The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 85

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 85 Jake proposes to Malia, the LLU seeks evidence to expose Soraya’s treacherous ways

Tristan wondered why Supremo was doubting him. Supremo knew Tristan had so much power that was a match to Malia’s own and did not believe that he could not do anything to save his kind. Tristan said he did not reveal himself to them since he did not want to make them see him.

At the LLU camp, Malia and the rest surrounded corpse of Vergel and Tasha mourning him. In the lair, Lucho who was imprisoned was eating when Sandrino came there.

“You want some?” Lucho queried.

“What are you smiling about crib?” Supremo said.

“Nothing!” Lucho retorted.

“I’m celebrating because I can see you are worried,” he smiled.

“I can see your defeat coming,” Lucho added.


Supremo got upset and strangled him. Back to the LLU camp, Soraya pleaded with Malia for making hasty decision but before she would be punished, they should focus on avenging the death of their comrades. Mariam and the rest appeared to ask the Lord Sentinel if Tristan was there and she admitted and even said he helped them to k!ll the rebel vampires. However, they could not be sure about his real motive.

“Supremo has to know about this,” Soraya thought.

She claimed it was good news that Tristan was on their side and was fighting against Sandrino but Jake stepped in to remind her of what the Lord Sentinel said which was the fact that they could not be sure of his real motive. Soraya told Malia to convince Tristan to betray his brother but Malia told her that she should relax as her decision has led to the death of some of their comrades and wanted her to recover so that they could talk about it.

“This is what I have been waiting for.”

“My real offering to Sandrino…”

“The information that his brother has been betraying him,” Soraya said.

In the lair, Greta told Supremo that there was more to the ball event since his most reliable and powerful minion Katrina even d!ed at the ball. Supremo tasked her to get into the issue of the ball and give him the feedback.

“Beloved Supremo if I may make a suggestion

What about Soraya

This is the right time you can make good use of her to prove her loyalty.”

At the laboratory, Tristan told Prof T that Sandrino was catching unto his plans so Prof T should hurry to come up with a serum that could protect the human race so that if Supremo finds his real motive there would be basically nothing he could do. Prof T assured that he and Professor Eli were working around the clock to come up with such serum.

At the LLU, Malia was told that the secretary of Lucho has still not seen him and Lemuel’s search for him had also come to a dead end. Malia told Baristo and Gael to keep searching for Lucho. As she was rushing out, Jake called her and told her that he would follow her but Malia told him to stay behind and help Lemuel in his research.

Lemuel made progress as the vampire he was experimenting on said after being injected his thirst for human blood has decreased. Lemuel was happy with the development so he was telling Jake. He realised Jake was lost in his thoughts and asked him of his problem. Jake did not understand why Malia was deeming Tristan to be an ally while he was doing wrongs.

Lemuel knew he was getting jealous as he was seeing Tristan as rival other than the war between the werewolves and the vampires. He told Jake that he knew he was in l0ve with Malia and he should voice it out to her since that was the battle in his heart. Elsewhere, Malia was at the Toralbas mansion and she told them about her encounter with Tristan at the heroes ball.

The family were happy that Tristan was the Tristan they knew, he was a good person. Malia said she was still not sure about that. She was told that Tristan visited and he glowed his eyes in an attempt to terrify them but they did not get terrified. Pina said she rather felt sorry for him while Gabriel said he realised Tristan was burdened within and was not happy with who he had become.

Malia joined the pieces together and concluded that Tristan wanted to wipe out both the werewolves and the vampires and planned to meet him. Mariam saw Soraya leaving with her allies and told her that it was dangerous so she asked Soraya to tag her along due to the recent attack on her life.

Soraya said she was in the company of Louis and Vanessa so she was okay. Mariam felt that she did not want her to know what she was up to so Soraya accepted to go with her. She sent her to a breezy place and told Mariam that she only wanted a cool breeze but Mariam doubted her.

Prof Eli spotted Malia coming there and alerted Prof T who was in the company of Tristan. Malia arrived to inform Prof T that he should deliver her message to Tristan that she would wait for him Prof T pretended not to know anything about Tristan and Malia knew he was pretending. She said she knew Tristan’s plans to wipe out all werewolves and vampires and did not want Prof T to deny.

She made it clear that she respected Prof T a lot so she did not want to stoop so low to fish out the information from him using her ability without his consent so he should deliver his message to him.

Soraya received a call from Sandrino since they were supposed to meet to tell him the incidence at the ball. She lied to Mariam that the call was from a friend from USA. She made Supremo aware that she was with La Liga Unida member and would meet him when the opportunity arose.

Supremo was upset that she would make a whole Supremo wait for her. He said if she failed to find an excuse to meet him, he would send his minions to the location. After the call, Mariam told Soraya that she could tell her friend did not want to let go of her and asked her whether it was a mere friend. The black werewolf leader told Mariam that her friend wanted her to meet him but she told him she was with her as she had to take care of her.

