The blood moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 54

The blood moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 54 Sandrino k!lls Samantha to avenge Barang’s death, Lady in red fetches for the ancient book of spell

Sandrino still thought about Barang. He recalled a woman by name Rica who was pregnant and trapped in a house which was gutted by fire. He tried to fight off the Luna Soldier, Tonio to save Rica but the Luna stabbed him and Barang had to leave Rica to save Sandrino.

As Tonio carried Rica away, Barang cast a spell to evoke the cursed ink protection on Sandrino in an exchanged for her guardian ability to wake Sandrino up. She then bit him and he woke up as a vampire. Sandrino after taking trip down the memory lane looked so down.

Tristan came out from the washroom and Toni asked if he was okay. He said he was fine and not feeling sick. Toni told him that she has resigned from the Moonchasers and since he had told her that he wanted to be part of her group he could join her group. She explained to Tristan that her group needed her now than the Moonchasers that was why she and Jake were sacrificing their membership as Moonchasers.

Toni gave him a chance to think about it. At Youtopia, Jacintha went to invite Gilbert out for lunch but he refused and Jacintha stepped out to talk to a certain man outside concerning the campaign. Gilbert saw her with the guy and this was the second time so he got jealous. Jacintha received a text from Samantha telling her that they needed to talk urgently.

She met Samantha and was told that Malia resigned from the Moonchasers to embark on LLU mission. The two planned to work fast to help Malia. Samantha gave her the black stone to look into it to see the next plan of Supremo since Jacintha was a person who always gains the gifts of those she k!lls.

Jacintha could only use her powers once so she found it hard to do it. She told Samantha that Barang lost her guardianship gift but Samantha believed since Barang used to be a guardian she might have something that Jacintha could tap into it so Samantha urged her on. Jacintha looked through the stone and saw the last thing which Barang did before losing her guardian ability.

She saw Barang in the woods and an old man gave her an ancient book of spell which she used to evoke the cursed ink spell on Sandrino to make him so powerful. Jacintha told Samantha about it and believed that the book would contain the antidote to bring Sandrino down to finally k!ll him.

Samantha volunteered to go and fetch for the book but Jacintha said she would go since the location would be well identified by her and told Samantha to stay behind and look into the affairs of the Moonchasers. Tristan told his friends that Toni and Jake were leaving the Moonchasers and Toni wanted him to join her group but his friends were like his family so he could not go and leave them.

Jake queried Malia whether she was sure about her decision of making Tristan join the LLU and she said Tristan was part of the prophecy so there was a need for that. Tristan returned to tell her that just like her she also had an obligation with the Moonchasers and would not leave his friends behind but they would continue to be partners since they were up against one enemy so they would mostly meet in some missions.

Later, Jacintha went to inform Gilbert that there was an emergency in Indonesia so she would take some days off to settle the issue in Indonesia and return later. Gilbert granted her will. Erin put a tracker on Jacintha’s car and went to the LLU to inform Malia. They spotted the tracker and Malia together with Erin went to the parking lot to find if Jacintha would fight them to see whether she was a mere mortal or possessed powers.

Jacintha came to the parking lot but had seen the third parties already. She pretended and went to her car, Erin took her purse and when she tried resisting, he hit her stomach. Some men were coming but decided to leave. However,Jacintha hypnotised them and then screamed for their help which made Erin who was in a mask and Malia fled.

In the lair, Supremo told his minions that Jacintha was leaving for Indonesia and James asked if he could tail her. Supremo declined, he believed Jacintha rather needed days off to appear as the lady in red, something he was waiting for to k!ll her. Greta asked why he had not k!ll her long time ago.

Malia told the LLU that they carried their plans on Jacintha but she never manifested any power and promised not to stop till she discovered if she was not an enemy. That night, the minions began their chaos: k!lling people with Greta leading the sucking spree. Tristan spoke on phone with Toni and asked if she was still awoke. He also asked about the development on her mother.

Toni said Jacintha was not a vampire but she would still not back down till she found out whether Supremo was using her to ensnare her or not. Tristan was puzzled that Toni would lose her mother but would return and be by the enemy’s side. The next day, Tristan drove his jeepney to meet Toni to take her on a ride for them to sit out and eat. However, their respective phones rang at the same time.

