Until We Meet Again: Friendship between Calvin and Elmo turns into enmity after Elmo falls for Angela 

Until We Meet Again: Friendship between Calvin and Elmo turns into enmity after Elmo falls for Angela 

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli with its international title Until We Meet Again sees a new twist after Elmo Manahan-Villamor, a character played by Jack Roberto falls in l*ve with Angela.

Angela had undergone health treatment in United States of America to fully cure her little feral side after a year of getting treated by Dr Francis, the father of her first l*ve, Calvin.

Angela suffered an heart break when Calvin discovered that Clair was pregnant for him. Calvin was compelled to choose between Angela and his mother, Glenda, when he decided to elope with Angela.

Francis force Calvin to rescind on his decision to remain in the house to take responsibility of Claire’s unborn child.

Through that, Angela’s world got shuttered and Margaret took advantage of the situation to make the broken hearted feral girl follow Dr John to America.

Dr John, an American psychiatrist who had been blackmailing Dr Francis for using illegal means to cure Angela had told him to give Angela to him for him to complete the task of her treatment.

Dr Francis through a talk with Larry who was living with Angela after she was thrown out from the Manahan’s mansion decided to leave Angela in the care of Dr John for him to continue the treatment.

Left with no choice, Angela decided to embrace the opportunity to fully get cured. She believed that Calvin ditched her due to her feral and abnormal nature and decided to travel for the treatment in order for a man to l*ve her. Within 10 months Angela was fully recovered and could speak fluently and could also walk right without hoping.

She returned to Philippines and due to the lady she has become, Elmo slowly fell for her.
For a moment, many viewers had believed that Elmo was the actual father of the child Claire was expecting.

However, it turned out that Elmo had always been in l*ve with Angela but had kept his feelings since she was feral and also Calvin was interested in her. He then confessed his feelings about Angela to Calvin.

Calvin accepted for Elmo to date Angela since he had reunited with Claire and also did not want Claire to continue attacking Angela.

As Angela distanced herself from Calvin and always got along with Elmo, Calvin got jealous and tried harder to rekindle his relationship with Angela. He one day gave Angela a k!ss which led Claire to attack Angela for getting involved with her man.

She also blamed Angela for her miscarriage after Calvin ran after her at the airport. Angela tried sympathising with her but she got more upset. Elmo heard the news about Calvin making advances on his new l*ve and also fought with Calvin.

The friendship between the two turned into enmity as both were unwilling to give up Angela for eachother. Calvin later put Angela into a spot and compelled her to choose between the two.

He also used tactics in enlisting Angela’s help in finding his missing mother. Calvin tried his best to always get close to Angela and followed Angela to meet a strange person who called her to tell her about her past, making it difficult for Elmo to bridge the gap that Angela was given him.

Elmo is forced to make a decision since Angela kept being close to her colleague, Calvin instead of him. knowing Calvin had always been in l*ve with Angela and did not want them to end their beautiful friendship all in the name of a woman, Elmo decided to cut off the enmity and the fight by giving up on his l*ve for Angela. Obviously Angela was also interested in Calvin and not Elmo.

But will Claire give Calvin up to Angela or she will continue to fight for Calvin? subscribe to our site for more spoilers on Until We Meet Again.


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