Viral Scandal Episode 4

Viral Scandal Episode 4 Rica files rape case against Jigs, Troy secretly assists the Sicats in a lawsuit against his family

Jigs visited the family of his uncle, Mayor Troy. Audrey ushered him to a seat and saw his swollen face. She asked if Bobby did that to him. Raven equally asked why he recorded Rica without her consent.

He denied doing that and claimed Troy was pressuring him out of anger therefore he might have said yes while he meant no. Raven was not convinced and told Jigs that no woman deserved that from any man.

She asked Jigs where he first met Rica, her half sister. Jigs said he went for a project as a Counselor at Mindanao during a typhoon. There, he met Rica and started their relationship from there. He crafted many lies which got Raven to keep looking at his face.

Audrey was supporting Jigs so she told Raven that she was behaving like her father. She told Jigs, he was doing well with his speech but her husband came to ruin everything with his punch.

She however, wondered why upon all the women, Jigs chose Rica and termed his taste as bad. She urged him to continue the damage control act.

Elsewhere, Nico was researching when he met his friend who asked him about Bea. He told him that he was in the same class with her and wondered why he was asking of her. His friend said Bea had not been coming to class. She was always recording herself and posting but she has not updated her account even yet.

Nico told him he was researching on how to take down the scandalous video of his sister from the social media. As they were going, they stumbled on some men who were watching Rica’s video and Nico got upset when they disrespected his sister with their utterance.

He referred to the old men as perverts and together with his friend, they fought the three men. A passerby saw and ran to inform Dan. Dan went there to separate the fight and saw the act of the old men as shameful for ganging up on kids.

The men insulted Dan and he beats them with master punches. Inside the house, Rica went for her phone and saw 13missed calls and 22messages. Her friend had forwarded the video of what Jigs said concerning the rape, claiming Rica was his l0ver. She got so upset and remained in silence.

Dan, Nico and his friend got to the house. The boy bumped into Bea and was happy but Bea gave him attitude. Kakay and Bea asked Dan what was wrong. Nico informed the family that his father gave some pervert men super punches and wanted his dad to teach him how to fight like a man.

Dan had enough of his son and told him he was no man since he could not do anything to defend Rica. He blamed himself for what had happened to Rica and said sorry to Kakay for his inability to defend and protect their daughter.

Rica overheard him crying and came out from her dark room to hug him, asking him not to blame himself. Later, Kakay went to Rica’s dark room and thought she was sleeping. When she left, Rica who was pretending to be sleeping woke up.

Kakay arrived at the law enforcement agency to file a rape case. She was surprised to hear a voice behind her saying she was the one who was raped.

Rica told her mother that she followed her as she realised she was not the only one affected by the unpleasant situation, everyone including Dan were affected by the abuse she suffered.

The officer asked her so many questions on the night she was raped since Rica claimed Counselor Jigs raped her. She asked Rica whether the counselor was the one who spiked her drink and she said a different man who was on the dancefloor but she did not know him.

The inspector found it bizarre that in Rica’s report, she said she was feeling dizzy and went to the rest room, a guy approached her but woke up the next day to find blood stains on the bedsheet from the room she slept in. She could not recall anything, the inspector wondered why she was accusing Jigs of raping her.

Rica said she did not give her consent to the $ex so she was raped. Kakay showed the video to her. After watching, the police said Rica should be prepared since pursuing the case would make them ask questions like what she asked her.

The spy called Bobby to inform him that Rica had filed a rape case against Jigs and were heading to the security clinic for medical examination. Rica and Kakay were at the lab for examination on Rica. The doctor made her remove her clothes and took shots of the bruises on her body and examined her genitals.

Since the rape happened six days ago, the doctor prescribed an emergency contraceptive for her to prevent any pregnancy. She also told Rica that she would test her urine for se×ual transmitted disease and also carry an HIV test on her to curtail any complication.

Counselor Jigs was organising a programme dubbed: Sidero feeding programme and the helpers found his issue as sad. One of the volunteers told him that she wished he and Rica would be able to settle their differences to remain his l0ver but Jigs said Rica had broken up with him.

She then asked if he and Rica were cousins, Jigs said technically they were not since Mayor Troy was adopted. Bobby got there in fury. He diligently sent his son out and excused them to take the counselor away for a while.

When they were alone, Bobby gave his son multiple punches in the belly for lying to him and demanded the truth. Jigs then confessed that he was interested in Rica but she was proving tough and was acting like he did not deserve her, making him a ridicule among his peers.

So he decided to return to the club when his friends left but he found Rica sleeping. He could not contain himself so he sent her to a place. He sent his friends text that he could no longer go to where they agreed to meet as he was with Rica.

His friends doubted so they agreed he would send them evidence. He then set his phone camera to capture all the act and he sent the pictures and videos to the secret platform he was on with his friends.

However, Archie leaked the video from the platform much to his surprise. He explained that the WhatsApp platform was created purposely for them to share secret contents and each member was not allowed to post things on their group to other groups.

Bobby got upset and warned him to delete the video from his phone and anything which would serve as evidence against him should be deleted. Elsewhere, Troy was informed by his men that the source of the circulation of the video was found. He asked if they should go ahead to arrest him but Troy refused.

The Sicats decided to put all their savings and earnings into the case of Rica to find justice for her. Through Bea, they got a lawyer for Rica. Attorney Dixon had his first meeting with Rica to prepare her for the hearing of the case.

She told her that the Ramones would do everything to discredit her claims of rape so she should not be surprised when she hears that during the hearing. Rica assured to stand by her word. The attorney sent Rica to the prosecutor for cross examination on the case and sent a subpoena to the Ramones.

While seeing Attorney Dixon off, Dan was so grateful to her for the less amount she charged. Kakay told Bea to ask her friend what the attorney liked so that she and Dan could surprise her for the affordable services she was rendering to them.

Unknown to them, Mayor Troy was the one who secretly working with Attorney Dixon to help Rica and paying the attorney for her services. Alberto had a dinner with his family to ask Bobby how prepared he was for the case, the counselor and his father said they were ready and there was no cause for alarm.

Alberto told Troy he would need him to support his nephew. Troy remained silence while eating. Audrey assured Alberto that her husband would do that but Troy said he would not support Jigs against his daughter.

Bobby said they were his family and Troy made it clear that Rica was his daughter and there was no way he would support Jigs, he would stay out from the case. That night, Rica had a nightmare about Jigs trying to rape her and woke up.

The next day, the Sicats arrived at the hearing, when Rica was going, the Ramones arrived and Jigs saw Rica. He ran to her to provoke her with his claims of them being in l0ve and asking her why she was doing that.

Rica made her blow ready to punch the belly of Jigs. The Sicats realised what was going on and Dan ran to Rica’s defense. Bobby also held his son and claimed Jigs was a counselor and Rica was misbehaving to public official.

He sent his son away and confronted him for going against his word while he had told him not to do anything stup!d. The Sicats were warned by the Ramones lawyer to gets hold on Rica. The Sicats and their attorney sent Rica to the hearing room.


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