A Mother's Guilt Episode 11 Anna quits her intimate story with Paco as she says goodbye

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 11

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 11 Anna quits her intimate story with Paco as she says goodbye

At work, Jacob spoke to Attorney Balmaceda on phone, to remind him about the review of the file that night.

He then told Roman that Paco was trying to poison Anna and he warned him against the act. When Roman was adding his voice to it he told him to focus on his task as the police carry on with their investigation.

Jacob said Attorney Vega’s team were looking for something that would help them take the lead so he and Roman tried figuring out what that was.

Jacob after further scrutiny and deep thinking after looking at the pictorial evidence said “bingo” he found the thing. As he lifted the picture of evidence it was the missing watch.

Anna was talking to Letty and she remembered how Paco returned her passport when she left it in his car.

Letty tried to advise Anna to patch things up with Paco and inform him that she would be leaving to the state the next day. Jacob knocked the door and called Anna that the Attorney was around.

Attorney Balmaceda told Anna that they had a strong case and Supreme Court was on their side. Anna said there was evidence that Gabriel’s finger print was not seen at the crime scene but the Attorney insisted that the evidence was contaminated.

Besides at the moment of the investigation there were lots of people who touched the surfaces of the crime scene that was why they did not see the need to include it.

Attorney Balmaceda said that instance was a false information that Attorney Vega and her team were trying to make people believe just to exonerate Gabriel from the crime.

Jacob encouraged Anna to go back to New York, saying they got everything covered as Anna wondered why Jacob was trying to send her away by force, he told her that, that was not the case he wanted her to live her life to the fullest without thinking about the issue of the Supreme Court “that’s all.”

Nessa took selfie with Domeng and Unyo. They discussed about issues pertaining to school and the guy left them saying he wanted to carry on with a particular task.

Anna was worried although she did not intend to leave. She told Letty that Jacob was insisting that she should leave and not involved herself with the court proceedings since there was nothing for her to worry about.

Paco went to the police station to find lead into Gabriel’s case and Edward Lamoste’s death. He then received a call from Attorney Vega asking him about where he was and he said he was at the station looking for plan B.

Roman went to meet up with one of their henchmen and it was established that he was the one who was actually after Mr Lamoste when the policy holders surrounded his office demanding for the return of their investment.

The man went after Mr Lamoste with motorcycle upon the order of Roman when Mr Lamoste left with his car.

At Attorney Vega’s office, She asked why their secret work has come to light. The watch issue was all over the internet and she accused Paco for revealing their investigations to the Montecillos.

“The last thing I needed in my office is another snake” Attorney Vega fumes.

But Paco said he knew nothing about it and Attorney Vega said she had to ask as people do crazy things for love.

As she ordered others to leave, she asked Paco to remain in her office and warned him that “one more wrong move” by him would lead him out from her team.

Katrina came to inform Jean that the media were there to talk to her concerning the next week’s supreme court case and she told Katrina that she should inform them that she has no comments and she did not want to talk about anything.

JoJo visited Sonya’s restaurant to buy his usual food and Domeng arrived in the scene.

As Jacob and Roman were talking about their action and means to secure the watch to use it as evidence against Gabriel. An unknown woman went to a watch shop to buy watch from a certain watch seller.

Paco then received a call and was told by the person on the phone to meet her at the grave yard to help his investigation.

Anna and Jean visited the grave yard. Anna  informed her father that she would be heading back to New York and she hoped his spirit would help the family for justice to prevail. She remembered how the family suffered when they lost Mr Lamoste.

Paco met up with the police woman who called him for them to carry out the investigation to help the case.

Jean sobbed, she asked Anna not to leave to New York and stay with her in the Philippines. Anna also cried, she asked her dad to show her sign if he did not want her to leave. She then said bye to her dad. Jean and Anna sobbed together and left the yard.

Jean then asked whether Anna was okay, and she said Yes. She spotted Paco and the police approaching there and asked Anna whether she locked the door to Mr Lamoste’s grave and she said yes.

The police remembered how they took pictures and found a button from the crime scene. She said they saw some foot print and per their investigation it could be a woman who actually committed the crime. Paco then asked why Gabriel was the one they arrested since their evidence pointed to a woman. She said when she told the commissioner they brush off her case.

Paco tried to open the grave door but it was closed so he peeped through it and prayed in his head that Mr Lemoste should help him find the real killers so that Anna would believe him and also gain justice for his death.

As Domeng and Nessa were taking a stroll on the street, his friend ran to inform him that the police were in their area. They ran to the scene and they saw the guys within their area being arrested. Nessa asked JoJo about the crime they commited and he said they were distributing drugs.

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 11 Anna quits her intimate story with Paco as she says goodbye

A Mother's Guilt Episode 11

In the evening, Anna called Paco while he was in his room, and asked him to look down. he looked down and saw Anna standing there. He cut the call and ran down to talk to Anna.

Paco told her that they were getting new leads into Mr Lamoste’s death but Anna said she did not come for that but she came because she thought he deserved a proper goodbye.

He asked Anna why didn’t she inform him that she was leaving and Anna said she did not because Paco was too preoccupied by the case. Paco asked her to wait and witness how the Supreme Court issue would unfold.

Anna told him not to complicate things as whatever the verdict “may be it can never change” their relationship.

“Thank you for the very short and very memorable moments of my life,” Anna said as her eyes was heavy with tears.

Paco found it difficult to allow her to go. He begged Anna not to leave but Anna said good bye as Paco was still begging her to stay.

Nessa still could not believe that all items that Domeng was delivering were drugs. She said if Sonya had not stopped Domeng from that delivery job he would have been arrested. She wondered how Sonya would take the news.
Domeng was also dumbfounded by the development.

During the night Roman met up with another henchman who was actually a police offficer who brush off all the investigation conducted by his colleague officers. Roman paid him to deliver his job against Attorney Vega in order for her not to win the case.

Anna came home and shut the door. As she was going to her room Jacob made a sound. Anna turned and she said Jacob scared her.

She asked him why he off the light while he was still sitting there and Jacob replied that “sometimes I enjoy the darkness it makes me think more to the extent that I feel I am more productive.” He also said he did not feel sleepy all due to the case and believed that sooner the nightmare would stop.

Anna said perhaps he was just stressed out. When she was about to go upstairs he asked Anna whether that was her last night in the house and she said yes.

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 11 Anna quits her intimate story with Paco as she says goodbyeA Mother's Guilt Episode 11

He then told Anna that he wanted to properly say goodbye to her and Anna said “Thank You.” Jacob told her that whatever happened Anna should know they used to be so closed. Anna said good night to him and left.

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