Decisions that led to the painful defeat of Daniela in The Heiress

The Heiress: 12 Scenes that marked the painful defeat of Daniela 

The Heiress: 12 Scenes that marked the painful defeat of Daniela 

As captured by the zeal to win and be the Heiress, Daniela Mondragon (Dimples Romana) plotted many evil schemes against her archenemy Romina (Beauty Gonzalez).

The war that sparked between the two Mondragon enemies in its intense made each person grew more strategic and courageous for the task ahead.

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It is obvious that if there was something that Daniela (Dimples Romana) did not want to hear was a statement implying Romina’s victory over her.


After all the struggles and difficulties she had gone through in pursuit of reclaiming everything that her step mother through Robert gained, Daniela met her unpredicted defeat even when she wanted to win the war irrespective of the stiff competition Romina was given her.

Ever since Romina came to the Mondragon household, Daniela has considered her a rival not only to the affection and attention of her dad, but also to his wealth.

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Thus, she did everything just to expel her and her daughter Cassie (Francine Diaz) totally out of their lives to stop her from being triumphant in her every endeavour.

Aside her fight with Romina for Carlos (Adrian Alandy) she was also fighting Cassie to denounce her as the true Heiress of the Mondragon wealth.

To Daniela, everything her father, Robert Mondragon (Albert Martinez) sweated for should rather be inherited by her and her daughter, Margaret Bartolome (Andrea Brillantes).

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Initially, Daniella was seemingly successful in every evil plan that she plotted against Romina with the help of her allies.

But in the long run, as her desire to get rid of Romina got more intense, and not to mention deadly, everything apparently went out of hand as her actions instead backfired at her and led to her downfall.

Daniela after putting Romina behind bars for a crime she did not commit, she also drugged her and did many things to make Romina appeared as a mad person.

She used Robert to make Romina feel like she was seeing ghosts, and did this with the help of Hector.

Daniela might be successful in kicking Romina out of the company and the mansion, but she still refused to stop making her stepmom’s life a living hell.

All she wanted to see was Romina being a beggar or worse than that to make her enjoy the wealth while getting Carlos all by herself without him thinking or talking about Romina.

By derailing Romina’s projects for another company she worked with that put Camila’s finances in danger.

Daniela treated the employees inhumanely which compelled many to resign.
Later she got the bitter taste of her own medicine as the next desperate moves she did in order to save the company and everything left to her all failed.

The heiress in distress not only lost the company and the mansion in the grueling process, but the baby in her womb as well, which was her last glimmer of hope to keep her husband Carlos by her side and their family intact for the sake of their firstborn Marga.

Now that Romina was able to regain everything she took away from her, Daniela and her family were forced to give up their lush life and live simply in a modest abode in Navotas.


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