The Law Of Revenge Finale Episode 64

The Law Of Revenge Finale Episode 64 Marissa takes bullet to save Ellice after Ellice orders her her death, Ellice pays for her past crimes

Ellice said she understood Marissa for her hardened heart but Gabriel said he still did the right thing to have apologised. At the Zulyani’s mansion, Lucing tried to make Marissa see Ellice’s apology as sincere so did Jake.

Ellice went to see the fugitive in the room that she had kept him. Caesar wondered what he was doing there and Ellice said he should be thankful to her for saving him after the police shot him.

A flashback showed that Ellice searched for Caesar after a news broke about his escape. She found him and got his wound treated. Jake had a lunch with Hope and told her they had to make their relationship official so Hope said they would announce it during the party.

Marissa went to work to find Tutti and Pinky hired back by Ellice and the two were happy that Ellice had changed. They delivered a message from Ellice to her about a big client she has given to her who Ellice had scheduled for Marissa to meet him the next day at 3:00pm. Marissa doubted the intentions of Ellice and Pinky together with Tutti assured that Ellice had changed.

Avel drove Marissa to crown Madeira but the Car had a flat tyre on the way which made her a bit late. Unknown to Marissa, Ellice had a plan with Caesar and had paid him huge sums of money to eliminate her.

“At exactly 3:00 pm Marissa will arrive at the crown Madeira Hotel,” Ellice told Caesar.

“That will be your opportunity to get rid of her.”

“After you have done your job you can make your escape.”

“I will help you, I will help you take care of your documents and help you escape using the backdoor exit out of the country to Saudara.”

Marissa went to the scheduled meeting but the client didn’t show up so she went to the Villarosa mansion for the welcome party and Ellice was shocked to set eyes on Marissa. She was dumbfounded and stammered.

“What are you doing here?” Ellice queried.

“Are you not supposed to meet a client at the crown Madeira?”

“The client I am supposed to meet with didn’t show up!” Marissa replied.

“Is that so? Well I am glad that you could make it,” Ellice stammered.

The party began and Ellice was acting so weird and looked scared. After Gabriel addressed the gathering, he went to shake hands with Marissa and Ellice got Jealous. She then realised her daughter was not there. As they were about to search for her, Hope appeared and they heaved a sigh of relief.

However, they later realised she was held at a gunpoint and the commotion at the party began.

“You’re bunch of despicable scumbag,” Caesar said.

Caesar threatened he would not be in prison for his enemies to party. He threatened to k!ll Hope and Jake. Ellice cried that she was the one he should come for and leave Hope.

“Let me remind you, you wretched witch,” Caesar screamed at Ellice.

“You double crossed me!”

A flashback revealed that Ellice after the deal to make Caesar k!ll Marissa, she equally called the police to give them tip off that the fugitive would meet Marissa at the Crown Madeira at 3:000pm. Ellice told Caesar that he should reach there earlier than Marissa as the latter always go early to meet clients.

So Caesar reached the place early while waiting for Marissa, he spotted police coming and he fled.

Hope managed to flee from the hands of Caesar so Gabriel and Avel punched him. As he defeated the two men, Caesar pointed to k!ll Ellice but Marissa went to take the multiple bullets. She was then rushed to the hospital.

Elsewhere, Belen saw the news of Caesar being dead and Marissa was shot so she now deemed it as an opportune time to leave as her daughter would be safe. She called Rio to ask about his passport to Paris.

Lucing was shocked about Ellice’s act and Ellice was remorseful. She began crying and Lucing told her that she did not deserve all the sacrifices Marissa had made for her. She explained that first Marissa took a fall for her and was tortured, raped and suffered each day in prison.

She was so much hurt and wanted to seek revenge on Ellice for abandoning her together with her father. Yet, Marissa also protected and saved her since she cared about Ellice. Lucing was really upset with Ellice .

“Oh what have I done,” Ellice cried and broke down to the floor.

She recalled the manner Marissa stood in and accepted her crime and was whisked away. Realising all her mistakes against her friend she went to the police station with Gabriel and Hope to confess her crimes.

“My name is Ellice Ceñidoza Villarosa,” the police recorded.

“And I am here to confess that I was an accomplice to Caesar Augusto and all of the crimes that he was involved in.”

“I was also the one who hid him from the police when he escaped from prison.”

“And I was the one who instructed him to k!ll Marissa Pineda.”

“Mom I believe you are aware of the charges we are going to file against you after your confession today?” the inspector jotted.

“Yes!” Ellice said.

“Thank you for your corporation,” the inspector said.

“Why did you do this mom?” Hope asked.

“I got away with the crimes that I committed
and Marissa was the one who paid for it.”

“This punishment is long overdue!”

“It’s time for me to take the responsibility for everything.”

“I want you to be proud of me,” Ellice hugged Hope.

Avel went to the hospital to talk to the lifeless body of Marissa saying he wanted revenge but she came in his way and gave his life a meaning.

As Belen was meeting Rio for the passport, she found Rio used as bait by her organisation people to uncover her location and a gun was pointed at her.

Marissa fell into coma and her spirit met Jacob. She was sorry that she could not save him and was happy that she was finally with him. The voice of Jake demanding her not to leave him made Jacob ask her to return the world as there were many l0ved ones waiting for her and someday they would meet as he would be waiting with a hug.

Fast forward, Marissa and Ellice bumped into eachother outside the court and Ellice in tears begged Marissa.

“Marissa I don’t expect you to believe me right now or ever forgive me after all the things that I did to you that caused you to suffer.”

“But I just want you to know that I am well aware of the truth …”

“The pain and suffering that I cost you in the past was terrible!”

“I left you on your own.”

“I left you and went away when you needed me the most.”

“I let you sacrifice your life in exchange for mine and I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I was so Selfish and it hurts all the more because I didn’t value and I appreciate all the love you gave to me.”

“I took your friendship for granted.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Marissa and Ellice shed tears and Marissa didn’t utter a word but went inside the court room. The case was heard and the verdict was passed.

“Judgement is here by rendered, finding the accused, Ellice Ceñidoza Villarosa guilty of murder principle by direct participation and obstruction of justice for which the penalty Reclusión perpetua for 20-40years.”

Ellice was sent to prison and her family visited her. She said she had found peace in prison and would be of good moral conduct so that she could pass for parole in 10years or less. Marissa visited her son’s grave to cry for using his death as a driving force and motivation to become a better person and she promised that they would meet again.

Two years later, Hope and Jake had graduated from school and the family made them cut a ribbon to celebrate them. Jake hoped that someday Gabriel would not see him as just a son but a son-in-law. Later, Avel proposed marriage to Marissa with a ring and she accepted to marry him.

Gabriel, Jake and Hope visited the grave of Jacob and Hope said she would have been happier if she had met him and believed they would have become good as siblings. She regarded Jacob as a guardian angel who was watching over them.

Eight years later, making it 10years, Ellice was released and came across Marissa. Ellice believed things have changed and Marissa said not everything has changed. Ellice believed that Marissa’s anguish against her hasn’t changed.

Marissa said her anger has faded but she knew their friendship would not be like before. For the sake of Jake and Hope, Ellice believed they would be closer again and someday become the friends they used to be. She believed they had all become better person and they parted ways as they recalled their teen times being happy together.


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