The Law Of Revenge Episode 57

The Law Of Revenge Episode 57 Gabriel gets Belen’s phone hacked, Marissa refuses to grant Adelina’s death wish 

In Ceñidoza mansion, Belen spoke with Caesar to make his henchman find the teens as soon as possible. Caesar assured that his henchman would find the kids, slow but surely.

“So hurry up and find them, get those kids already,” Belen instructed.

As Belen said she wanted to be the one to get hold on Hope first, Gabriel barged in and asked who she was talking to.

Belen pretended to care about the kids and said she could not sit back and do nothing so she talked to a friend to help in the search. Gabriel asked the kind of friend he was and Belen said Gabriel was doubting her. Gabriel just wanted to know if his two children would be safe, reason he wanted to know the calibre of person she called for his help.

Elsewhere in the forest, the teens returned to Auring’s hut and pleaded with her to let them pass the night as there were evil people after them. They explained that their families were having issues and were tired so they ran from home. The old woman allowed them to pass the night and told them that the next morning when sun rises they had to leave.

That night, Auring cried and sang a dirge. Hope wondered why the old woman was heartbroken. Jake said Marissa used to cry like that when he was growing up due to Jacob.

Avel spoke with Marissa and she told him to do everything possible to find the teenagers but he should take very good care of himself since she was not searching with him as Ellice and Gabriel were growing suspicious. Caesar also told Red to find the children wherever hole they were in that forest.

The next morning, Jake got some foodstuffs and cooked. When Auring woke up, she asked them why they had not left yet. Hope said they only stayed over to cook for her before leaving. Auring then asked Jake where he got the foodstuffs and he said the nearest shop. Auring warned him against the seller.

She said the man was very evil and if they needed to cook or prolong their stay, she has grown some crops so they should cultivate the vegetables to prepare the food. Jake gave her a massage. Gabriel gave the phone number of Belen to someone to track the person Belen had been spoken with. He explained that he did not want to jeopardise the search for his children.

Hope rinse the bowls and the woman saw the girl did not know how to do anything. She said Hope was not well trained as a girl of her age should be able to know how to wash dishes, she should have washed the glasses first before the rest. Auring said she needed to learn so that when she marries she could manage her home.

Hope reminded her that they were no longer in the olden days that a woman had to do that but accepted the advice and said she would learn to help her future life. Hope later told Jacob that she had an easy life while living in the house, she was not obligated to rise bowls.

She recalled Lucing preparing food for her while she was in bed. Jake asked if she wanted to go back and she said no after she remembered all the bad ways of her mother. Agatha had a call from the police as someone spotted Jake so she rushed to the precinct with Ellice. Meanwhile, Adelina sent someone to call Marissa to see her. Marissa went to find her ally on her sick bed who reminded her of her mission to k!ll Ellice.

Marissa wanted to find her son before but Adelina who already knew how devastated Marissa was said she was running out of time so she had to keep her promise. While in a car, Ellice was upset that Marissa’s return had destroyed her family and all the long kept secret in the family came out of the bag and cursed her former friend beneath her breath.

“But Ellice I hope you settle things with Marissa when the kids return to make them stay out of it,” Agatha said.

“Over my dead body!” Ellice hissed.

Helena wondered why Gabriel was frustrated that Belen would put his children at risk. She believed Belen actually was helping due to Hope being her grandchild. Gabriel hoped so ana he later met his investigator who had hacked his mother in law’s calls. Gabriel asked the investigator if he had tracked the last number his mother-in-law called and the guy said no.

Jake and Hope went to fetch firewoods to help Auring set fire but they stood and thought about their life as Hope did not understand that someone wanted them dead while all that they wanted was peace, reason they fled from home. Jake told her he would be by her side through thick and thin and would ensure not to lose her.

“Don’t you ever lose me,” Hope said.

“You’re all that I have Jake.”

“I can’t lose you!”

“I will be by your side untill I breathe my last breath,” Jake assured.

The teens feelings ran high and they were about to k!ss when Auring interrupted them by rebuking the act they were about to do. They had no option than to fetch the firewoods. At the hospital Adelina went on to fine tune the mind of Marissa on the revenge.

“I don’t have much time to live.”

“The doctors say my days are numbered.”

“Please don’t disappoint me this close to my final hour.”

“I want Ellice dead!”

“I want her dead now!”

“I’m sorry,” Marissa wept.

“Madam but I don’t think I have in me to k!ll Ellice.”

“You have no sense of gratitude,” Adelina rebuked.

“I gave you everything you ask for and this is how you repay me?”

“By denying my death wish?”

“I once lost my own child because I let anger consumed me,” Marissa wept.

“And I don’t want to lose Jake as well!”

Adelina said she equally lost her son and she was thinking Marissa would understand her and find justice for her. Marissa said she would find that justice she seeks but in a different way. Although Adelina was denied the chance to become a mother, she regarded her as a mother and due to her revenge, she failed to see how she embraced her as a mother.

Adelina cried that she should have made her rot in that hell home. Marissa pleaded with her and said although Adelina used her as a revenge tool but she was very grateful to her and she admitted she promised to even k!ll for her, however, she did not want vengeance to blindfold her like how it did with Adelina for her to fail to see those who actually l0ved her. Marissa cried that she did not want to end up like Adelina.

Meanwhile, Ellice set her mother in charge of the company and Marissa while in the hospital, received a call from her attorney that Ellice has filed a case against her, claiming she made her sign the documents out of duress.

Marissa got upset that while they were busy looking for the missing children, Ellice had made time to file a case against her. She termed Ellice as witch for making it difficult for her not to carry out Adelina’s wish after recalling everything. Avel also searched everywhere closer to the forest to find the teens but no one had seen them.

Elsewhere, the police stumbled on Auring’s hut, the teens had spotted the police so they rushed to hide. The police came inside the hut and showed the pictures of Jake and Hope to Auring but the old woman denied knowing them. As the police left, Red also showed his face. Auring began doubting the teens, she believed they might be thieves or had done something bad that was why the police were searching for them.

Auring said she was living in peace and was not ready to be charged with kidnapping therefore she threw them out. Since their plea fell on deaf ears, Jake and Hope packed and before leaving, they thanked Auring for her help and they hit the road. Unknown to them, Red was following them secretly and he told caesar on phone that he had them.

Hope was tired so Jake told her that they would find help and told her that he was with her. As he promised to be the only one by her side, he would ensure they get safe. Suddenly Red appeared from no where and pointed a gun at them, Jake quickly shielded Hope.


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