Until We Meet Again Episode 29

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Episode 29

Until We Meet Again Episode 29 Angela returns from USA as refined and classic lady 

As Calvin was rushing to the announcement booth, he ran into Margaret and Larry at the airport and asked them where Angela was. Larry revealed that Angela went abroad to get treated. He said sorry for Calvin’s inability to say goodbye to her.

Calvin decided to leave since Angela was already gone but he bumped into Claire and Charm on the way out. Claire insisted on talking to him but he refused and left.

Claire screamed after him and she clutched at her stomach as she felt pain. Charm called Calvin and they took Claire to the hospital. She bled profusely, fortunately, or unfortunately, Claire had a miscarriage.

The doctor delivered the news about Claire’s miscarriage to Calvin. Claire got devastated as the pregnancy was her only hope to keep Calvin. She then begged Calvin not to leave her since she had lost the most important people in her life including her parents and now her child.

When Evelyn arrived, she was not happy to see Calvin and Glenda there but Glenda said they were family and she had lost a grandchild too.

Angela arrived in America where Doctor John commenced to advance her intelligence. She was also given a Filipina Nanny to take care of her. Within the time she was there, Larry and Margaret constantly went to visit Angela and checked on her progress.

Margaret during the visit was rather interested in whether Angela had fully regained her memories but Dr John said she had not. She felt happy as it meant her secret would still be hidden.

Months fled and Angela has turned into a refined lady. Her intelligence level was high, she has progressed with the manner she talked and she now catwalk as Dr John trained her on the proper manner to speak and to interact with others while a trainer was also hired to teach Angela on how to properly walk on heels.

After her full recovery, Dr John and his wife were tremendously happy for the complete transformation of Angela. She returned to the Philippines. Margaret and Larry were at the airport to welcome her back.

The press was curious to cover Angela’s story but Doctor John refused to have her interviewed since they already arranged for an exclusive interview and was not ready to make her talk before the scheduled interview.

During the exclusive interview, Angela expressed her joy in her transformation and told the interviewer that she did it for l*ve. The interviewer asked if Angela was in l*ve.

The wind of silence blew, after a brief of silence, Angela explained that the l*ve Larry, Margaret and her doctors had shown her was the reason of her recovery and due to that l*ve that was why she also followed her treatment and gained strength to recover to make them feel happy.

She added that she was no longer the same person she was before and had learnt to stand up for herself.

Angela went to stay with Larry and Margaret. Larry offered her a job at the landscaping site again to keep her busy. He Al revealed that Calvin still worked with him but Angela said it would not be a problem for her.

Claire had been working abroad and Calvin went to pick her up at the airport. She asked him to get a job as an engineer in Singapore but Calvin said he was fine working with Larry.

When they arrived home, Claire went inside first as Calvin parked the car. Helen and Evelyn had seen Angela on TV and Helen told Claire that Angela was back. Claire was alarmed and told them not to inform Calvin about it.

Larry took Angela with him to one of the sites so that she could take a look and he assured her that Calvin would not be there to put her at ease. Angela and Margaret went with him. Margaret decided to get closer to Angela so that Larry could see she was capable of being a mother figure and marry her.

Calvin was with Claire when he received a call that one of the engineers was not at work and he had to fill in for them. When he got there, he saw a lady standing there, the lady looked new to him and he began to query the workers around about her.

The workers were not familiar with Angela so they could not give valid information about her. He also asked of Margaret and was told to talk to the lady, he went there and stood at her back, she tripped on the shoes of the person standing at her back and Calvin was surprised to see that it was Angela.

He happily greeted her but Angela gave him the cold shoulder so Calvin thought she had forgotten him. He introduced himself to her again and Angela said she knew who he was. Calvin was stunned by Angela’s action when she left and could not stop himself from starring.

Claire and Charm saw Angela’s interview on television and Charm commented that Angela looked classy now. Claire told Charm that she did not know what the word classy meant.

Maila was the next to cross paths with Angela and she started to tease her due to how she used to stammer. Angela got up from her seat and told Maila that she was pitiful since she did not see the pleasure she gained from making fun of others.

Maila was taken by surprised, she could not believe the new stern Angela. She was dumbfounded to hear her talk in braveness.


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