They received their calls respectively and Baristo told Malia she was needed at the camp immediately while Tristan was told by Prof T that he was also needed at the headquarters right that instance. Both had no option than to part ways. Malia went to the camp to find the LLU watching the news. In the news, about 50 bodies were found dead in a night attack by an unknown person. Dolls in red cloak were left at the various places which the crime took place.

The Moonchasers and their headmaster who watched the news wondered what that doll in red cloak meant. Prof T told the Moonchasers not to worry since he knew Supremo was behind the crime and pledged to find the meaning of the doll in red cloak. He charged his team to continue giving the serum to the target for the next day event organised by Supremo.

Theodore called Samantha to inform her about the news and asked about the doll in red cloak but Samantha told him not to worry she would solve the issue. Meanwhile, Malia told the LLU that now they had gotten an ally since the lady in red was the one Supremo was sending the message to. She doubted the lady in red was Samantha as she believed Supremo wouldn’t search for his sister and was sure the lady in red was a different person and she was also the one who helped them to save Catleya.

Malia indicated that now their mission was to help the ordinary people. Jake innovated a gun lighter which had in it a silver net which they could use to catch the vampires as Malia did not want them to be k!lling the vampires but to capture them and to make the blood sucking creatures side with them. Vergel tried the gun and it worked pretty well, making Malia happy with what Jake did.

Elsewhere, Jacintha arrived in the mystical forest and found the bird with breathing chest which she saw in her vision. She knew she was at the right path and followed the clues she had in her vision. Tristan and Toni met again and they finally had a date together to make up for the lost time. As they ate, Tristan told Toni about the Moonchasers mission and she also told him about the LLU mission.

Tristan told Toni about his mysterious dreams at the moment Prof T said his heart stopped beating. He said he saw a woman trapped in a fire and there were other voices.

That night, the minions carried out their task and the lady in red caught them. She followed them, unfortunately, James saw her following his fellows and he called Supremo to inform him. As the lady in red was fighting the rebel vampires, Supremo appeared like a whirlwind and fought the lady in red. He used his alter ego to defeat the lady in red as he hit her chest, making her fell on her face.

Sandrino turned her and took off her facial cover. To his dismay, he discovered that the person was no other than his sister.

“Samantha, Samantha!” Sandrino cried.

“Why didn’t you say a thing.”

“Please forgive me Samantha.”

“You have my forgiveness Sandrino, My dear brother!

“I l0ve you very much!”

“I am still happy to see that you can still change!” Samantha cried as she said her final words to her brother making her heart beats again due to the intense emotions she exhibited.

“I can feel your heart beating again my dearest sister.”

“I deliberately made it, so your heart beat once more my dearest sister.”

“That way, you will never be resurrected again.”

He thrusted his hand through her chest and Samantha panted so hard before her death.

“You’re a traitor to us all!”

“You’re a traitor to our father!”

“You’re a traitor to Barang.”

“You’re also a traitor to me!”

Sandrino’s minions arrived and Greta wondered why Samantha did not turn into ashes. They wanted to carry her but Supremo stopped them as he said he would do it.

Jacintha found the enchanted tree. She stood there thinking on means to find the ancient spell book, the old man appeared. She told the old man that she needed the ancient spell book and the man asked what she intended doing with it.

“To defeat the man who is parading himself to be the king of the vampires,” Lady in Red said.

“And who told you, you can defeat him that easily.”

“That’s why I am here to fetch for the book to know how to defeat him.”

The old man told her that he would lend it to her but would only have an ability to look through it just once. He made the Lady in Red touched the enchanted tree and she cut her palm due to the rough edges. She began bleeding and realised her powers was not functioning at the place so she bandaged her hand to stop the blood.

In the lair, Sandrina brought the phone of Samantha to Supremo and told him that she could not access the phone even the finger print of Samantha could not access it. Supremo told his girlfriend not to worry as the first person who would call the number would be the first to hear about the news.

Shortly after Theodore called and was shocked to hear Supremo’s voice. Theodore began to shake as he told Supremo that he would not be able to defeat Samantha. Supremo laughed and said he would soon find out the powerful person among him and Samantha. He hang up on Theodore and Prof T was still shaking as he prayed for Samantha to stay alive.

Elsewhere, Malia led the LLU to meet the parent of Jacintha. The mother of Jacintha said her daughter changed after she returned from Indonesia and the last time she saw her was when she returned. She showed the pictures of Jacintha to Malia and Malia asked again whether she was sure something has changed in her daughter.

“She is not our daughter at all,” the woman said getting Malia so confused.


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