Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 14

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 14 Potpot finds his missing envelope in Vida’s room

Still at the Olivia’s charity auction, bidding started at the event. Marga and Tessa competed against each other to get a gown, knowing the character of Marga, Tessa gave up on challenging but hatched a plan to outsmart Marga.

Eventually, Marga won the bidding with 1 million against Tessa. Jaime asked Tessa if she was okay with losing the gown to Marga and she said it was okay since Marga was too competitive.

She decided to make a donation to the foundation even without the gown. Potpot visited his friends at the station and told them that he was not able to tell his parents the truth since he did not want to be a burden.

He decided to earn back the money and enroll in the next semester. Rafa brought Vida to the club where she used to work as a bartender. The manager was hostile due to the previous incident with Potpot.

He told Vida to leave as she worked there no more. Vida said she was there as a customer and he had to treat her right. The manager said she was a bad customer and told her to leave. Rafa intervened and told the manager to leave Vida alone if he valued his job.

Vida thanked him for defending her but he said he only did it since Vida and her former boss were disturbing him. He was there just to relax. Vida said they should go home since they had a presentation in the morning.

Rafa refused to go and said he was there to relieve his stress from work. He therefore ordered her to sit and drink with him.
During the night, Vida decided to have fun as Rafa wanted. She asked him to enjoy himself too and not frown so much.

Rafa said one needed not to have fun with a father like Jaime. Vida told him he was lucky to have parents like Jaime and Teri. Rafa asked about her parents and Vida said they didn’t care about her, hence why she was living alone.

She however said there was a positive side to it since she could do as she wished and pursue her dreams. She urged Rafa to do what he wanted too. She eventually got too drunk so Rafa sent her home.

Marga was signing a check for the 1 million dollar donation when Tessa went to see how she was doing. Marga gloated about taking the dress and said she could have bid as much as 1.5 million if Tessa had continued.

Olivia, the organiser of the auction thanked them both for their generous donations. She mentioned that Tessa donated 2 million and Marga was shocked. Tessa humbly said she did it to support the foundation.

Marga was sulking outside when Caloy arrived. He was late for the event and Marga decided to show him off to Tessa. She rushed inside but Tessa and Jaime were already leaving the event. Caloy and Marga left too and went somewhere else.

Marga thought she had seen Vida, Caloy asked her about her daughter. Marga said she left home out of misunderstanding between the two. Caloy asked what Vida’s father thought about it and Marga said they had not spoken since he got remarried.

She said she had worked hard to build her own family but she was now alone. Caloy assured her that Vida still cared for her, so she was not alone.

On their way home, they got locked out of the car. Caloy could not find the keys, it was raining so ty got wet. Later they found the keys in Caloy’s coat, that Marga had been wearing.

Caloy sent Marga home and they told Asya about the 1 million bid. Asya was upset since their business was not doing well. Marga said they would earn it all back once they signed Ximena.

Asya was doubtful so Caloy offered to give them half a million. After Caloy left, Marga told Asya that she had bid against Tessa that’s why she could not lose. She said Tessa had grown arrogant ever since she became rich.

Vida was completely drunk when Rafa took her to the boarding house. She puked in the bathroom and ended up going to Potpot’s room instead of her own. She fell asleep on the floor and Potpot was startled when he saw her.

He tried to wake her up but she wouldn’t wake up. After scanning her face, he realised that she was the person in the next room. He carried her and sent her to her room. When he was there, he saw the envelope of money he had lost.

Rafa thought about what Vida said so he decided to tell Jaime and Tessa that he wanted to be incharge of graphic design, not operations. He went to see them in the morning but only spoke to Jaime. Jaime didn’t give him a chance to talk and instead told him to correct his presentation.

Marga spoke to Ximena’s assistant and got the news that Ximena was signing with another agency. She was upset over it and concluded that Tessa had talked ill of her to Ximena to make her refuse to sign with her.

Asya believed Tessa could not do such a thing but Marga insisted that Tessa was not the same person they knew.


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