The tragic death of Jude: 2 reasons why Daniela killed Jude to bury the truth in The Heiress

The tragic death of Jude: 2 reasons why Daniela killed Jude to bury the truth in The Heiress

The tragic death of Jude: 2 reasons why Daniela killed Jude to bury the truth in The Heiress

The drama and suspense in Kadenang Ginto (The gold Chain) with its international title The Heiress gets more bloody each day in the quest to find the rapist of Romina (Beauty Gonzales).

The story sees its emotional moments after some characters in the movie who wanted to support Romina to unravel the truth gets buried together with the truth in their tragic death encounter in an effort to reveal the truth to Romina.

Among these characters is Jude Bartolome, the brother of Carlos who is a Police officer.

After discovering that Romina’s archenemy, Daniela ( Dimples Romana) was drugging her in making her looks like a mad person decided to fish out more truth about Daniela, why she is acting that way and the truth she is keeping.

In an attempt, Daniela and Hector got in his way to stop him from pursuing the case. His boss told him to quit that investigation as he had not been given any duty mandate to carry out that task.

Jude never gave, he was still poised to find the culprit. He decided to carry out his investigation at the blind side of the people.

During the investigation, Jude overheard Daniela and Savannah talking about Cassie being Daniela’s real sister.

As Jude finds out that the rapist they had been searching for the past years was no other than Romina’s own husband, Robert Mondragon he decided not to keep to himself but to voice out the truth to end the whole drama.

Daniela tried convincing him to keep the truth, since all her manipulative attempts failed she resorted to something surprising.

Possibly because she cannot allow her cover to be taken off just like that. With her means of keeping the truth to protect the name of her father, Robert Mondragon and also to keep the wealth of the Mondragons as the Heiress Daniela takes the hard alternative.

As part of the suspense created in the movie, Jude rather met his untimely death while trying to reveal the truth.

Jude after arranging with Romina through a phone call to meet her in order to tell her the truth met a psychopath pointed a gun at Marga at the glare of Carlos, Romina, Mikoy  threatened to kill her if they did not give him the doctor who killed his daughter. Jude got to Marga’s aid but got shot by Hector who is working close with Alvin together with the psychopath.

The tragic death of Jude

The evil act was carried out upon Daniela’s order to silence Jude for her to still enjoy her expensive lifestyle to carry out a plan for Romina to wallow in poverty without her knowing the truth about the biological father of her daughter.

Jude was then rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

Unfortunately for the Bartolomes, Jude passed away while receiving treatment at the hospital.

For Daniela to complete her task, she got Romina fired. The Camila employees supported Romina by taking off their IDs and declaring their allegiance to her.

Now! The Mondragons were now poor. Daniela took advantage of Jude’s death to rid Romina off the wealth and the little she was left with just to see Romina suffer to excite herself.

Romina back to nothing tried living her usual normal life together with Cassie. Romina, however, stumbled across a man named Leon at a crossroad.


Cassie on the other hand, tried to continue studying at Maxwell. Meanwhile, Daniela was looking for ways to make Romina’s life harder than it is.

It is worth noting that after Cassie  and Kristoff’s accident. The teens sustained injuries but Cassie lost more blood while Kristoff had a neck injury and several other ones.

Cassie’s condition worsened the moment Romina thought her daughter was recovering. The Doctor said Cassie needed to find a AB negative blood donor in 24 hours or else Cassie would die.

Daniela decided to give Cassie blood but under a condition that, Romina will relinquish all of her and Cassie’s inheritance to her.

As desperate as she was in finding a donor to make Cassie live again after their preliminary efforts in getting donor of such blood type failed, Romina agreed and got Cassie back to life but becomes poor in return as she loses everything to Daniela based on their deal.


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