The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 78

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 78 Tristan forms alliance with Prof T to evoke a great war, Supremo plans to steal the Ancient book of Cursed Spells to get into his powers

The Toralbas met their new servants and Collin was assigned to as Apple’s new body guard. Lucho laughed at Malia for claiming she encountered Tristan the other night. He told Malia that she was acting unconcerned about their plight.

Malia said she was much concerned and it was not that she was gallivanting around. President Osmundo went to visit his daughter at the hospital. His daughter’s days were numbered so he reached an agreement with Honourable Emperor Tristan to turn his daughter into a vampire since he did not want her to d!e.

Tristan saw no need for that since turning her into a vampire would make her lose connection with her l0ved ones. Osmundo insisted on it and even wanted himself to be turned into one as well. Tristan said he should carry on with the deal once he was done with his part, he would do his part as well.

Apple and the family sat for dinner and she asked the servants to join them. Collin wanted to sit next to her but she refused she claimed that the seat was for Tristan so the guy took the other seat. Unknown to her, Tristan who was around guarding them and said thank you to Apple for always having him in mind.

The vampires prepared a present for Supremo and left Emperor out so Supremo made them factor his brother. Since the Waya Corporation was hit by their schemes, Supremo told his brother that their reign would soon start and they would take dominance over everything.

“The power we are craving for now is within arms reach dear brother.”

Prof T experimented in his laboratory. Alvin came to inform him about the good news of a proposal of Prof T which was approved.

The Waya Corporation board held a meeting on their sewage system and other facilities that were hit. As the meeting was ongoing, Lemuel discovered the event which Osmundo was organising and they made plans to go. Malia spoke over on phone with Jake and said she would attend and it could be possible that she would meet Tristan or get the answers to her long time quest. She said Tristan was part of the success fight and could not forget him.

“Not being able to forget ain’t the same thing as letting your life being evolve around someone who ain’t there,” Jake said.

“Tristan is not the only person who l0ved you.”

“We are here for you.”

“Aren’t we enough?”

“Don’t we support you enough that you have to resurrect a dead person?”

Jake felt sad and told her that if she needed him he was at Waya Corp. Malia looked through the guest lists of the event, saying her action was not only provoked by Tristan but to know those backing Osmundo.

The event night was here and the Waya Corporation board members were not allowed in as their names were not part of the guest lists. Malia who went alone jump over the walls and went to change in the washroom. Unknown to her, a vampire who was behind the security cameras was watching her. She called Supremo to inform him about the present of the Lord Sentinel.

Supremo had to abort his mission of converting the mortals into a vampire in order not to set the La Liga Unida members mind on them. Someone’s phone fell and the person discovered a bomb and shouted that there was a bomb at the facility so there was a commotion at the event. Malia bent down to find out but someone carried and brought her out.

She told the person to wait but the person who was in a mask kept running and she ran after him. She engaged the person in a fight on top of a van and was about to fall so the Vampire in mask held her hand and she got electrocuted from the shock. Malia realised it was Tristan, a police siren was heard and Tristan fled. Malia held a meeting with the Waya Council and she told them that she managed to break into the venue and she knew how Supremo does his things.

She suspected mass convention of humans but a bomb was spotted.

“Someone did not want that event to push through because that move didn’t come from us.”

“What are you trying to point out Lord Sentinel?” Lucho asked.

Malia explained the shock she always had with that one person and Lemuel concluded it was Tristan. They made up their minds to exhume the body of Tristan to carry a DNA test and they did it. Tristan appeared to Prof T and the headmaster reached out for his weapon before realising his visitor.

“What happened to you?” Prof T asked.

“What keeps you so long to show up?”

“It seems Jacintha succeeded and she is able to stop the cursed ink for you to survive.”

“But she was not able to stop the evil,” Tristan retorted.

“Is Sandrino still alive?”

“He is not the only enemy….”

“But everyone who triumph at the night of the blood moon.”

“The vampires and werewolves who have long held on to power.”

“La Liga Unida of which Malia is the lord Sentinel?” Prof T looked perplexed.

“Tristan how could they possibly be the enemy?”

“Unless you are an ally to the other side now with Sandrino’s forces.”

“All of them are enemies even me.”

“Because only humanity should remain standing in this world.”

“Tristan I don’t understand you
What is your plan?” Prof T queried.

“A great war that will put an end to this!” Tristan stated.

This made Prof T became indifferent and did not know whether to accept him or not because Prof had wished there was no vampires or werewolves but on the other hand, the La Liga Unida had helped many. He told Tristan that there was no day Malia had not thought about him and as at now she cared about him which would be heartbreaking for her to realise he was her enemy.

Prof T realised Tristan’s mission of destroying Supremo’s plans of converting more humans into vampires and seek Prof T’s help to help the human race with some serums.

Tristan rushed for animal blood and told Prof T that they needed to carry out the mission before he turned into a monster. Meanwhile, Supremo was suspecting a traitor among his ranks as Malia’s presence at the Osmundo event raised eyebrows. He tried to use his eyes and alter ego but both were not working and cried out that he needed Tristan’s help to finish off Malia to start his reign.

Elsewhere, Collin seemed to have his own agenda in driving near Apple. He was using l0ve as bait to deceive Apple about his real mission of being her bodyguard. Apple got jealous and drove out girls who got close to the boy.

Elise, a former ally of Supremo witnessed Jethro and Baristo talking about The Ancient Book of Cursed Spells and watched where they took it. She later bumped into Greta and she sent her to Supremo. She decided to be an ally for Supremo since the Waya Corp disregarded her to make her a mere secretary.

She realised Supremo’s heart was still beating and told him about the book and Supremo told her to fetch it for him as it would be of great help to him since it was the book that Barang used to cast the cursed ink spell on him.

At the Waya Corp, Malia received the DNA test and it was proven that Tristan was the actual corpse but Malia still doubted. As everyone left, Lucho made his intentions clear that he was not against her but everything he was doing was to know the traitor within their midst.

He said he had been opposing her to know the minds of each member and he believed her that Tristan was alive but when he finds the traitor he would not hesitate to tell her.


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