The Law Of Revenge Episode 27

The Law Of Revenge Episode 27 Gabriel eats Ellice’s food after Lucing’s plea, Jake and Hope bond while trapped in a library

In Zulyani’s apartment, Jake prepared food and invited friends to eat along with him while in the Ceñidoza mansion, Hope went to Ellice’s room to query her about her relationship with her father. As Ellice claimed things were moving smoothly, Hope knew her mother was telling her lies to cover up for Gabriel’s intolerable act and slept next to her.

Elsewhere, Lucing went to Villarosa Construction to plead with Gabriel to fight his feelings to forgive Ellice in order to make Hope happy. Lucing said Hope was growing up and knew everything that was going on between her parent. She said if Gabriel failed to forgive Ellice, he would lose her too. He returned home to find his estranged wife and daughter sleeping.

The next day, Gabriel decided to alight Hope at school but she refused saying she had ordered for a ride and she queried her father whether he l0ved her mom and he said yes but wondered why Hope asked that question. In school, a fight broke after Jake rebuked RJ for making others write his homework for him. His mates took videos and were crushing on Jake.

As Hope found the act of Jake as attention seeking, Charlie realised she was interested in the young guy. Saving him from bully, Alfred thanked Jake and the former told Jake to ask him for anything and even offered to hook him up with Hope if he joined the Business Students group which Hope was the President.

Meanwhile at Ceñidoza Pearls, they held a meeting to implement new designs to make their market outstanding. However, all the designing ideas of Ellice was rejected since their competitor “La Sierra” has already bombarded the market with such designs, much to the surprise of Ellice.

Soon, a call came through at the office and warning was issued to Ceñidoza CEO to stay alert as her time was running out. Due to Sonya’s character, many workers of Villarosa Construction were laid off which had implications on the construction project that the company was embarking on. Gabriel promised to fix the problem for the project to carry on successfully so he went to talk to Sonya to hire the workers back to meet the Construction deadline.

Sonya did not want to but Gabriel reminded her that they needed man power to complete the job, hence she had to be reasonable to reinstate the workers to ease the job of the supervisor. Later, Ellice packed the lunch of Gabriel and asked him to give it to someone if he would not eat it. She vowed to continue preparing food for him, even for 18years, she would never give up.

Being the head of the Business Student school league, Hope threatened to make Jake suffer after finding his name among the list. She met the aspiring team members and gave them a task to accomplish. As part of the task, the members were blindfolded and Hope heaped a mud in front of Jake to make him hurt himself to satisfy herself. However, Charlie was not happy with her friend’s action while Jake played along.

At Ceñidoza Pearls, Ellice lost an investor to La Sierra and in fury, she said it was the investor’s lost not her. She knew La Sierra had become a real threat to her business.

Hope wanted to evict Jake but he followed the instructions and beat Hope to her game to get his name on the list, making the mama’s girl frustrated. He queried the girl of her problem and asked if it was because of the book that he got. Hope admitted and Jake knelt before her to ask her to be his friend. After Gabriel for the first time in 17 years complemented her food, Ellice seemed so lively the next day and told Lucing about it.

At the college, Hope and Charlie were shocked to see that Jake was paired with Hope for their project. Jake appeared and told Hope that they would be together the entire semester. It turned out that Jake had gone to plead with the lecturer not to pair him with Hope but the lecturer rather paired them to enable Hope to pressure him to study.

Gabriel went to work with a lunch prepared by his wife. He thought about the time Ellice came to meet the lunch box packed in the fridge and got upset, also Hope’s question to him whether he still had feelings for Ellice. After the memories he ate the food. Fast forward, Lucing packed food for Hope and she told Lucing that she would be late home since she had research to do.

In school, Jake startled Hope and the latter reminded him of their research at the library and also gave him a book to read. She also told him that the semester would be his worst semester as a transfer student.

At the Villarosa construction, Gabriel got a magazine that contained La Sierra designs and recalled the pendant which a girl who saved him gave to him during their childhood. While studying in the library, Jake and Hope were the last to have been left. Hope went to use the washroom and Jake took a nap.

The librarian who thought no one was there locked them up and switched off the light. Soon, Jake heard the voice of Hope who was screaming and suffocating. He tried helping her and she requested for her inhaler. Jake got the inhaler from her bag but couldn’t pass it through the space beneath the door. As all options failed, Jake broke the door and gave her the inhaler.

Meanwhile, Ellice had also reached home and was worried about her daughter. Lucing tried to calm her, saying Hope told her that she would be a bit late as she had an assignment and research to do. Time was far gone and Hope has still not returned. Ellice called RJ to ask of her daughter and he said she was in the company of a womaniser who had bad reputation in school.

This got Ellice scared as she asked whether the guy was the same boy that Hope has been saying he was bothering her and RJ said yes. In the library, Jake called for help but to no avail. The unfortunate thing was both Hope and Jake’s battery were dead so Jake couldn’t call the Villarosas to tell them about Hope’s current condition. Hope assured that she was fine and even did not want her parent to get worried.

Since all efforts to open the door proved futile, the two layed in eachother’s arms to take comfort as RJ told Ellice to call the school authority to report Jake.


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