The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 52

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 52 Jacintha k!lls Barang, Prof T proves effectiveness of his serum after Betty is bitten

Malia in anguish hits a punching bag to vents out her anger. Jake knew she was behaving that way due to Jacintha. Malia said Gael might be right that Supremo was playing a prank on them using Jacintha so she would remain focus to fight to the core.

Elsewhere, Barang bit and cast Samantha out as the latter was denigrating into ashes, she was also blown away. Jake told Malia that no mother would cast her daughter aside especially when her daughter was a warrior and Lord Sentinel so he believed Jacintha could be Supremo’s trick to fish out the LLU.

He termed her as a strong person who had been able to deal with the pain and misery that the death of her parents had brought unlike him who he was still mourning for his mother, Veruska. He took consolation in the fact that his parent wouldn’t want him to stop the fight, hence would continue the fight till the end.

Malia saw what Jake said as right and both vowed to make the death of their parents their greatest weapon which they would use to continue to fight and win. In Pulang Lupa, Tristan told Adee about his doubt about Greta and reminded the group to stay alert since they were already warned that people closer to them would be converted and was certain that Greta was now a vampire due to how quick her wounds had healed from the explosion.

Greta who overheard them startled Tristan when he told his comrades to take their positions. Greta told Tristan that Miyo was still alive but Tristan termed what she thought as hallucination as he himself saw the blood and the torn dresses of Miyo while the police declared him dead.

Barang chanted for the chains to brake and tried to run. Samantha woke up to find herself in a certain place and fled to go to where Barang was before she escaped. Unfortunately for Barang, the lady in red bumped into her and she thought it was Samantha who to her was faster than she thought. However, she was shocked to see her face as Jacintha.

“I told Samantha to k!ll you but I can see she couldn’t.”

Barang retorted that no one could stop her from revealing to Supremo who the chosen one was.

“That is if you’re able to slip from my hands.”

Jacintha whirl around the ceiling and Barang was left standing, didn’t know what to do. Jacintha k!lled her using her claws.

“You are not Lia,” Barang screamed before denigrating.

Samantha came to meet the deceptive seer turning into ashes. Jacintha told Samantha that she realised she couldn’t k!ll Barang and told her to do something about her emotions as it could get her into trouble.

As the minions made it a mission to carry out the conversion task, Greta could not be found. Tristan and his comrades who were tailing Greta was able to confirm that Greta was now a vampire so they went to the house of Madame Star to find the current location of Berto to help him before Greta hurt him.

Star closed her door on Tristan after the boy pleaded asking for her help, she opened the door and chanted. She could not find Berto’s location but said the answer was outside. They opened the door and found Kuto who in a bus told them where Greta has rented for the family. Kuto wondered how Greta had become rich all of a sudden. He also told Tristan that Berto could not bear the pain of losing almost everyone so he resolved to drinking.

Elsewhere, Greta went to a hospital to watch some babies and wept. She swore to make Miyo pay. Tristan gave money to Kuto and alighted with the rest of his comrades and met Greta. Tristan tried talking to her that he knew what she was going through and could become good if she was at the right side but Greta got upset and screeched.

The Moonchasers engaged her in a fight. Tristan couldn’t k!ll her since he knew her as a good person who could side with Toni’s group. Adee told Tristan that he should not use emotions, he should have k!lled her since Greta was full of anguish. Greta went to the lair and pleaded with Supremo telling him that she could not beat Tristan and his group since she was a weak vampire and desired to be powerful like him.

She asked him to help her to become so powerful like him. Supremo indicated that among his followers she was the only person who has made that request. He cut his hand and gave his blood for her to sip, adding that if she wanted to be powerful, she had to drink more blood and make evil overtake her heart. Greta told Supremo that she wanted to be powerful and take Miyo on but Supremo said Miyo was dead. Greta said Miyo was alive and was even a she and not a boy.

Samantha looked at the pictures of of Magnus and Barang and cried for lossing them.

“I used to believe the absence of emotions makes Vampires stronger than the other beings but where are all these emotions coming from?”

“My heart is already dead and my soul is far gone,” she wept bitterly.

“I am experiencing the heart to live again.”

“I am experiencing emotions.” Samantha k!ssed the pictures and she said bye to Barang, a mother figure to her.

At the LLU, Baristo arrived home to hug Malia and told her that he came the moment he heard about Jacintha. He told Malia that when he was leaving with her, the lives in her parents were seeping out, however, Lia was not an ordinary person so it was possible that she could return. Malia wondered why she denied being her mother and Baristo said she could be planning something against Supremo and did not want them to be involved.

The vampires arrived at the Pulang Lupa at the blind sight of the of the indigenes. Doc got the morale and barged into the room of Betty to once again proposed to her. He knelt and opened the ring, before she could give the answer, the vampires surrounded and held Doc while one bit Betty. However, the vampire screamed that the woman’s blood was bitter and tried to vomit it out.

Tristan and his comrades got there and the vampires escaped. The one who bit Betty was still experiencing body pains. Tristan sent Betty to the Moonchasers hospital and Prof T assured him that Betty was alright as the venom from the bite couldn’t do her anything since by the taste of Betty’s blood, the vampire could not continue to suck. He said he was still testing whether there would be any consequences.

Betty told Tristan that she was fine, however, her worry was the family as they were attacked in their own house. Malia found a way for the LLU to find if Jacintha was her mother Lia. She brought Ningning who told them about the parent of Jacintha and all her background. Jethro found a way out so they went to ask Samantha and did not tell them the truth.

The LLU went to the house of Jacintha and she realised it. Baristo said the Lia he knew would not hurt them so they would determine that based on how she would react to them.

Jacintha descended down with a gun. Jethro knelt before her and the rest also knelt but Baristo told them to rise up, asking what if she was not the chosen she wolf. Jacintha denied being Lia and scared them with her gun, asking them to leave.

“If you come close, I won’t hesitate to pull the trigger.”

“Come on now leave my house,” she shouted and the LLU watched her in astonishment as they took steps to leave.


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