The law Of Revenge Episode 44

The law Of Revenge Episode 44 Jake is restrained from getting closer to Hope, The Pinedas demand court to invalidate Ellice as the sole owner of Ceñidoza Pearls

Jake brought Hope home and she was grateful to him. Belen asked Hope to go to her room just to be left alone with Jake to warn him from getting closer to her granddaughter. As Avel and Lucing were in the house cleaning plates, a bang came on the door and Avel went to open. Ellice entered and warned Marissa about using her son to take revenge on her. She threatened to take Jake on should anything bad happened to her daughter.

Marissa was perplexed and she knew Ellice was picking on her son since she could not win against her. Gabriel appeared in the scene to inform Ellice that Hope was already in the house and Jake’s car broke down.

“Didn’t I tell you not to leave my daughter in the hands of that boy?” Ellice fumed.

“I don’t trust him!”

“Ellice let’s get home don’t cause a scene here!” Gabriel said as his wife looked embarrassed.

As they reached their house, Ellice said she did not want her daughter to have anything doing with Gabriel’s bastard son but if he wanted to see his son he could go without sending Hope along. Gabriel objected and said he equally had a say and both were his children, therefore, he would not allow Ellice to dictate how he would raise his kids.

Ellice and Gabriel went to Hope’s room to find out that her fever had run high and Ellice blamed Hope for not listening to him. As Jake arrived the Zulyani’s mansion, Lucing told him she would deliver something to Hope through him. Marisa then introduced him to Avel as her bodyguard.

That night, Avel had a terrible nightmare about his parents. He saw how he and his parents went inside their car but someone’s car blocked his parents’ own and his parents told him to hide by going down inside the car when they saw an armed man approaching. The armed man shot both his father and mother.

Lucing who witnessed him shivering from his nightmare, served him with a milk and asked about his nightmare. Avel opened up to her, adding that his parent d!ed when he was seven years old and he had struggled to cater for himself. The next day, Jake received a letter from the police as Ellice has filed a temporary restraining order against him from going closer to Hope for 30days. Marissa after reading the letter stormed Ellice’s office to warn her against dragging her son into their mess.

Marissa said if she had any problem of her son getting closer to Hope them she should rather talk with her husband. However, Ellice said she knew Marissa was using her son to get close to Gabriel so she would not allow her to destroy her family.

“You’re doing on your own!” Marissa retorted.

“Ellice you’re the one undermining your relationships with your dear husband and your daughter, you f00l!”

Marissa after dusting up with her rival went to La Sierra. As she was pacing back and forth, Avel searched inside his bag and gave her a book, The Art Of War for her to read. Marissa wondered what she would use the reading book for.

“You want to start a war with Ellice?” Avel rhetorically asked.

“May be you should learn how you actually do it.”

“You don’t know me Avel!” Marissa retorted.

“Well I don’t think I have to know you well…”

“You get too emotional, that is not good thing at all.”

“Start reading that,” Avel exited.

Meanwhile, Jake had told Hope what Ellice has done against him through a video chat. They planned to see themselves in school but they would not get closer to eachother. Hope wept that Ellice was dragging Jake into trouble. Gabriel had an issue with Ellice concerning the unreasonable action she took against Jake. Unknown to them, Belen was eavesdropping and was happy seeing the couple fighting.

Later, Marissa and Lucing went to see an attorney and the latter said the hand written letter was admissable in court. Soon, Ellice received court summons and Pinky who gave her the letter wondered what Marissa was up to.

“Whatever she is planning this time I will make sure to wipe the floor with her in the court room,” Ellice threatened.

She showed the summons to her mother and she believed Marissa had found a little weakness against them but she promised not to give up but would fight Marissa out. Belen who had been wondering the evidence the Pinedas had gained against them commended Ellice for her bravery to fight to maintain the ownership of Ceñidoza Pearls. Belen enlisted the help of Caesar in ensuring they won the case. Caesar then demanded to know the entire truth to help her.

The next day at the college, Jake delivered Lucing’s food to Hope through Charie and the siblings had a chat with Hope thanking Lucing for the food. After serving Avel and the jealous Blue, Lucing and Marissa went to the court as it was the day of the hearing. In court, Marissa and Lucing demanded the court to terminate and invalidate Ellice as the sole owner of Ceñidoza Pearls. Their first witness, Rina Fernandez was called into the witness box much to Ellice and Belen’s surprise.

Ms Fernandez testified that she witnessed her father, Ambo confessing to Lucing that Jorge who was his employer stole a shipment and compelled Nestor, his business partner to buy his shares in low value. The Pinedas lawyer presented a portion of the hand written letter which was printed out and Ms Fernandez read before the judge, Dominador Aguirre.

After her testimony, the lawyer told the court that Lucing gained the evidence of the said documents which had both Jorge and Nestor’s signatures as stated by Ambo but lost it and made Lucing go into the witness box to explain to the court how it went missing. Lucing narrated that after Ambo’s confession, he also showed him where she could find the documents that had the signature of her husband so she went to La Cascara for it.

Since the document was important to her, she attached it to her valuables. However, during the night while asleep, she woke up to see a third party holding the documents and she struggled with the person for the documents and the henchman hit her head with a gun, leading her to faint. She regained consciousness to find her companion, Blue shot by the henchman and he escaped with the documents bearing the agreement.

Lucing was asked how much she saw on the agreement that Jorge bought it and which year. Lucing answered that he bought it for 500 and in the year 1986. She then told the court the details of the handwritten letter, saying Jorge did that against her husband since he discovered that his wife Belen was in a relationship with Nestor and pointed Belen to the court. Ellice was extremely surprised and when they went home she queried Belen about the allegations.

Belen denied it and said Jorge was a good man and after Lucing tarnished Jorge’s name, she also tarnished her name. She told Ellice that it was a lie concocted by Lucing to destroy her reputation. She asked Ellice how on earth would Jorge even go for Lucing and her daughter and took care of them if Jorge had discovered she had an affair with Nestor.

“Don’t worry mom I believe you!”

“So chill let’s hope the courts final decision will be favourable to us,” The two then hugged.


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