The Law Of Revenge Episode 2

The Law Of Revenge Episode 2 Ellice and Marissa meet again after Jorge’s death, Marissa begins her revenge against the Ceñidozas

In Prison, Marissa dried her clothes in the line. An inmate arrived to torture her, she had enough and thought the prison queen a lesson. Later, Lucing went to the precinct to visit her daughter only to discover that her daughter was released.

On the other hand, Jorge also received a bad news that Ceñidoza has lost clients, the bank has not approved their loans and the company was near to bankruptcy. Jorge had a heart attack. Six years later, Jorge was admitted at the hospital so Ellice and Gabriel visited him.

He told Gabriel that he wanted to speak with his daughter in private and he revealed to Ellice that everything he said concerning Marissa years ago was a lie. Marissa was convicted since the congressman wielded more power and couldn’t fight him. He wept that he did not want her to suffer since she had a lot in her plate then.

Ellice said she would visit her friend in prison but Jorge told her that Marissa was released two years ago and Lucing could not find her. Ellice said she would find her and asked her father not to worry. Jorge made Ellice promise to take care of the Ceñidoza business and he died.

Later, Gabriel asked Ellice the reason Marissa ended up in prison and she said Marissa k!lled a congressman’s son. Ellice promised to hire a private investigator to find her friend.
She found out that the late Congressman Montelibano sabotaged Ceñidoza Pearls and it was near bankruptcy.

Soon, Ellice met Marissa in a restaurant. She was surprised to see her friend and Ellice said sorry for not getting in touch since all those years she thought Marissa had gained her freedom and didn’t end up in prison. Marissa said it was nothing, it was all in the past. She then explained that she was chasing after some ruthless guy who had hit her car, fortunately she saw her sitting there and came to meet her.

She asked her friend why she did not return to Philippines and Ellice said she was hunted by the death of Victor and made up her mind to stay in America for a while. She felt sorry that Marissa spent four years of her life in jail due to her but her consolation was that the 10million her father gave her has helped her. Marissa got to meet Gabriel, Ellice’s husband and they exchanged pleasantries.

As Ellice who was heavily pregnant went in to the car with her husband, Marissa recalled her friend’s words and realised that she was not a sister after all to her since all that she cared about was the money she gained. Marissa swore to make her friend pay for what she did after recalling how some men raped her in prison.

Ellice left the house with Gabriel to her in-laws house to visit. Moments after they left, Marissa arrived to see Lucing and her mother was so happy. The father-in-law of Ellice showed much concern about her pregnancy due to the delicate pregnancy she has been having.

Mr Villarosa advised her to sell her father’s business, claiming it was difficult to bring a company which it was bankrupt back to its feet in order to concentrate on building a family with her husband but Gabriel rebuked his dad. Sonya, the sister of Gabriel also told Ellice to choose family over her business.

Elsewhere, Lucing queried her daughter on why she abandoned her and did not want to see her. Marissa now told her mother all that she suffered while in prison. She said she did not want her mother to see her in such a condition till she picked her life back. On their way home, Ellice was upset with Gabriel for how his family treated her. She insulted Sonya and Gabriel was upset that she was insulting his family while he had earlier defended her when her father brought up the subject. She cried that they did not know how she felt when she had a miscarriage.

They brought the argument to the house without noticing that Marissa was there, Ellice kept on claiming Gabriel was siding with his father but Gabriel explained that his family was only worried and wanted her to take care in order not to lose another pregnancy. As the argument heated up, Marissa availed her face and Lucing asked whether they were quarreling.

Marissa apologised for visiting without informing them and declared her intentions to go with Lucing for them to make up for the lost time. Lucing asked Ellice if it was okay with her. She was also worried that Ellice might need her due to her condition. However, Ellice said her husband was there and she knew how Lucing had been wanting to see Marissa and gave her the go ahead.

Later, Ellice went home and told her helper, Lu about not being happy with what her friend did and was back to take her revenge as her friend took everything away from her. She said Ellice took her mother and her father’s shares in the company. She promised to take everything back. Ellice and her husband made up and packed Gabriel’s things for his business trip. Gabriel while leaving told his wife to be careful and take extra care of the pregnancy.

Soon, Marissa sabotaged the shipment of Ceñidoza Pearls with an idea that she would provide a solution in order to get closer to her friend and reclaim everything her family lost to the Ceñidozas. Ellice while having a tough time dealing with her investors, she received a call about the shipment which was being held at the customs.

Ellice took it upon herself to solve the problem since all the assistants were up to something different. She even had to direct cars in order to get to the customs office in time to facilitate the delivery of the Pearls. She went to the customs to find out that the boss was having a lunch and she went to the restaurant where the boss was and found him eating. She wondered why the boss would have lunch when it was not 12:00pm.

She received a call from her secretary, informing her that Marissa was at the office and she told him to tell her to wait for her. She saw the boss and managed to resolve the problem. When Marissa was told by her assistant that Ellice has resolved the problem, she got upset and scolded her assistant for being incompetent .

Ellice ran to give her driver a document about the shipment to deliver since she did not want to disappoint her clients and told the driver not to worry about her, she would take a cab. Suddenly, she had a sharp pain and called Marissa to help her. Ellice was bleeding profusely while groaning in pain.


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