The Law Of Revenge Episode 63

The Law Of Revenge Episode 63 Chona retracts her words in court, Ellice cut ties with Belen for stealing, Caesar escapes from prison

Gabriel was driving and almost hit some old couple who were crossing the road. He then recalled how Ellice begged her to save their marriage. He went to the Ceñidoza mansion to find Ellice in the grips of her mother and was drank.

Belen sacked him and he told her that he was her husband and he carried her inside to lay her on the bed. He returned and Belen confronted him for abandoning Ellice together with Hope. Gabriel retorted that he needed time to think and also confronting Belen for manipulating her daughter.

“You took advantage of your daughter’s weakness to turn her into a monster just like you,” he added.

Elsewhere, Marissa spoke to Caesar to meet her instead. Caesar made fun of her that she was lucky that he was unable to k!ll her mother otherwise she would be mourning for two people. Marissa requested they meet since she was the one he wanted.

Caesar told Red that Marissa wanted to play smart and would be at the location with the cops. At the hospital Avel asked of Lucing about Marissa’s whereabouts but the woman did not know.

Ellice woke up and saw Gabriel next to her and she sacked him. Gabriel apologised and said he was to be blamed for Ellice’s action since she only k!lled his son since he wanted to divorce her and would fight for their marriage but Ellice said it was too late. Belen got in and threw him out of the house since Ellice was asking him to leave.

Fast forward, Marissa went to the abandoned warehouse which they agreed on. She called out Caesar but she only heard the voice of Caesar claiming Marissa sowed a seed of doubts in him to make him lose his job and spoilt his good relationship with Ellice which in turn cost him money and his family.

Later, he appeared to Marissa with a gun pointed at her. He made ready to shoot Marissa but Avel appeared to save the day. Caesar had no choice than to put his gun down and he became smart to attack Avel when he least expected for the gun Avel’s gun fell from his hand.

They fought and Marissa made an attempt to reach out for the gun but Red appeared to hold Marissa. When Caesar was defeating Avel, Marissa hit Red and she gained an object to hit Red. Avel gained upper hand again and got the gun to point at Caesar.

The police appeared and arrested Caesar and his accomplice. Avel told Marissa not to do that again since the tracker he secretly put on Marissa’s phone helped him to locate her after she ignored his call. Marissa said everything was okay now, they had gotten Caesar behind bars now.

News broke about Marissa assisting the police to arrest Caesar and Red. As Belen looked satisfied with the news, Ellice was upset that the spotlight was on Marissa.

“And the spotlight is on you again!

“You’re hero in the public’s eyes once more.”

Belen made the new finance officer to transfer money into her account. Elsewhere, Gabriel received a call from Carmelita who told him that Jake and Hope had recovered and wanted to throw a party for them.

Fast forward, the court heard the financial espionage issue. Chona was called into the box for cross examination.

“I am here now to retract each and every single statement I made against Ms Marissa Pineda,” she said leaving mouth agape.

Ellice camp looked so down and Ellice was very upset that her evil plot would not work. Chona went ahead to say that everything she said were lies and Marissa never made her spike the drink of Ellice. She was made to point the person who made her tell the court lies and she pointed at Ellice.

Marissa then recalled Chona visiting her to plead with her for giving false testimony in court. She promised to retract her statement as Marissa had been good to her and she did not deserve that. Marissa told her to do it for herself and also she understood her for what she did as she could have done that if she was in her shoes. Marissa then looked at chona in the courtroom to thank her.

The court then dismissed the case over lack of evidence. Ellice turned to Marissa to claim she made Chona retract her statement but Marissa did not mind her and left.

“And you Chona you will regret for this.”

“You worthless traitor!”

“I will make you regret for this!”

“I can’t believe that she had won for this!”

She went home and saw her name being ruined on social media and got upset that she hate Marissa and asked her mother not to leave her as she was the only one she had. Belen assured she would stay by her side and help her ruin Marissa. At the precinct, the police brought detainees who Red identified as members of the organisation sent. Those men maltreated Caesar in the police.

Agatha met with Gabriel and gave him a financial report that proved the money that Belen had been stealing secretly into her account. He then went home to hand copies to Ellice and Belen. Belen denied and accused Gabriel of working with Marissa to tear them apart but Ellice said the evidence was clear that she returned into her life for her money and not to help her. She threw Belen out of the house.

“As for he money you stole, you can have it…”

“Consider it as my payment for your very convincing performance as a good mother.”

After Belen left she also confronted Gabriel, saying he was doing that to help Marissa as he knew Belen was the one helping her in the battle against Marissa so she wanted her to be left alone for her to give up on the fight.

At the precinct, a thief who had been frequently brought to the place was sent inside to join Caesar. Unknown to the officer, the pick pocket had stolen the cell keys from his pocket. Caesar who saw it had a deal with the thief to get him out for him to pay him a huge sum. During the night, the prison guard slept and the thief opened the cell for them to sneak out.

Later, the guard woke up to blow the alarm. Caesar, Red and Curly the thief were shot but Caesar ran with gun wound. The police searched for him and did not see him. Marissa received the unfortunate news from Agatha and told Avel that they were no longer safe. Avel promised to protect her family.

Later, Ellice visited the Villarosa mansion to apologise to everyone most especially Sonya and called it a truce. Carmelita was so happy as she was preparing a party a welcome party for the family. All the family hugged except Sonya who found Ellice’s apology as a little bizarre. Hope was so happy She see the repented mother who had requested for a second chance.

Ellice together with Gabriel and Hope went to the Zulyani mansion to apologise to Marissa for making her lose the only child she had and also apologised to Lucing for not listening to her about the red flags she raised about her mother. Lucing got close to her and was happy that the two families could end their rift.

“Do you think I will believe this little charade of yours?” Marissa hissed.

“You suddenly have a Change of heart?”

“Well sorry to disappoint you Ellice!”

“But if there’s one person here who knows how vile you truly are then it’s me.”

“I do understand you,” Ellice pretentiously said.

“And thank you for hearing me out!”


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