The Good Son episode 85


The Good Son episode 85 The Buenavideze and the Reyes search for Calvin amidst shooting spree

Obet scared Joseph by trying to reveal to Matias about Joseph’s secret dealings against the Buenavidezes.

He disclosed that Joseph was a trouble maker and was doing things that would risk their lives so Matias demanded to know what he was talking about.

Joseph remained silence so Obet said he himself would tell Matias about everything Joseph was doing behind close doors.

Once he saw Matias was anxious and worried, Obet decided to conceal the truth about the mysterious notes that Joseph had been distributing to frighten Olivia and her family.

He covered up for Joseph by saying that he was looking for Calvin and Dado and Matias asked Joseph to leave the investigation to the police so that he wouldn’t worry about their safety.

Justine visited Enzo to inform him about the whereabouts of Calvin. He told him that Calvin had often talked about visiting his father but not at the cemetery.

It was a place that they used to frequently visit with Victor so Enzo figured out where it was.

Olivia went to the company and asked Terry to be her ears and inform her about everything that would go on in the company so that she would know how to deal with them in order for her to return.

She was about to get inside her car when she saw another note on the car. She looked around after she read it and almost caught Joseph looking at her.

She received a call from Enzo telling her where Calvin might be so they decided to meet there. Joseph followed Olivia while Obet who had been following Joseph also went there.

Matias couldn’t contact Obet and Joseph so he called Hazel to ask if she knew anything. Hazel didn’t know where Joseph was but she said she would tell Matias if she found out anything.

He also began to worry when he realised that the gun he had taken from Obet was missing.

Fortunately for Olivia she saw Calvin, she hugged him and asked why he escaped. Calvin health conditions triggered and he ran off after Olivia told him to go with her to the house.

Olivia and Enzo were about to go out and look for him when Joseph appeared saying that he would help.

Enzo demanded to know why Joseph was there and they realised that he was following them.

He took out the gun he got from Anthony’s house and pointed it at Joseph. Joseph reached for the gun and began fighting with Enzo.

Meanwhile, Obet cornered Calvin and tried to stop him from running away. He got out his gun and pointed it at Calvin.

The Good Son episode 85 The Buenavideze and the Reyes search for Calvin amidst shooting spree

Calvin accused Obet of killing Dado and attacked him as well. They fought for control of the gun until it went off. Calvin managed to run away from Obet while Obet ran away with his gun when a farmer saw him.

Joseph and Enzo stopped fighting after they heard a gun shot and went to the place where the shot had come from.

The farmer called the police and told them that there were two boys fighting but they ran off.

The police tried looking for them but they couldn’t find them. Obet went home while Calvin became unconscious after a fall.

Olivia, Enzo and Joseph arrived at the scene and the police asked them what they were doing. They said they were looking for Calvin and accused Joseph of harassing them.

Joseph however said that they were the one who attacked him stressing that Enzo had pointed a gun at him.

Enzo denied having a gun and didn’t have it on him when the police searched. The police asked them to follow them to the station so that when they go they could accuse each other at the station but Enzo said they didn’t have time for that.

Joseph went to look for Calvin on his own while Olivia and Enzo waited for an update from the police.

He managed to find Calvin who begged him not to take him to Olivia. Joseph took Calvin to an orphanage and asked the nuns there to help them. The nuns took them in and gave Calvin a place to rest.

When Obet got home, he told Matias that he was out looking for a job. Matias asked if he took the gun back but Obet denied it. Joseph arrived home later and also denied having taken the gun.

The Good Son episode 85 The Buenavideze and the Reyes search for Calvin amidst shooting spree

Olivia and Enzo had hidden the gun since there would be trouble if it was found. Olivia told Enzo not to use the gun again because he might end up in prison and he didn’t want that to happen.

She also told Enzo that they would leave the country once they found Calvin.
Enzo was worried because they were yet to find Calvin and he seemed to know something about Victor’s death. He sought to find Calvin before Joseph did.

The following morning, Olivia received another note saying that the person had Calvin so Olivia needed to confess the truth.

She called SPO3 George and told him to find Dado since it was clear that he was the one sending the notes and he might hurt Calvin.

The police however got a call telling them that Dado’s body had been found by some fishermen. They went to Emma’s house and asked that she go with them to identify the body.

Joseph was curious to find out why Calvin preferred to go with him instead of Olivia. He visited Calvin at the orphanage and urged him to tell him what he knew.

Obet visited Arthur in jail and told him about what happened with Calvin. He was worried that Calvin might reveal that he had pointed a gun at him. Arthur told him to find Calvin before anyone else did.

Olivia got some good news since her investigator finally found Villamanka. She went to see him and asked him to tell her where Anthony had hidden the money.

Villamanka said that Anthony kept the money for his nephews but Olivia demanded to have it since she could not allow Joseph to benefit from it as well.


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