The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 58

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 58 Lady in Red gains the Ancient Book of Cursed Spells to counter Supremo’s protection, Malia captures Greta

In the lair, Tristan failed to reveal the location of the new chosen one to Supremo even when the vampire king tried using his hypnotic control on the warrior. Supremo made two of his minions send Tristan to join his companions in another cell, in hopes of getting to know the truth out of their conversation.

Outside the SMV, Erin spied for anything suspicious, yet he couldn’t see any and informed Lord Sentinel who was in a van together with other LLU members. Malia charged them to keep watch, most especially Erin since he was human.

In the woods, the Lady in Red saw young Sandrino again. The lad was so happy that she did not abandoned him. When he ran to her, she almost k!lled him as she recalled what Supremo did to Samantha but the lad hugged her and she had pity on him. She then sent the boy to the sage’s cottage.

The old man said she failed the test by not k!lling the boy.

“Had I chosen to act based on my initial impulse, then may be I will k!ll this boy but that ain’t my true victory. I’m I right?”

“It isn’t right for me to exact my revenge on this child. He isn’t my enemy.”

“So if you consider it, give me the ancient book of Cursed Spells with enlightened mind and selfless motive.”

“It will greatly help to stop the enemy once and for all.”

“I am imploring you!” the Lady in Red wept.

She woke up to find herself next to the enchanted tree and wondered where the sage and the lad went to. She also realised the book was not with her and wondered where it was. Her palm touched the enchanted tree and it bled, she then saw the book and she took it.

“The path you are taking is a dark one,” Lady in Red recalled the words of the sage as she picked the book.

“Let your heart serve as a beacon as you go through it because that book will be meaningful in the hands of the righteous man but destructive if it falls in the hands of the evil.”

In the lair, Supremo gave the rules for his games and asked the captives who among them wanted to d!e but none talked. He used his powers to strangle Hanno and Tristan dared him, calling him a coward. He said Supremo was scared to lose to him.

“In issuing this challenge to me Tristan,

You must as well put one of your feet in the grave” Supremo accepted.

The gate opened and Tristan fought with Supremo but could not match to his power. With a magical force, Tristan was pushed back into the cell and with same magical force Supremo k!lled Vincent, one of the Moonchasers.

“I gave you an opportunity to fight you failed so I cut down your number,” Supremo said and threaten to k!ll them one after the other.

This got Aife worried since she did not want to end up like Vincent. Tristan charged them not to give in to Supremo’s demands. Though Supremo had planned to make Tristan betray his allies but Tristan knew what he wanted and was willing to give the vampire king tough time. He told his comrades that he believed help was coming, however, they must also seek means to save themselves.

At the LLU, Malia strongly believed Tristan was still alive otherwise Jethro’s prophecy would be altered and since the seer had no new vision yet, she believed he was still breathing.

Prof T broke down into tears when he recalled the tragic incident that had happened to the Moonchasers. He cried out to Samantha that it was through her word that was why he accepted to lead the Moonchasers since Samantha promised to guide and provide an insight which the Moonchasers would work upon to counter Supremo’s terror.

“But now that you have gone, many of these kids have d!ed because I have no idea about the moves these vampires are going to make.”

“I need need you the most now Samantha.”

“Why did you leave me?”

“You did not keep your word!”

“You and I had an agreement, come back to us Samantha, ” Prof T cried.

The siblings of the Moonchasers who were turned into vampires and working at the camp of the LLU were ready to help Malia in the rescue mission. However, Erin doubted they would act right since the LLU was not the one which trained them like Lemuel. Malia believed they would not betray them as they knew right from wrong.

They also had an advantage since they were converted by Supremo. The vampire king would not suspect a mole among his minions. In the woods as the lady in red was walking her way out, she opened the book and realised it was written in the old language of mystics and had to find someone who knew how to read it. She held aback as she knew given to the man she was thinking he knew how to read would make her reveal her true identity.

Prof T met with Betty that evening to inform her what had happened to Tristan but promised that plans were under way to rescue them. Betty tried to hide her tears from Apple as the girl asked of her brother and the aunt told her lies that Tristan was sent to the province for an important work. Meanwhile, Tristan kept thinking about his family and wept in the cell.

