The Law Of Revenge Highlights Finale Episode 60-64

The Law Of Revenge Highlights Finale Episode 60-64 Gabriel discovers the identity of Jake, Blue dies while Ellice pays for her crime 

Upon uncovering Caesar’s mischief, Belen tries to turn the tide to her favour. As her ties with the illegal organisation comes to light, Ellice seeks Agatha’s help, leaving her stuck at the crossroads.

Meanwhile, Avel makes a shocking discovery as he and Gabriel work around the clock to find Jake and Hope before danger comes upon them. Avel and Gabriel race against time to save Jake and Hope as danger inches closer to the two teens.

The Pinedas and the Villarosas soon find themselves clinging onto life. Adding fuel to the fire, Belen sows seeds of doubt in Ellice’s mind about her family’s closeness with Marissa.

Marissa turns to Hope for help as Jake hovers between life and death. Soon, all hell breaks loose when Gabriel’s attempt to save his son triggers the unfolding truth. Realising Marissa’s deception, Caesar fans the flame of her resentment toward Ellice with a revelation.

Following Marissa’s revelation, Gabriel stands at a crossroad as he struggles to make peace with the truth. Meanwhile, Jake and Hope grow suspicious of their respective mothers. The war between the Ceñidozas and the Pinedas intensifies as they exhaust all means to bring one another down.

A blind item drives Ellice up the wall, putting Marissa in an unfavourable situation. While the two waring mothers drive eachother by hook or by crook, Jake bares the whole truth about their families’ long standing feud to Hope.

Taking advantage of his enemies’ glaring tug-of-war, Caesar devices plan to strike against them.

Worried over his wife’s wellbeing, Gabriel seeks Agatha’s help in unshackling Ellice from Belen’s manipulative clutches. Ellice, meanwhile, makes a cunning move to bring Marissa to her downfall. As the war between the Ceñidozas and the Pinedas worsen, Caesar finds an opportunity to knock his enemies down.

Amid their war with the Ceñidozas, things get worse for the Pinedas when Lucing and Blue fall on the receiving end. Marissa resolves to take matters into her own hands as her enemies continues to wreak havoc. Gabriel meanwhile, comes to Ellice’s aid to save her from a deepening pitfall.

Owning up to his mistake in the past, Gabriel insists on staying by Ellice’s side despite her hostility. Following the dismissal of her case against Marissa, Ellice sinks deeper into the pits of misery, when her husband uncovers Belen’s real intentions.

Caesar breaks from jail after getting a taste of his own medicine. Putting an end to all her sufferings Ellice tries to atone for her past mistake. Marissa however, doubts that her rival’s greedy act can change all of a sudden. Soon, the Pinedas and the Villarosas find themselves on thin ice.

Burdened with guilt over Marissa’s suffering, Ellice resolves to pay the price for her actions. The Pinedas and the Villarosas soon find peace in their hearts as the longstanding war between the two clashing mothers reaches a heart stealing-ending.


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