The Stepdaughters Episode 23

The Stepdaughters Episode 23 Mayumi catches Isabelle making l0ve with Francis, Luisa discovers that Hernan stole Mario’s money

Luisa lamented about Daphne’s behaviour. She said Daphne was trying to create problems between them by making her think that something was going on between Hernan and her.

Hernan pleaded with his wife to trust him, however Luisa said the issue was not about trust since she did trust him. Her worry was how Daphne wanted to ruin their relationship and promised to fight for him no matter what to maintain their relationship.

The following morning, Francis went to see Hernan hoping to speak to him about his relationship with Mayumi. Before he talked, Isabelle arrived making it difficult for Francis to voice out to Hernan. He then framed another story, saying he wanted to commend Mayumi for the work she did during the blog con for their new product.

When Francis left the office, Isabelle also spoke to Hernan about the scene Luisa caused at the office. Hernan told her not to worry, he promised to take care of it. He called Daphne to her office and apologised for the incident. He however told her that he had to transfer her since he did not want to give Luisa any more reasons to be jealous.

Daphne tried to plead her case while Isabelle supported her but Hernan said his mind was already made up. As Daphne was packing her things, Luisa arrived at the office to see Hernan. Daphne tried to plead with her, insisting that it was a misunderstanding. Luisa told her not to pretend since what happened was a consequence of her own actions. When she walked away, Daphne swore that she wouldn’t give up so easily.

Francis went to see Mayumi to tell her that he had wanted to tell Hernan about their relationship but Mayumi was upset she was against that decision, believing that they might add more problems to the issues Hernan was having and asked him not to do it. Since they couldn’t see each other openly at the office, Mayumi and Francis agreed to meet at the noodle joint after work.

As Francis was leaving, he ran into Isabelle and her friends. They were planning to go out and unwind. Isabelle insisted that Francis should go with them. He was unable to refuse her so he agreed to go with them for a little while. He texted Mayumi and said they would meet later.

Daphne overheard Hernan speaking to his friend Joe about the incident. Joe said it was a good thing to demote Daphne, claiming he had also noticed the way Daphne stared at Hernan. Hernan said he didn’t want to hurt Luisa since he still had to make it up to her after what he did to Mario.

Joe didn’t know why Hernan had always felt so guilty so he queried Hernan and Hernan finally confessed his sins that the lottery money he won actually belonged to Mario. Daphne was overjoyed since she had finally gotten something that she could hold on to create a rift between Hernan and Luisa. She went to see Luisa and told her everything.

Daphne said Hernan lied to her, actually the lottery ticket he won belonged to Mario and Hernan kept the money to himself. Elsewhere, Mayumi waited for Francis at the noodle shop but he didn’t show up. She went to the bar he had gone to with Isabelle and Isabelle’s friends told her that they rented a private room.

Mayumi went to find them and found Isabelle trying to ki$$ Francis who had already passed out. She stopped Isabelle and Isabelle was upset. She asked why Mayumi tried to stop her, and wanted to know whether Mayumi was Francis’ girlfriend. Mayumi said it was not proper for them to act that way as high company officials since someone might take a video. She asked Isabelle’s friends to bring her home and said that she would take care of Francis.

When Hernan got home, Luisa confronted him about the lottery money. Hernan denied it at first but eventually told her the truth. He tried to explain that he did not intend to keep the money but Luisa was hurt since he lied and left them in despair. She told him that all the things he had done for them wouldn’t make up for what he did.

In fury, Luisa took a bag to pack her clothes but Hernan begged her not to leave him. She then threw Hernan out and Luisa locked herself up in the room while Hernan stood outside knocking on the door trying to beg her not to leave.


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