Malia struggled about her inability to bring an end to Supremo’s terror so she went to stand on a tall building to force her power to manifest.

“Your power has to manifest now Malia.”

“You have to put an end to Supremo.”

“Come out already! Come out right now! !

“Malia…. Noooo” Baristo arrived on top of the building to stop her but she fell off the building.

At the Moonchasers headquarters, Prof T challenged his members to let the d£ath of their comrades wields them to fight forward and should not allow their sacrifices be in vain. He said although they encountered tragedy during their mission, Supremo’s plot also did not hold which made their mission a success.

Malia said sorry to Baristo as she did that to force her power out. She lamented that being the lord Sentinel was an honour yet it felt so hard since the people she had to save were fallen one after the other. Besides she could not keep a blind eye to Vergel suggestions. Saving the Moonchasers from the lair meant that sacrificing some of the LLU members, something very difficult for her to do.

Malia believed her emotions was getting out of the way as first, she felt in her heart that Jacintha was her mother and now she felt to rescue Tristan. Baristo urged her to do it and they would also rally round her since being the Lord Sentinel did not only centred on listening to the people but listening to what the heart would also say.

In the lair, Supremo smites one of the Moonchasers as he kept torturing them especially Hanno and warned them to spill out the truth. The captives were sent back into the cell. Hanno used the moment to inspire his friends. He told them the story of his father when they heard someone like a thief. Being a lad his father made his mother hid along with him but his father was k!lled by the vampire thief.

From then, he vowed to fight for his race. Tristan was glad by his words of encouragement. The rebel vampires came for Hanno and Supremo said he would leave him to go home since he had failed to tell him the location of the professor. Hanno called him a monster and told him he could k!ll him but Supremo claimed he was not heartless.

Meanwhile, Erin stumbled on Greta coming from the SMV Corp and called Malia to inform her. Unknown to him, Greta already knew he was following her. She believed Erin would lead her to the new chosen one. Malia went to see Greta in a restaurant and they talked. Malia wanted her to give her an update on Tristan but Greta said she should follow her to find that out.

“Our entire relationship is built on a foundation of lies and pretence so it is not strange for me to think that you don’t trust me.”

“But because you showed up here despite the risk involved. It is safe for me to assume I am your only hope.”

“But if you will rather not go with me then you know your way out.”

Malia accepted to follow her. Greta thought she had worn against her as she was sending Malia to Supremo but her plans were crumbled since Malia led the LLU to trap Greta and held her as captive. Elsewhere, Jacintha tried checking up the footage to see what had happened to Samantha. She then received messages from Samantha that Supremo was suspecting that Jacintha was the Lady in Red.

She called Samantha’s line and Supremo picked it. Supremo threatened to k!ll the person just like he did with Samantha. Jacintha who did not say a word sobbed for the lost of her friend. Hanno left the lair with a message for Prof T in an exchange for the lives of the captives. However, Hanno had already spotted the minions which Supremo secretly sent after him.

He saw Alvin who was around the SMV together with Erin. Alvin wanted to get close to Hanno but the boy signalled him not to get close so Alvin stayed put and saw Hanno being followed by two vampires.

“Once I’m done with Supremo’s orders, I’m dead. I can’t let that happen.”

“I need to escape from these vampires.”

Elsewhere, Betty beseeched Madam Starr for an insight on her nephew. Tristan could not stand to see Supremo k!lling them one after the other and decided to negotiate with him. However, Supremo declined the offer and referred to Tristan as maggot. Tristan also cursed him and was sent back to the cell.

Greta called Miyo a liar and unreliable since for the second time she has betrayed her. Malia said sorry to her as she did that for her own good. Greta disrespected her once upon a time brother and Erin warned her not to talk to the lord Sentinel like that. Greta now realised she was the chosen one, the famous Malia destined to k!ll Supremo and queried her about the power that she possesses to do that.

“I don’t need a supernatural power to bring down Supremo I will bring an end to his evil reign.”

For the last time she asked about Tristan and Greta teased her that no one goes to Supremo’s lair and comes out alive. Malia went out to pray not to the stars but to the moon of the horizon to keep Tristan safe.


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