The Legal Wife Finale Episode 47

The Legal Wife Finale Episode 47 Monica wins Nicole’s heart after saving Jacob, Nicole and Dante reconcile for a new beginning while Adrian, Monica have civil agreement to coparent their kids for a future reunion

At the hospital, Nicole was on her knees begging Monica to allow her see Adrian, crying that she l0ved him and needed that chance to see how he was doing but Monica refused.

Monica signaled the security to throw Nicole out. There was a cleaner who witnessed everything and met with Nicole to ask how she was related to the patient. She disclosed to Nicole that she witnessed her begging Monica.

Nicole said she l0ved the patient and he also l0ved her. She enlisted the cleaner’s help to get to Adrian and left her number behind. Monica talked to Adrian who was in comatose. She told him that she wanted her children to remember him as the Adrian she used to know.

She wished he saw Martina, she was confident like him. She took his courage and she was social person who entertained guests while Bunjoy was creative like him. She urged him to wake up as his children needed him.

Bunjoy also spoke to him that he l0ved him. Monica added her last words and Adrian woke up. Elsewhere, Rowena fetched for Dante and sent him home to see Nicole. He queried her on the reason she had not been eating or drinking. Nicole jabbed him, asking when he started caring for her.

Dante said ever since he became her father. Nicole started blaming him for who she has become in life and termed him a liar. She wept that she had become replica of him so desperate for l0ve but Dante said she was not his replica. He had paid hard for fighting all his life in following the l0ve which would never be his.

However, Nicole was still young and could change her life for the better. Later at the park, the nanny was holding Jacob who was fast asleep and was waiting for Nicole to come. She fortunately saw the car of Nicole approaching.

Lost in her thoughts, after parking the car, she strolled around. Nanny Pia went to lay Jacob at the back seat of the car to go for the boy’s playing kits but when she returned, Nicole had already sped off the car. She screamed out Nicole’s name but Nicole was in a hurry to get to the hospital.

Nicole was called by the cleaner at the health facility that Adrian was no longer at the ICU. Sir Adrian was awoke and Monica was not with him at the moment. She even overheard from his family that Adrian would be discharged soon so Nicole ran to see him before he got discharged.

She sneaked into Adrian’s ward without paying attention to all the phone calls from Pia. Adrian asked her what she was doing there and even asked where Monica was. He reminded Nicole that they had already talked about it. He wanted to be with Monica to fix everything for them to start all over again.

Nicole cried, asking why he was choosing Monica instead of her. She had been hoping that things would be better for them since she was the one who had been with him all those while. He cried to Adrian to choose her and Jacob for once.

Adrian said he meant it when he said it was over between them but for the sake of their child, they should remain friends, all for Jacob. Nicole accepted and went out to cry. She finally received the call of Nanny Pia and the nanny asked of Jacob.

Nicole thought the boy was with her but the Nanny said she left the baby in her car. She wallowed in devastation as her desperate act was causing the life of her only son. She tried using the elevator but it was not ready yet for use so she took the stairs and race to save her son.

She only went to the packing lot to find crowd gossiping about a careless mother who left her child inside her car and the child was rushed to the emergency room. Without wasting time, she ran to find the child who was rushed to the emergency room.

Unbeknownst to her, Monica, her mortal enemy was the one who saved her son. She was surprised when the nurse told her to give all the credit to her rival.

“I’m a terrible mother,” Nicole wept while talking to Monica.

“And also a terrible friend but you chose to save my son anyway.”

“You could have left Jacob inside the car because he is the only connection I have left with Adrian….”

“But you still rescued my son!”


“Because,” Monica hesitated “it is the right thing to do!”

“And I chose to do what is right!”

“If it was me who is trapped in that car would you still choose to save me?” Nicole queried while she shared tears.

“Take good care of your son Nicole,” Monica stammered.

“Love him with all your heart because he is your saving grace.”

