T refused he handed his band and left. Prof T later asked the Moonchasers “who else will like to return his or her band?” but none answered.

Veruska received so much food and asked for the occasion and was told Supremo wanted to celebrate with him. Veruska had hunch that Supremo had found out the prophecy. Nognog arrived and she asked him. Nognog apologised, he explained that Supremo had his servants tailed him but the good news was he delivered the message.

Senator Paglinauan and Miyo went to the hospital to support Gilbert Imperial who was distributing toys to children with cancers at the facility. Miyo was upset that Gilbert was using the people to get what he wanted. Miyo was ordered to help Mr Imperial with the toys.

When Gilbert set eyes on him his face seemed familiar to him and asked of his name and the work he used to do, which he said his name was Miyo and used to be a food vendor. Mr Imperial now used Miyo as an example to motivate the teens to work hard just like Miyo who used to be a rice meal seller and now a personal guard to Senator Paglinauan. He promised to employ them if they got well.

Mr Imperial now told Senator Paglinauan that he did not trust Miyo and queried how he became his bodyguard. Imperial cautioned Paglinauan and told him to monitor Miyo. Miyo had been struggling to listen to their conversation but couldn’t hear anything.

Elsewhere, Tristan called Toni and Jake picked it. He mentioned his name as Tristan and Jake said Toni was not there. He then texted Malia to inform her that Tristan called her but he failed to ask what he wanted to say. Theodore asked Samantha to give him the go ahead to recruit new people but Samantha sensed that he just wanted to replace Tristan.

Prof T admitted that Tristan was special but was very had to control. Samantha made it a mandate to talk to Tristan by himself. Tristan visited Doc at the new autoshop. Pockey was happy to see him. Doc took him on a tour within the area and showed him the table he has reserved for both in a future partnership.

Suddenly, Tristan received a call from Toni and they agreed to meet that night at a restaurant where there was no lots of people. Baristo saw that she has bought women dresses and she said she was going to meet Tristan. Catleya dressed up Malia while Tristan was also at the barbering shop shaping his hair. His red highlight was gotten rid off and Apple teased him for having a date.

Betty advised Tristan to respect the girl and if someday the relationship did not work he should carry on with his life. She also told him not to spend the night out till morning, he should return home. At LLU, Malia told Baristo about the campaign strategy of Supremo. She also said there was a shoddy business that Manuel, Senator Paglinauan’s head of security was into and would find out what they were upto.

After she finished dressing up, Baristo was stunned to see his daughter. He hugged her and began teasing her for looking so cute just to see Tristan. Catleya queried whether Tristan was the person giving her the spark. This got Jake jealous but buried his feelings. Malia ran to change her attire into more simple but elegant one.

In the house, Dory dusted up with Greta for going to her boyfriend’s house after all he did to her. Greta insisted that the guy was her daughter’s father no matter what. Dory got upset that she wouldn’t listen to her advice and stormed out.

She called Miyo, since Malia sensed that her foster mother was bothering about something she quickly changed and ran home but bumped into Tristan who was leaving to meet Toni. Tristan told Miyo that he was going somewhere so he should watch over his family for him. Miyo also said he would go out. Tristan said if that was the case then he should watch over his family when he comes earlier than him.

Miyo got to the house and Dory told him how worried she was about them even though they were adults. She insisted that what Greta was doing was wrong. Miyo gave her medicine and said things would be alright. Samantha went out in search of Madam Star and found her. Setting eyes on Samantha, Madam Star fled but eventually bumped into Samantha. Samantha expressed her gladness to have found her.

In the restaurant, Tristan waited for Toni for several minutes and texted to ask her where she was and she said she would be a bit late. Baristo smelt something fishy and said they had to find out more about Tristan and Jake volunteered to do that job for Baristo. After his long wait, Toni arrived and Tristan was mesmerised. He quickly stood from his seat to stand close to Toni while he looked through her eyes.


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