Until We Meet Again Episode 14

Until We Meet Again Episode 14 Destiny brings Angela back to Calvin  

Calvin walked around the forest and Claire went to look for him. He asked her to join him but Claire said their friends were waiting for them back in camp and requested for them to return.

The next day, Calvin took Claire back home. Claire said she wanted to rest since she was tired from the hike. Calvin greeted Margaret and Helen when he dropped Claire off and went home.

The maid at Francis’ house taught Angela how to arrange flowers in a vase and Francis was glad to see her progress. He had to leave for the hospital while Glenda had to attend a meeting so they left Angela in the care of the maid. As soon as they left the house, the maid started beating up Angela for being slow and told her to hurry up with the flowers.

Angela apologised and picked up the vase but she ended up dropping and breaking it. The maid continued to beat her up for her clumsiness and Angela had to put fingers up her face to protect herself. The other maid came to see what was happening so the other one stopped hitting Angela. She told her to go up to her room as punishment.

The maid then carried a bucket of clothes to Angela’s room so that she could fold them. She found Angela sleeping but she restrained from harassing her since there was a camera in the room. She and Angela went to the laundry room and Angela was taught to fold clothes amid slapping.

Calvin arrived home and went up to his room to shower and rest. After Angela was done folding the clothes, she was asked to take them to the room.

Calvin heard someone enter his room when he was in the shower and walked out to see who the person was. He bumped into a girl and he held her up, wondering who she was. When Angela pushed her hair off her face, Calvin was delighted to see that it was indeed Angela! Angela was a little shy as she called Calvin “cutie” and Calvin was happy that she could still remember him.

When his parents got back home, Francis explained that he was having Angela stay with them so that she could learn how to interact with people. He allowed Calvin to interact with Angela as long as he did not interfere with her treatment.

Meanwhile, Claire tried to reach Calvin but he did not answer her messages all day. She was telling this to Evelyn when Calvin called. He told her that he found an unexpected guest at his house; Angela! Claire told him that it was not good to have Angela staying with them.

She claimed that Angela was dangerous but Calvin said contrary, Angela was completely transformed and was acting normally. He then said he called for Claire to inform Evelyn that Angela was staying at his house.

Evelyn however said she no longer wanted to get involved with Angela in order to maintain their relationship for it not to be ruined.

Calvin tried to interact with Angela once more by bringing her chocolate like he used to but Angela seemed to be avoiding him and he asked her if she was mad at him for not taking care of her and protecting her.

Angela said she was not mad at him, she accepted the chocolates, ate and enjoyed them while smiling but Bernard found them and reprimanded Calvin for giving Angela chocolates since it was not part of her diet. He took the chocolates away and punished Angela by telling her to stay in her room.

Calvin was upset with how Bernard reacted and he told Elmo that Angela seemed too mechanical and obeyed whatever she was told. He said he would talk to her and went to her room.

He apologised for giving her chocolates and was hugging her when Claire stormed into the room, with Elmo trying to stop her.

Calvin held Angela to her and told Claire that Angela was no longer the same since she could now walk upright and was learning to speak, although with a stutter.

Angela did not seem to recognise Claire so Calvin concluded that she might have a slight memory loss. Elmo commented that Angela would be able to tell them what had happened to her once she remembered everything.

Angela’s alarm rang and she said she had to clean her room so Calvin, Claire and Elmo left.
Claire’s sins seemed to be haunting her, she feared that Angela might tell everything she had done to Calvin so she went back to threaten her.

She disrupted Angela’s reading and caught her arm to threaten her not to tell Calvin all her evil actions against her. Realising that there was a camera installed in Angela’s room, she held herself back and faked a smile as she told Angela that she would do worse things to her if she dared tell Calvin all the things she did.

Bernard told Francis that Calvin was interfering with Angela’s treatment and feared it would trigger a new response in Angela. However, Francis said the ultimate aim for Angela to be discharged from the hospital was specifically for her to learn to interact with people.

Francis bumped into Evelyn at a doctor’s convention and he took the chance to show her videos of how well Angela had progressed, as if to show off but Evelyn said she only wanted to see Angela getting better and was happy that Francis had been able to cure her.

Angela was resting in her room when she heard a dog barking. She went out of the house to go after it. Elmo saw her and called Calvin. He took Elmo’s car since it had been parked outside and went to find Angela.

He found her by a bridge and offered to take her on a ride since she had been locked up for a long time and seemed to miss the outdoors.

As they were driving around, Elmo’s car broke down, the battery died so Calvin went to fix it, leaving Angela in the car. Angela got out and started walking around.

Calvin did not see how she came out of the car. Angela was curiously looking around when she bumped into Odessa outside her house.


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