“He is the only one who could give you the l0ve that you have been looking for all your life.”

“I’m sorry Monica,” Nicole wept bitterly.

“I’m sorry for everything that I have done to you.”

“I’m very sorry for everything: I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“I know that you won’t be able to forgive me right now…”

“I know that you can’t forgive me!”

“But I’m hoping that one day, you will find in your heart to forgive me.”

“I am so sorry, I am sorry!”

“I am so sorry, I am very sorry .”

Monica walked out and Nicole kept crying. She went to see Jacob and told him how much she l0ved him and would not allow anything bad to happen to him.

Nicole went home to find her father drinking. She took the glass from his hand and told him that she had always yearned for a father’s l0ve and wondered how a father’s l0ve would be like.

She kept shutting him for long time simply because she realised she was not the daughter Dante wanted. She kept chasing the l0ve that would never be hers. That, made her almost lose her son.

That moment she asked herself, what has she been doing. So now she would give the rest of the l0ve left in her heart for her son and would leave to Australia.

“I just wish there are other words to say, aside from sorry, sorry forgive me,” Dante sincerely apologised to Nicole.

“Because those aren’t the words I want to say to you!”

“I do want to be your father.”

“I did before and I still do!”

“I really want to be your father if you just give me a chance.”

“We can still start all over again.”

“But…” Nicole protested “I don’t know how we can still start a new life together?”

“We can both begin with Jacob,” Dante said.

Nicole and her father embraced for a fresh start as a father and daughter would.

After the Santiago family supported the De Villas in welcoming Adrian back home, Monica brooded over her life at the Santiagos mansion. She told her mother that after celebrating the return of Adrian, everyone was expecting her to go home but here she was still not in her former husband’s house.

She thought three years of separation would have helped her to move on but it did not. Now holding the child of Nicole rushed back the pains and fears she earlier felt. She saw how Bunjoy was affected by the whole thing and did not want Martina to pass through same.

However, if her mother would ask her to go back due to her kids since Eloisa l0ved father, Dante but chose dad, Javier just to be with her kids she might also go back. Eloisa hugged her.

Monica and Adrian met on top of the roof to have civil conversation on how to coparent their children since Monica was sending them to the United States over the weekend. He told Monica that he would visit the children often.

Monica also said she would also bring them home at times for Adrian not to waste much money on air fares.

“Goodbye Adrian,” Monica said and took steps to leave. Adrian called her back.

“You know I was ready to face my d£ath back then,” Adrian lamented.

“I was ready for it because it is my fault!”

“I told myself that I was really going to d!e and you’re not by my side.”

“I have to accept it’s my fault.”

“You know I could still hear your voice when everything was dark and when I heard you…”

“I told myself that I had a reason to live again!”

“Because Monica will still be with me.”

“The mother of my kids is still there!”

“And my kids are waiting for me.”

“That’s why I had to live.”

“I was also afraid back then because when I wake up and you not really there…”

“What if your voice was just a dream.”

“But it wasn’t, you were there!”

“So thank you! Thank you for being with me.”

“Because I still l0ve you,” Monica blinked hard.

“But I am not going to l0ve you with doubts in my heart!

“Because I know that is what we deserve.”

“It is all or nothing!”

“You see Adrian, I gave you everything…”

“And yet you threw it away!”

“Adrian I still want to l0ve you but without all of the pains, without all of the anger.”

“Take care when you get there,” Adrian interjected.

“Goodbye Monica!” Adrian walked out.

Adrian,” Monica called in tears.

“I am giving you back these rings.”

“I hope you will keep it safe!”

“Because who knows? the time might come that you will ask me to marry you again.”

Adrian got closer to her with smiles on his face, having that assurance that his ex-wife with time might get back to him for them to re-marry.

They cleaved to eachother to share a k!$$ with Monica equally beaming with smiles as she took steps to leave and turned back to watch Adrian who was also staring at her.



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