The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 89

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 89 Sandrino successfully obtains the two set of the cursed ink, Osmundo is shot dead while Sandrino becomes National Defense Secretary

Soraya and the black werewolves informed Supremo that they had already carried out his orders and had k!lled Lucho. Unknown to them, Lucho recovered while he was dumped inside a refuse dump.

As Greta was tied to the chair in the laboratory, Prof T appeared in anguish due to Prof Eli’s death.

“You blood thirsty monsters have no right to live and breathe with us in this world.”

“Even if I d!e trying….”

“If you disgusting creatures take a life then you better know I am going to take yours in return.”

Prof T tried k!lling Greta but she quickly slipped from his hands and fled.

Lucho arrived at the LLU with wounds and revealed to Malia about the upcoming fight between Supremo and Tristan due to the desire of Supremo acquiring the second set of the cursed ink. He apologised to Malia that he told Supremo the means to acquire it by k!lling Tristan since he did not know Tristan was an ally.

He had wanted to make sure Supremo get rid of one of the problems so that he would be the only burden of Malia. He charged Malia to search for Tristan. Meanwhile, Tristan had revealed himself in the lair after thinking about Malia’s sad words when Sandrino took advantage of Mateo and Samantha’s heart beat to end their lives.

Sandrino told the black werewolves to leave. Supremo laughed since his plans of holding Hanno and Harvin as hostages had compelled his young brother to come out from his hideout to save the mortals. They fought and Supremo chanted with his eyes for a chain tied to Harvin onto a brick on top of the ceiling broke. Harvin then fell from the ceiling while the brick fell on him, leading to his instant death.

Tristan fought hard in order to save Hanno. Elsewhere, Jake and Baristo stole the new invention of Prof T and Prof Eli to send to the location. Malia and the LLU appeared at the location and made Gael go to save Hanno, she went to face Sandrino to save Tristan.

Tristan and Sandrino went on with their fight. Sandrino realised Tristan’s heart was beating and he tried plucking Tristan’s heart to transfer the unparalleled power from Tristan to himself in order to gain the two set of the cursed ink. Malia reached there to find the right hand of Sandrino on fire while the inscription of the cursed ink appeared on his hand.

Malia wondered what was happening as she saved the wounded Tristan. Baristo and Jake appeared and told Malia they should escape, they took Tristan who was seriously injured along. Jake through the stolen corrosion serum k!lled all the vampires and they ran to the LLU camp.

Jethro suddenly had a vision and he saw Sandrino successfully obtaining the two set of the cursed ink and he did not d!e from the gas serum that was effective on vampires and werewolves. Lucho explained to them that now Supremo had become very powerful after gaining Tristan’s side of the cursed ink.

Tristan cried that he had to be more powerful than Supremo. Lucho explained that the cursed ink was shared among him and Sandrino and the only way to obtain it was for the evil vampire to give it up to Tristan. Baristo knew Sandrino would never do that.

Soraya and the black werewolves together with Greta and Ellice appeared to Sandrino. One of his followers said Malia had escaped with Tristan and the powers projected for his alter ego to k!ll the person. Elsewhere, the family of Tristan arrived to discover that Tristan was injured but he failed to tell his family about the incidence that led to his wounds.

Prof T was devastated and wondered why he accepted Prof Eli’s plea to allow the moon light creatures to have a second chance in life. He decided to get rid of them once and for all for the mortals not to be caught in between their fight. He then burnt the mortal remains of Prof Eli and Eunice.

Fast forward, Lucho proposed to Malia to travel in the past again to put a stop to the powers of Sandrino in the present time.

“Like what you and Jacintha did before?” Tristan queried.

“However, it is a different thing if you travel back in the past,” Lucho explained.

“In that time period, you will inevitably d!e…”

“You will just fade away from the present time.”

“And you want to do that Malia?” Tristan questioned in astonishment.

Lucho exited.

Tristan said he could not lose Malia.

“You and I are going to k!ll Sandrino,” Tristan assured.

“But Tristan I cannot risk your life especially for what Sandrino did to you,” Malia lamented.

Tristan made it clear to Malia that they were in it together and he would not allow Malia to shoulder all the troubles alone. Both would work together to eliminate Sandrino.

“We need to k!ll him in this present time,” Tristan retorted.

Supremo visited Osmundo to ask about the data of the the werewolves and vampires captured through the national ID system and the President told Sandrino that someone tried to hack into their system so the entire file got corrupted.

Sandrino hypnotised him and he finally confessed that he intentionally deleted the entire file since he did not want a creature like Sandrino to rule over them. Soon, a news broke about Osmundo’s demise as one of his guards shot him. Malia realised from the video that the guard was being controlled by someone.

Tristan concluded that it was Sandrino behind that. Unknown to them, Sandrino was operating through the vice President, Cecilio who knew about the conspiracy death of Osmundo. Cecilio pledged his allegiance to Supremo and promised to do everything he wanted. Later, he set free some random criminals and sent them to the lair to be used as meals for the vampire king.

Lemuel broke the sad news about the missing rebels and mortals which got Tristan upset about the plots of Supremo. Tristan was bent on facing Sandrino since Lucho had explained to him that the alternative he had was to stop his heart from beating, that was the surest way to recover his strength. However, Malia stopped him and told him that he could gain strength once the super moon appeared.

Least did they know that Prof T was also making arrangements to eliminate them on the night of the super moon. Prof T made his serums ready and imagined how those creatures who would withdraw powers from the Super moon would end up dying after he transfused into the clouds the serum which would befall like a rain for only mankind to live. He saw his idea as perfect.

Malia and Tristan went to the lair but the place was blocked with a powerful shield which Supremo had left to protect his abode. Tristan and Malia could not break it. Ellice told Supremo that he had some visitors, his junior brother and the Lord Sentinel.

Greta in a screen told Tristan that Supremo was not there and if they were powerful why shouldn’t they break the force and step in. Sandrino told Ellice that Tristan and Malia were lucky that he was not around otherwise he would have given them what they wanted.

Malia received a call from Baristo when they went home. They saw Supremo being sworn-in as the secretary of the National Defense and he was willing to use that position to carry out his plans. After the ceremony, he went to the lair to reason with his minions on means to destroy mankind. He believed he would soon be the president as his new position would make him totally control people in the country.

Greta proposed that they should start off with Prof T. She revealed to Sandrino that the professor had invented a serum that could k!ll both werewolves and vampires. Sandrino set Greta incharge of k!lling Prof T and ordered her to get the serum so that they could use it on the pesty werewolves to make them d!e faster.

Tristan stumbled upon Sandrino’s followers who were in military wear and had captured mortals to the blood farm. Tristan who followed them to stop their plans discovered the blood farm and was shocked. As one of the minions alerted the rest that the Emperor was there, he k!lled them all.


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