Viral Scandal Episode 40

Viral Scandal Episode 40 Kyle in loggerhead with Axel following his confession of competing him for Rica, Ella goes into hiding after a night with Archie

Kyle demanded to know who Rica was to Axel. Axel got upset and walked out on both Kyle and Chino. He bumped into Liam, Jigs’ friend and they almost picked up a fight. Jigs appeared in the scene, the moment Kyle and Chino appeared to defend Axel.

Jigs referred to them as Team Rica and said he was also part but was the first. This irritated Kyle and was about to hit him when Chino got in his way. Chino separated the two camps during the confrontation and told his friends they should go home.

As they took steps to leave, Liam boot the belly of Chino and a fight ensued between the two camps. Jigs left his friend on their own and when the two camps fought till third parties at the club came to separate them.

Elsewhere, Audrey confronted Bobby for destroying her marriage by telling the secret they shared and wondered why he would do such a thing against her.

Outside the Pub, Chino was overjoyed that irrespective of their problems Kyle and Axel stood on same side and told them they should have a drink at Kyle’s place. The friends teased Chino for being the one receiving the punches. Out of the blue, Axel began confessing to Kyle.

“I like her!”

“So do you want know what I truly feel for Rica?”

“I like her just as much as you do!”

“I thought it’s nothing that it will go away but I was wrong!”

“Rica is different! What I feel for her is different!”

“And I know how you feel about her.”

“I didn’t mean for any of these to happen!”

“I never even imagined that this could happen but it did!”

“If you’re going to get màd at me because you liked her first…”

“It’s fine!” Kyle interjected.

“She is not some object that I could claim just because I saw her first.”

“I don’t own her and I just don’t want to own her!”

“I just wanna be there for her.”

“That is what want too,” Axel stressed.

“To be there just the way I know she needs me.”

“So do what you wanna do and I will also do what I think it’s right.”

“Like you said she ain’t yours!”

The two went their separate ways, leaving Chino in the middle. Troy went to Laura’s law firm to thank her for being there for him and supporting him. Laura took consolation in the fact that Troy did not pull the trigger. Troy was thankful since Laura’s words guided him to do the right thing by standing up against his father but prepared himself for the possible revenge of Alberto.

Kyle went to the rooftop of the abandoned building. There, he recalled being at the place with Axel. They even stayed around there while talking to Chino who was injured on the arm and has gained the girl of his dream, Adelaide. The guys hang up on Chino, suddenly Axel spotted Philip standing at the rooftop and alerted Kyle.

Seeing his dad, Kyle raced to stop his father and Axel ran after him. Unfortunately, before they finished climbing the hundred stairs, Philip Constantino had and already there fallen down the high rise building. Kyle mourned his father and this memories also made him have a constance nightmares.

While on their bed, Dan advised Karla not to see Ella behind Rica, Ella also spent quality night with Archie and told him that she has forgiven him. The next day, Kyle saw Axel sipping his tea and told him they would meet at the office. Elsewhere, Audrey was upset and vented her anger on Farrah, her friend who called her.

Finally her husband returned home and did not take it likely that he spent his time with Laura after the trouble he has caused. Audrey wanted him to talk to Alberto but Troy refused. He admitted his father was a king maker in politics but he could manage on his own. He told his wife that he now needed her more than ever.

Audrey doubted they could excel on their own and found Troy’s act as çràzy. A voice from being was heard seconding Audrey. Troy was shocked to see his daughter home and he learnt that Alberto went to the rehab late in the night to go for her without telling her anything. Once she came home, she has realised why Alberto went for her, just to talk some sénse into the head of her father.

However, witnessing the number of years her dad has been unhappy just following the orders of Alberto, Raven wished her dad’s decision would finally give him the happiness he needed. Agreeing with him to do what makes him happy did not mean she would go against Jigs. Jigs was her cousin and best friend so it would only be right to support Jigs against Rica.

When Dan was leaving the house, he set Junior in charge to ensure Kakay did not go out but Kakay beat Junior into it to sneak out. Unknown to her, Troy was following her. Starring at is two friends, Chino suspected a fire on the mountain and tried to confide in Rose. Rica later appeared to cut the conversation shot.

Rica apologised to Rose for her act and hoped she would also understand her decision. Bobby stormed Jigs’ office to scold him for going out with his friends and his friends even went an extent to fight. Archie said he was not part of the fight but Bobby wanted him to lie low after Troy’s press con issue.

Jigs received a call from Zhenny telling him that the mayor has blotted him out from the ground breaking project of Sidero food programme. Jigs was upset since he did all the works. Archie woke up to find Ella not sleeping next to him. He began a search for her and saw a paper which Ella has written on to inform him that she was leaving for good.


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