Mariam thought she said her friend based in US and Soraya said he called her simply because he has returned to Philippines and wanted to meet her. Mariam said she would be glad to meet her friend.

“He is going to meet you Mariam, well as a cold lifeless corpse,” Soraya thought.

Meanwhile, Malia told Prof T that if Tristan wanted to achieve his aim then he should meet her and gave Prof T the location she would meet him at that night. She said Tristan would have to pass through her first before reaching his aim. Prof T later told Tristan that Malia already knew his plans and advised Tristan not to meet her till he was sure on his next move.

Soraya kept telling Mariam her tales of lies about her friend. The minions of Supremo got there and Mariam saw them and wondered why Soraya’s lackeys did nothing. She thought about it how Soraya was connected to that since she knew the Character of Soraya that nothing slipped her by.

“May be I should bring you to Sandrino” Soraya also thought.

“At least it will save me from getting my hands dirty!”

“I will be able to win Supremo’s loyalty if I am able to k!ll you myself so I am going to.”

She then told Mariam to follow her but Mariam refused since her suspicions about her heightened. Mariam told her to go and see her friend next time she would follow her and told her she was heading back to the camp so they would see eachother later.

“You were able to slip away this time but next time time you will be so lucky,” Soraya thought as Mariam exited.

Soraya in a phone conversation told Sandrino her companion left so Supremo insisted on her to tell him everything on phone. Soraya refused, saying she was on her way to their meeting place as she could not risk it. She would rather tell him in person. She said it was not a good news but it was very important message.

Unknown to Soraya, Mariam lingered around to spy on her to know her real motive.

“I know you are hiding something from me Soraya.”

“I can smell your evil right from here!”

She saw the minions surrounding Soraya and her lackeys without doing them anything and Soraya and her lackeys took a cab and left. Mariam who hid to watch called Baristo and rushed to the office to tell them that Soraya wa being protected by Sandrino’s vampires. She joined the pieces together as how Soraya led Vergel and Tasha and she survived while both d!ed. Jethro wondered since she was also assaulted.

“Unless this forms part of an elaborate plan,” Gael said.

“She puts on a show,” Jethro chipped in.

“She let herself get injured.”

“She is responsible for the death of of Vergel and Tasha,” Baristo retorted.

Meanwhile, after failing to confess his true feelings for Malia as proposed by Lemuel, Jake followed Malia to the rendezvous place to meet Tristan. They waited but Tristan was not coming. Jake was being beaten hard with his thoughts.

“I’m just here Malia,” Jake thought as Malia failed to see his heart beating endlessly for her.

He insisted on Malia that they should leave already as Tristan would not show up. Unknown to them, Tristan was standing by watching them. Malia strongly believed Tristan would come so she told Jake to go home she would wait for Tristan. Jake said it was dangerous and he could not leave her all alone but Malia said she could take care of herself. She wanted to face Tristan for his plan.

“But is that the only reason why you want to see him?” Jake asked.

“Jake…” Malia called.

“Malia,” Jake held her hands “Look at me!”

“I am the your real ally in this fight ever since.”

“I never left your side!”

“And I never stop l0ving you.”

“I do l0ve you Jake…” Malia looked sad.

“But as a friend!” Jake then left Malia’s hands.

“That is the extent of what I can give you,” Malia cried.

“You know that.”

“Yes I know,” Jake answered.

“I am just a man in l0ve!”

“But Malia I am ready to fight if he attempts to bring you any harm!”

“He shouldn’t say he l0ved you…”

“Because what kind of l0ve is that when it only brings you suffering.”

Elsewhere, Soraya told Sandrino that his beloved brother betrayed him and he sided with the LLU to k!ll his followers. Supremo could not believe it. He got upset and when he returned to the lair he k!lled some of his followers. Greta provoked him by telling him that Tristan took advantage of his weakness to betray him. He took advantage of his beating heart to side with his enemies.

Sandrino strangled her and yelled that he had no weaknesses. Greta then begged for her life and Sandrino stopped hurting her. At the LLU camp, Mariam further Soraya was really up to something since she started off by trying to get the position of the Lord Sentinel. Together with Jethro, Gael and Baristo they planned to gain evidence against Soraya. Gael asked Jethro if he had gleaned a vision of Soraya’s betrayal and he shook his head.

As Jake left her to wait for her down the staircase, Malia screamed that Tristan should reveal himself and he appeared. Malia exposed the plans of Tristan and wondered why he was dragging innocent werewolves in the mess while they already had one course of ending the evils by fighting Sandrino. Tristan explained that the fight was no longer about evil or good it was about the ones who should remain on earth.

He said it was in their nature to fight but Malia said she chose not to do that. Tristan said since she refused to do that things had ended up in that way so the werewolves and the vampires had to be wiped out so that the fight for supremacy would end as the battle has existed for ages. Malia then said he should pass through her fight and wrapped his hands around her neck and asked him to k!ll her. She promised not to fight back so Tristan should finish her off.


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