The Law of Revenge Episode 26

The Law of Revenge Episode 26 Ellice tries over 17years to fix her broken marriage, Jake takes a fall for Hope

17 years after the horrible incident in Marissa’s life, Hope had become a teen and met quite a handsome young man in a stationery store. Both saw a book that they had interest in and fought over the book. Hope wanted to play the first come, first serve game but Jake was not in for such games. He was able to get the book after Hope lost the bet placed on it.

The mama’s girl got home and complained about her inability to acquire the book she wanted, however Ellice promised to get her a copy and left to get her a dinner.

Lucing visited Ellice and they were all eating when Gabriel arrived. He was asked to join the table but he didn’t, claiming he was already satisfied and left, leaving the family surprised that he still kept his distance after so many years Marissa got missing.

Ellice was trying to stay strong for Hope but was confronted by her memories on how her deeds made her lose her husband. A year after the incident with marissa she approached her estranged husband several times to beg for his forgiveness. One day the sickness of Hope sent Gabriel to Ceñidoza mansion and Ellice used the moment to plead with Gabriel.

Ellice blamed her actions for the mishappening in her marriage, admitting to Gabriel that she was the reason Gabriel fell in l0ve with Marissa and requested for one last chance to give Hope a complete family.

Although Gabriel wanted them to stay apart and continue being parent for their daughter but the plea of Ellice for them not to make their daughter grow from a broken home made him rescind on his decision.

In his abode, Gabriel took his lucky charm locket to think on the reason Marissa suddenly disappeared while they had lots of plans together to even get married. At Ceñidoza, Ellice arrived and the workers welcomed her. Elsewhere in college, Hope and Charlie came across Alfred bullying RJ and went to the latter’s defence since the family of RJ was her family friend.

At Ceñidoza Pearls, Caesar who has been blackmailing Ellice for the 17years to push her money into his illegal business approached her to seek her permission to make some money afloat.

Lucing visited a church weeping about her inability to hear from her daughter after she went missing for about a decade and prayed that she would return with her grandson Jacob for them to live happily again. In his bedroom, Jake spoke with an unknown person on phone and the person promised to return for them to be reunited soon while urging Jake to take his lessons seriously.

Soon, Jake arrived in class to see a question being thrown at Hope. As the girl was finding it hard to answer Jake answered and the tutor pardoned his lateness since he gave a right answer to the question. Being a boy with good physique, the girls crushed on him. The class was getting disorganised since Hope and Jake got into a banter. Jake recognised Hope as the girl he met at the book shop and knew it was a personal feud since he got the book.

At the Villarosa construction, Carmelita visited Gabriel and pleaded on behalf of Ellice. She advised Gabriel to get over the past 17 years pains and start afresh with Ellice. She wondered the exact sin Ellice committed that all her efforts including her recent tweet did not move Gabriel to settle the issue with her.

Gabriel wanted the issue of his wife to stay between his wife and him and did not want his mother to meddle. Sonya who was eavesdropping retorted that Gabriel was right and termed Ellice as an attention seeker since her insecurity has ruined her marriage, knowing very well that Marissa was a better match for Gabriel rather than her.

Carmelita indicated that no mistress was better than a legal wife, so Gabriel stepped in to stop the two as he urged his mother to visit the house if she wanted to see Ellice and Hope. Christina and Helena visited Ellice at Ceñidoza Pearls to enquire from her the reason behind the tweet. The desperate Ellice revealed that it was her way of expressing her feelings to her estranged husband without her sensitive daughter realising it.

Seeing their sister in-laws frustration, Helena and Christina offered to help her gain her husband back. Helena planned to use Enzo’s absence to get close to Gabriel to persuade him into accepting Ellice again. At the college, Hope stumbled on a post on social media about Jake and she gossiped to Charlie that she did not trust guys with handsome face like Jake.

At Villarosa construction, Sonya informed Gabriel about a construction project they had gained from an Indonesian based jewellery shop which as part of their expansion project opening a brunch in the Philippines.

The fashion business owner was willing to pay twice the amount of their charge for the construction. Gabriel was dumbfounded and asked the name of the fashion business which he was told “La Sierra.” Elsewhere, Jake and Hope began their Tom and Jerry play at the school library as they fought over a book and scattered all the books while tearing the book they fought over. The Librarian scolded them and reported them to the Dean for vandalising school property.

Jake accepted his fault and apologised for it. Charlie was grateful that Jake took the fall for Hope and believed they misjudged the handsome guy but hope believed he was up to something. As she was thinking about the earlier incident in school, Lucing appeared and she told Lucing about Jake. In the house , Gabriel still kept his distance from Ellice.

Soon at the office, Ellice received a gift from her criminal counterpart Caesar who has managed to make the Ceñidoza boss swerved an arrest for the money laundering he and Ellice were using the company to engage in. Caesar made Ellice aware that he had overthrown his former leader and planned to start a new one at Ceñidoza.

Ellice refused but he resolved to blackmail using all her past crimes and threatened that there would be consequences if she refused. He saw Ellice watching a necklace from la Sierra so Caesar anxiously asked if that was Ceñidoza’s competitor and she said her company was far beyond competition, this got Caesar relieved.

The Next day, after Ellice found out from Lucing that Gabriel had left without sending his lunch, she went to the office to discover from Gabriel’s fridge that all the food she had
been given him were inside the fridge and some had spoilt. Ellice queried him on the reason he had not been eating the lunch and he said most times he was at the site and Ellice felt offended that Gabriel had not been respecting her as wife.

She told him he should have informed her to stop preparing the food but Gabriel said he did not force her to do it. Ellice now believed it was impossible to fix her broken marriage and left in fury. She stormed her office and crumbled the lunch bag. Pinky got in to inform her about the presence of a publicist who in a meeting told her about a fine Pearls collection made by La Sierra and asked Ellice if it was her competitor but she was upset and angrily told them to carry on their presentation than to talk about competition.

At the dining table, Ellice was still absent minded so Hope and Lucing asked if she is okay and she said she is just tired from work. She then asked Hope about the guy bothering her at school and Hope said it was like his existence was to annoy her making Lucing and Ellice eye each other. Ellice believed the guy had a crush on her. As they were talking about Jake, Gabriel arrived home to join them for the first time for dinner but Ellice left the table making her daughter sad.


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