The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 32

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 32 Jethro, Veruska escape the lair, a search begins at the gorge for Miyo

In the Hotel, Jacintha Magsaysay told Gilbert Imperial that she wanted justice for the victims who died poor. She got hold of her emotions and wondered if she indeed said that. She asked of her leave, telling Gilbert that she has given him enough insight and wished him Good Luck in his campaign.

Gilbert ran after her and hypnotised her while he asked her to follow him to the Philippines to help him in his campaign to make her desires come through. Without second thought, Jacintha accepted and told him that she would talk to President Saudara, the Indonesian President about it.

The vampires planned to find out the werewolves hideout before they told Supremo about their encounter. Omar hoped Nognog would release the prisoners before he got there. At the lair, Nognog arrived and gave a dagger to Jethro and told them that few vampires stayed behind and he knew Veruska could fight. He unlocked them and they fled as the moment that they had been waiting for had arrived.

The Death of Nognog

Nognog fought along with them when they encountered the vampires. The vampires needed Jethro so Nognog used him as bait to make the vampires obey his orders. They fought hard and k!lled some of the vampires but the fighting got tough after they came out of the heat bar elevator.

All the vampires surrounded them so Nognog asked the guardian and Veruska to flee and he stayed behind to fight the vampires but d!ed in his fight. As he was turning into ashes, Ningning felt a sharp pain in her heart she began to cry. During the night at the gorge, some of the bullets in Miyo’s body began to fell off and some part of her wounds began to heal through the healing power of the full moon.

Miyo then regained consciousness. He was sick and could not lift his head. The she wolf who escaped howled to her pack members and her son, Jake heard his mom’s voice. Jake told Baristo that it was Veruska and could not be wrong about it. Baristo was glad that Veruska had escaped. Jake howled back and the pack members rushed to the she wolf’s location.

Omar arrived at the lair and was informed that Veruska and the guardian had escaped. They said they were able to k!ll Nognog. Omar was upset by Nognog’s death as that would be difficult for them to find the hideout of the escapees. He charged them to haunt for the prisoners who escaped.

Jethro found a cloth for the she wolf to cover her nakedness when she turned. Baristo and Jake arrived and Veruska was glad to be reunited with her family again. She asked of Malia and was told she has gone missing. Veruska was unhappy that Malia had gone missing at a point when the prophecy had changed. Catleya asked Jethro whether he saw the vision well. Jethro said everyone would think Supremo was dead but he would survive.

The next day, it rained and Miyo called for help but his voice was so weak. Tristan was told by the police that the officers he accused them had been found but they were involved in an accident so they were preparing to go to the scene. Tristan said he would join them. He called Baristo and Baristo was thinking that it was Malia.

At the lair, Supremo arrived from his trip and held Omar accountable for the escapees. Omar explained that he was not around when the incident happened as he carried the errands on Paglinauan at the police station. He also said during their errands, they were stopped by the LLU members. Supremo wondered how Miyo was connected to the LLU and Omar said it was a question he was also searching for answers.

Supremo decided to give Omar second opportunity of redemption by finding Jethro. Tristan together with the police were at the crime scene but Miyo was not found. The officer said they found one of their officers dead hours before the accident so he suspected that either Miyo had done that or a third party who was targeting Miyo did that to the officer but investigation was on going.

At the LLU, Baristo told the members to follow him to the crime scene so that they could find Malia, however Jake was made to stay behind to attend a meeting with the Moonchasers. Jake insisted on joining the team to search for Malia. Baristo was upset that he was contradicting his orders. He said they were facing such problems due to members like him, who only cared about what they wanted just like what Malia did.

Veruska spoke with Jake. At the gorge, some ladies went to snap pictures in the area. Miyo heard their voices but couldn’t shout since he was weak. Tristan began searching around and met Baristo to inform him what the officer said. Baristo called Gael to inform him that the act was not done by vampires. Tristan saw the girls who were snapping pictures and asked about his friend. They said they did not see any one who fit the description. Tristan stumbled on the dog which had been helping Miyo but he did not understand the dog and the information it was sending across.

At Youtopia, Bill Mejia arrived and was so happy that Gilbert had managed to bring Jacintha Magsaysay to Philippines. He was stunned to hear multiple questions which Gilbert was shooting him with. Bill Mejia took a seat and explained that Jacintha was his former student and after school he did not see her for a while till they crossed paths again and he hired her. Her first assignment was the Indonesian President which she delivered a good job.

Ningning also informed Gilbert about the province which Jacintha was born which is Negro but her parents were in Manila currently. Meanwhile, Jacintha arrived in the location which she would be staying. As part of his investigation to find out who Jacintha actually was, Supremo assigned one of his minions to follow her.

Jacintha met her maid, Jasmin who said she was supposed to come the previous night but was scared to be alone in the house, the reason she came on that day to put things in order at the place. Jacintha later told her that she was about to work and she worked much better in silence.

Elsewhere, Tristan told the officer that he believed Senator Paglinauan was behind the explosion since Miyo gathered evidence against the senator after that the police came to arrest his friend. The police said the senator was a powerful person and did not understand why Tristan was dragging the senator’s name into that.

Tristan insisted so the police promised to delve deeper into the issue. Soon, Bill visited Jacintha and was glad to see her but said she had changed. Jacintha asked whether she looked tired. Bill said back in Negro she was a shy student now she was more confident. Bill had no doubt that Jacintha would win for Gilbert.

In Youtopia, Gilbert queried Paglinauan whether he was working for his enemies that was the reason he recommended M&L campaign strategist to him. Paglinauan seemed lost so Gilbert said, Jacintha was no other than Lia. Senator Paglinauan doubted although he had not set eyes on Jacintha before.

He believed Lia would not hide all those years while she was desperate for revenge. She could have k!lled Supremo very long time and wouldn’t wait till now. Supremo got upset and with his power he strangled the senator for saying Lia would have attacked him. Paglinauan said if he believed Jacintha was Lia then he had the power, he could k!ll her. Gilbert said since Lia was playing games, he would play along and wipe out her race.

Jacintha started to work on Gilbert’s campaign. She watched videos about his heroic act and Jasmin spied on what Jacintha was watching. Jacintha realising that so she went to ask Jasmin about Gilbert and she said she only saw Gilbert on television saving people and doing charitable acts, he was rich and owned some businesses. Jasmin then said since Gilbert was Jacintha’s client she was supposed to know him better.

In the night, Miyo was able to move his fingers but was so weak to stand. The next day, the dog rushed to the gorge to check on Miyo. He kept wiping him off and lick the blood on him. Miyo caressed the dog.

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