The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Finale Episode 93

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Finale Episode 93 Malia, Tristan finally fulfill the prophecy, Sandrino is grateful to Tristan for redeeming him from his monstrous self 

Tristan called Sandrino to meet with him for them to talk and iron things out. As they were talking, Malia addressed the LLU to be on standby to monitor how the conversation between Tristan and his brother would go. If the need arises for them to go to his aid then they follow suit.

Jake pledged his support to Malia in the mission with Sandrino. In the lair, Sandrino struggled and came out to tell his alter ego that he wanted to meet his brother but the alter ego told him not to think that his brother was coming to call for a truce. Sandrino insisted to meet Tristan as he wanted to create a perfect world for them to rule over together.

His alter ego objected, saying Tristan had betrayed him before and Sandrino even k!lled his grandparents but Sandrino denied. He blamed it on the alter ego as the one who killed his younger brother’s grandparent. His alter ego admitted he was the one who k!lled Pina and Gabriel, however Sandrino equally wanted to k!ll his own brother and that was evil.

Sandrino explained that he only wanted to gain the two set of the cursed ink and he did not k!ll Tristan. His alter ego accepted to meet Tristan but only to k!ll him so that he would be the only one living in the world and he needed no one but himself to rule over everything. Sandrino objected and the alter ego strangled him.

Malia and Tristan prayed not to the stars but to the moon and made a wish for a peaceful world for the entire dwellers of the earth. Miriam and Gael prepared themselves for the worse as Tristan was going to meet Sandrino. They believed there would be another bloodshed.

The next day, Sandrino cast a spell on top of communication tower to hypnotised those who would make calls while Tristan was preparing to meet him. The first person to fall prey was the new President. Tristan gave Malia the first werewolf fang to use and Malia reminded him that she could fight without the weapon. Tristan said within an hour and he had not returned then she could search for him.

All those who made calls were hypnotised by the great Sandrino. Apple who made a call to Collin since he would be traveling back to the USA was hypnotised along with Collin. Doc did not understand Collin and followed him to ask of his problem. Lemuel called Jake to inform him that they could not find Apple.

Gael then received video of mortals walking as if they were remote controlled so Malia had to make Jake, Lucho and Gael returned to check what was going on. She could not find Tristan at the rendezvous place, unknown to her, Supremo has sent Tristan to a different place.

Tristan told Sandrino that he came for them to work as brothers but Sandrino fought him. Tristan called him as Sandrino and told him he should stop the evil act and make them become brothers. He told Sandrino to cast his mind to who he was before Barang cast the Curse Ink spell on him.

The alter ego said he should rather call him Supremo but Tristan kept talking to him and Sandrino came out from his alter ego.

“Tristan I believe you,” Sandrino said.

“I did everything because of the cursed ink’s influence so if you give me another chance I promise to correct everything my dear brother.”

The alter ego suppressed Supremo and forced him inside him.

“There is nothing you can do,” the alter ego spewed.

“You can’t defeat me!”

Elsewhere, Gael, Lucho and Lemuel came across all mortals who were hypnotised and going holding their cell phones. Lucho took one of the mortals phone to listen and he heard the spell Sandrino has cast using black magic. He said the spell was strong so Gael said they needed to turn off the telecom signal and some of them had to follow the mortals to know where they were heading.

Jake and James went to the tower to shut the telecom down but met Supremo’s minions who fought with them. Jake tried talking to the supposed Jill Imperial to make him change but the newly convert termed Jake as weakling. Sandrino fought Tristan and thrusted his hands through his heart.

“You completely forgotten that your heart is beating again,” he smiled while Tristan struggled.

“This is your greatest weakness my dear brother and it is going to be your end as well.”

Malia reached there and fought Sandrino. Sandrino termed her as a weakling lord Sentinel. She hit Sandrino with the power of her hand and he fell. Malia screamed at him to look at what he did to his brother all due to his greed for power.

Sandrino then tried to finish off Tristan but Malia intervened and he thrusted her stomach instead. Blood came out of her mouth and Malia fell. Malia and Tristan tried reaching out to eachother and Sandrino strangled them up.

The hypnotised mortals headed to the sea to commit suicide while others were on top of the roof to commit suicide. The roof suicide mortals were being stopped by Greta, James and Jake. Lucho, Gael, Miriam and Jethro tried to pull the mortals at the shores back while they also fought the minions fighting them. They now relied on Malia to k!ll Sandrino to make the mortals snap out of the hypnotism.

Sandrino kept strangling Malia and Tristan, the duo after the long struggle reached out to their hands and held eachother tight for the electric to generate. This electrified and energised them to defeat Sandrino. Tristan and Malia’s wounds healed through the process. His alter ego separated and it burnt into ashes. Suddenly, the mortals snapped out of it.

The mortals now wondered what was happening to them as they found themselves being netted. There was joy as everyone was redeemed. Malia later stood at a mountainous place to talk, while the voice over was heard Tristan walked closer to her.

“Sandrino is now gone,” Malia said.

“The blood shed has finally stopped.”

“However just because the great war has just ended.”

“It doesn’t mean the fighting is stopped as well.”

“While there’s one person who considers Vampire a salvage monster.”

Tristan then held her and the voice over continued.

“While there is someone out there who takes advantage of the werewolves abilities while there is someone who belittle humans abilities.”

“While there is someone who wants to do something bad to their fellow men.”

“Whether the are mortal, werewolf or Vampire…..”

“Our trials and tribulations are not going to end.”

“Because the only way we can vanquish evil for good that is we are going to practice being good to one another.”

“The goodness that is going to ultimately start by forgiven other people’s shortcomings and weaknesses.”

“But accepting and respecting all our differences wherever it may be.”

“For giving someone a second chance despite whatever they have done and valuing another person’s life.”

“Because I know goodness is difficult to overcome, any challenge this world throws at us.”

“As long as we use our hearts as weapons against evil.”

“Because it has a stronger power that any person possesses.”

“A power that is within us all.”

“And that is love.”


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